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Comments by wolveswv6

Royal London, Wolverhampton

Very average Not got a lot going for it to be honest ! the place needs a good refurb and apart from one memeber of staff the rest are all rude ! The food is always boring and bland and the toilets well do people use them or just piss of the floor ?! pool tables are ok but usally rammed with about 15 pound coins on the side of each one,,,,Do yourself a favour go the the hogshead which is clean and nice with waiter service

7 Mar 2007 14:48

The Spring Hill, Penn

nice pub nice food, only problem was the very rude barman but im sure he has probally gone by now, he told my wife that she couldnt have a small glass of wine because she was pregnant !!! Now one glass of wine never hurt anyone wasnt as if it was the fifth triple jack on the rocks !!! Bar that though very nice place would definetly reccomend it to anyone!

7 Mar 2007 14:44

The Battle Of Britain, Penn

this place is now shut !!! Thank God !

7 Mar 2007 14:42

The Fieldhouse Inn, Wightwick

Not bad little pub in the summer with a decent vibe, definetly pop down if your passing. Stella on tap which is never a bad sign,

7 Mar 2007 14:40

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