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I now live in Western Australia but return to London regularly because of my work. I love London, now I no longer live and work there every day. Sometimes you have to leave something in order to really appreciate it. When I return it's the beer I look forward to. English beer, in an English pub is something really special and, because it's so special I'm very fussy about what I drink and where I drink it.

Username: Aussie_Mike

Age: 70

Sex: male

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The Warwick Arms, Kensington

Well, I only get to the Warwick Arms on my occasional visits back to the UK so - as an indication of how highly I rate this pub - when I had 48 hours in London last week I spent a few of them there. I walked in the door and was presented with my pint of London Pride even before I'm made my way past the greetings to the bar. They don't make a big fuss of my occasional visits from the other side of the World. Just a brief "Good to see you. How long are you here for?" and then just join in the conversation like you've never been away. The London Pride - beautiful, cool not cold, clear and well presented. Australian beer is perfect for Australia - London Pride is perfect for London - The Warwick Arms is the perfect local.

14 Aug 2010 08:28

The Warwick Arms, Kensington

This my favourite pub anywhere. I first found it about 4 years ago when I was living temporarily around Earls Court because of my work. I tried just about every pub in the area in order to find a pub that served well kept beer, a range of beers that I like and had a quiet friendly feeling where I could read the Sunday paper in peace. Then I found the Warwick Arms. After a few visits the landlord noticed I was becoming a regular, spoke to me and then started introducing me to other regulars. As a new, temporary resident in the area that was great. The beer is exceptionally well kept, the staff very friendly and well trained to the landlady's very high standards. It's the small things you notice like the London Pride always served in the correct glass and placed on the bar with the badge facing you. High standards of service, high quality of beer and a great new bunch of friends. I've now returned to Western Australia but come back to the UK several times a year for work. A visit to the Warwick Arms is always the first thing on the agenda after we land and I still get the same great welcome as if I've never been away.

21 Jun 2009 04:21

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