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The British Oak, Wakefield

just eaten at this pub. I was actually chastised by the arrogant landlady for pointing out to her when presented with my bill that I was been overcharged!

I ordered for myself the meat and potato pie with peas, I asked the waiter if it came with mash, he replied YES, I THINK SO. I answered, well if it does, I will have some. The meal arrived and included a scoop of mashed potatoes. The pie itself tasted ok, but was bulked up with chopped potato pieces, and not much meat.Total 6.65

My bill said that I had chips with my meal, and a 2.20 extra charge for them.I noted to the landlady that I had the mash, and that I had been told by the waiter that it was included. She said she would ask the waiter, who when asked did confirm that he told me that mash was included. The landlady then told me, with an insolent manner, that as a gesture of goodwill, she would knock off the 2.20!

I then asked her to price up the drinks individually that my wife, son, and I had been served. She mentally added the cost of the pint of beer, and two soft drinks and she told me they totalled 5.85. I showed her the bill that I had been given. It said the drinks came to over 13. she admitted a mistake had been made, but went on to scald ME for not wanting to pay for mashed potatoes that I had with my meal......AVOID THIS OVERCHARGING PUB AND PATRONIZING LANDLADY.

29 Sep 2010 21:19

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