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Username: 6ft5ingiant

Age: 39

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The Bell, Hounslow

I went to hounslow a few weeks back as I was working at airport my job involves me training the UK. . So I went into weather spoons and all the staff was friendly .. I had some chips and they was perfect. . I had a few there then thought I would explore hounslow I then went to a pub called tommy flinns. It was ok in there buy just wasn't sure of the people there. So I left and looked for another pub. I saw a pub called the bell as I walked past I could see two Indian men holding two young boys to the floor while about another 10 people kicked them in the head.. Including the managers . I assume they was the managers as the next day the woman was behind the bar. I was again in Hounslow last night and was shocked to see these people still working there. After such a horror attack on two young lads. With I managed to film some of..but I guess as it's a drug pub police can't afford to close it.

14 Sep 2014 08:48

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