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Comments by wynlactona

The Fox, Hexham

New landlord has intro'd some real ale. Deuchars and Cumberland bitter at the munite which is always in good nick. A couple of decent whiskies have also been added. Busy on pool darts and bands nights and the Sunday quiz. Will always have NUFC's match on. good atmosphere and no bother.

Good and getting better

4 Jan 2011 17:55

The Castle, Walthamstow


On wheels, maglev or a hovercraft. either way, unlike Orford Road there is zero passing trade.

20 Aug 2010 17:03

The Castle, Walthamstow

If only the die hard 'fans' (billymadeupnamerepeatposter and so on) of this boozer would turn up during the week. They love the pub (allegedly) but cant be arsed to patronise it.

The problem with this place is the location - it needs moving to Orford Road and two poor refurbishments havent helped. Fond memories of Stuarts quiz and his DJing but shite atmosphere, naff refurb and overpriced beer killed it for me.

26 Jul 2010 11:33

The Head of Steam, Newcastle

Atmosphere-wise its fine, especially Thur/Fri/Sat nights. the mix seems to be improving with the studenty presence being a bit diluterd of late.

Beer still great and barstaff on the ball.

27 May 2010 16:17

Mr Ants, Hexham

Cheerful enough modern bar which will always have the Mags on telly when they're playing - and they sponsor a local team.

No proper ale though

29 Aug 2009 16:16

Tap & Spile, Hexham

Re-opened about a month ago boasting coffee and Wi-Fi. I doubt the old geezers will be taking advantage, mind. Been in weekdays and early Saturday and it hasnt really livened up yet. Beer choice is good but it probably needs to advertise its rebirth a bit more.

Nice to see it back open though.

27 May 2009 10:07

The Lord Moon Of The Mall, Whitehall

Has anyone noticed that Wetherspoons pubs seemed to have got more gloomy over the past few months? I guess this could be a cost cutting measure. They seem to have permanently removed a couple of bulbs or turned the dimmer switch down.

Important? - yes when you are trying to read how much the latest scumbag MP has purloined from the public purse.

27 May 2009 09:31

The Dipton Mill Inn, Hexham

To reviewer below - the food is excellent but getting a seat in summer can be a problem..

22 Feb 2009 20:13

Crown Inn, Catton

Superb pub in a lovely setting. Serves the excellent Allendale Brewery Beers. My favourite's Wolf - a strong dark smooth bitter but they do refreshing light stuff like Golden Plover and Allendale Bitter or try their superb stout Tar Bar'l (barrel).

Their food is lovely and when in season you'll get grouse, pheasant and salmon at good prices. Its got a real fire going, stone flag flooring - all the usual country cliches but good ones at that. Good setting Good Beer Good Food and friendly staff. The only reason its not 10/10 is that i cant walk to it.

22 Feb 2009 20:11

The Head of Steam, Newcastle

Some good ale is usually on and you can get Weihanstephan in bottles and Erdinger on draft. Music's good and theres a less testosterone fuelled atmosphere in there which is handy on match days.

Bar staff have been fine when I've been in.


26 Dec 2008 20:19

Argyles Bar, Priestpopple

Ale with 3 ale pumps.......Deuchars + 2 others.......

1 Dec 2008 19:21

The Silver Cross, Whitehall

nicknamed 'The Saliva Crust' - sez it all.

9 Nov 2008 20:17

Argyles Bar, Priestpopple

At the minute its Deuchars only. Good bar nonetheless but gets packed easily as its a small hotel style bar.

6 Nov 2008 22:16

Tap & Spile, Hexham

Pub now closed and no prospect of reopening. Chain owners want rid.

Was on a bit of a downer weekedays were getting absolutley funereal.

Its demise is making real ale the exception rather than the rule in Hexham

6 Nov 2008 22:13

The Grapes, Hexham

lairy punters

no real ale

good juke box

6 Nov 2008 22:10

The Forum, Hexham

The beer is usually in good nick here and the staff are mostly good when the staffing levels allow (as per every other 'Spoons) but the food is poor compared to most others in the chain. While the Moon on the Mall ones food (for .e.g) is microwaved to perfection this one is all over the place. BTW if you want your steak done medium ask for very rare.

Hexham central is a bit of an ale desert at the moment so this place is your best bet - aprt from the Dipton Mill which is right outta town.

Its fair to say but the regulars have mainly seen better days.

6 Nov 2008 22:09

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