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The Harp, Covent Garden

Still a great pub, true. But, for me, only 8 out of 10 for the beer... personally, I find it just a little too warm sometimes, and the range is getting very predictable... Black Sheep, Dark Star, Harvey's, Landlord, Sambrook's, you know the stuff, all very good, but all widely distributed. Does it make sense to have FIVE house bitters?

And of course, because of the pub's popularity, it really does get like a rugby scrum at times. When it gets like that, scurry down the alley at the back, turn right up St.Martin's Lane and head for the Salisbury. There's a bit more room in there and although the range is similar to The Harp's it is always very well kept and the service is slick and knowledgeable.

30 Dec 2012 13:24

The Cat And Canary, Canary Wharf

Fullers make a fantastic range of bottled ales; such as Gales Old Ale, Brewers Reserve, Vintage Ale, 1845 and so on. All of them well worth seeking out.

Unfortunately, for some reason I have never been able to fathom, and despite protests to the Brewery, they are never available here! Which begs the question, why bother making the bloody stuff in the first place?

30 Dec 2012 13:03

JJ Moon's, Kingsbury

Well. Beer festival. And good it was. Normally I steer clear of pubs with high chairs stacked in the corner. However, short-fat dick persuaded me to go in (that's nor his real name. its his biomass). I had my fill of some 30 different ales over a 10=day period, all in tip top condition at 1.99 a pint. And, before you ask, no... I don't work there.

This is a pub for the lost and the lonely. Old men dreaming of the days when they where strong and handsome; old men dreaming of the beautiful women they used to shag. Ah me. AND, while we were lost in reminisce, while we were focused on the"jolly good value", the bastards put up the price up of everything else by 10p... I mean EVERYTHING else, while we were so distracted, bubbling on about the "cheap" beer, every other drink went up by 10p! See where they're coming from, eh?

Mind you, I know of no other pub in the land that shows Russia Today on a big screen. And it is as multi-cultural as befits NW London.

More power to their elbow.

8 Nov 2012 17:11

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