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Age: 50

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The Chequers, Stevenage

Well, the demise of this pub from the heady days of Paul Cowley,to the busy and great days of Ron and Sue, has now,via a few dodgy ideas in my opinion from Landlord/Landladies to get folk through the door...has now reached rock bottom for...ladies and gentlemen i give you......THE WORLDS RUDEST LANDLANDY!!!
Brings a new dimension to word MOAN for she is premiership material...
Request such as "can we have the juke box on?"
"have you any Pork Scratchings?"
"any Newcastle Brown Ale"

these humble requests are met with the distain and rudeness which leaves one wondering if she managed to sue them (the charm school...that is!). Couple this with the arogant barflies(all 2 of them) who in truth probably spend no more that a tenner between them but think its gives them the right to Lord it up..pass comment and generally create a dodgy atmosphere then you have the complete pub from somewhere what has rubbish pubs in (erm....Southend mebee...or Blackpool p'raps!)
So as the old saying time your passing this pub....keep walking (to The Coach maybe...or Lorn!)

23 Apr 2012 13:06

The Coach and Horses, Stevenage

In relation to the reviews below yeah the last lord...although a (at times) nice bloke he did run this place into the ground a bit....HOWEVER...


Andy and Jen (and team) are superb hosts....the place has had a really good makeover and its certainly my fave pub in the Old Town...looks really smart from the outside and will be great in the summer..

Has a regular DJ who really plays some banging tunes...has regular bands but above all else has a good atmosphere.....prices are competitive too....

So in light of the reviews ignore...cracking boozer again!

26 Jan 2012 12:45

The Standing Order, Stevenage

not the place to go if your in a hurry...service is a nightmare (you seem to be invisible) but this is mainly caused by the coffee brigade (i'd BAR EM).....

Very clean though and beer average!

1 May 2008 12:33

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