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The Ship Inn Hotel, Porlock

Popped in earlier this week for a drink, good range of ales, lovely wood burner going and friendly locals. The landlady seemed really nice and there was a good atmosphere, top marks from me !

11 Jan 2013 12:47

The Question, Forest Hill

Question has been taken over fairly recently and it seems the new owners are working hard to make it work. The pizzas are fresh and delicious and prices very reasonable. I haven't been there in in the evening but it's a great place to go for good quality and reasonably priced food during the day, especially if you have kids as it's very child friendly. To me this seems more of a restaurant than a bar but perhaps it's more bar-like in the evenings. I'd say the recent reviews are harsh and this place is much better than the signage outside suggests.

20 Dec 2012 15:33

The Foresters Arms, Dunster

I'm a tourist and I LOVED this pub. My husband and I popped in last week when we were staying at the Luttrell for a few days and within a few minutes the parrot (called Nelson I gather) was swearing and someone was attempting to play a digderidoo. It's a "proper" pub and I'd hazard a guess the thatched bar is fairly unique too.

I don't travel from London to the country to visit gastropubs, I go to find pubs like the Foresters, and long may it last!

We had a good banter with the landlord and chat with the locals (most of whom turned out to not be locals originally) and I thought it was very friendly. Nice wood burner on the go and it's dog friendly too.

26 Oct 2012 14:13

The Greyhound, Kew Green

I had lunch at the Greyhound yesterday and thought it was great! I love the fact theyíre dog friendly and it has a really nice relaxed vibe that tends to go with pubs that allow mutts in. I had the beefburger and chips and my husband had the slow roasted pork and both meals were really delicious. The beer garden at the back is really nicely done and the staff were exceptionally friendly and helpful. There wasnít a big range of bitter but thatís really the only downside of this pub. Definitely recommended.

9 Aug 2012 11:44

The Mayflower, Rotherhithe

This was my local pub 10 years ago and I loved it, it was full of laughter and banter and was at the time mainly a pub for drinkers, with the restaurant upstairs catering for diners. The landlord that has been mentioned previously then took over and for years I avoided it, having popped in a couple of times and hated what the place had become, a rip off tourist trap where even the menus were for sale.

I went back more recently and am pleased that the new landlord is getting things back on track. It has become more "foodie" but that's not surprising given the better profit margins on food. When I was in there it was packed and the food looked good and not unreasonably priced, I particularly liked that you could order cheeses as bar food, with different prices for 1,2,3 cheeses etc.

I asked about whether they let dogs in and was told well behaved ones were, so it is at the landlord's discretion basically, which I thought was reasonable. A big coffee machine has been placed on the far end of the bar which is a shame and the music was a bit too loud. Given the number of people in there it was a little lacking in atmosphere too, but perhaps that's unfair of me as in the old days it could be quite raucous and more of a locals pub than it is now.

Overall though I'm really pleased that the new landlord has got the Mayflower back on course. I'd definitely pop in again and it's well worth a visit if you're in the area. The rating of 5.2 is alegacy of the old landlord and I'd say it deserves an 8 now. If they turned the music down a bit and injected a bit more fun into the place (and perhaps I was unlucky the night I went) then it'd be at least a 9!

7 Aug 2012 15:51

The Kentish Horse, Mark Beech

I had lunch here yesterday and funnily enough had the lasagne like the last reviewer. I thought it was very nice and definitely looked and tasted home cooked, it was also very good value. I felt welcomed and the pub is dog friendly so that wasn't a problem either (as I had my mutt with me). There's a lovely big garden and separate play area which I'd imagine would be great to keep children occupied while also being able to keep an eye on them.

All in all, a nice country pub and great value for lunch. It is pub food not restaurant food but does what it sets out to do very well in my opinion and I'll definitely be going back.

28 Jun 2012 14:00

The King Henry VIII Inn, Hever

Had a lovely lunch here yesterday, they had a roaring open fire, the food was great and good value, they are dog friendly and have Henry the VIII themed carpet - what could be better !

1 Dec 2011 09:29

Hobs, Forest Hill

I think the Hob is a great pub and personally find the last comment about the pool table attracting a "grotty crowd" rather snobby. It's not the Dartmouth Arm but I think it's all the better for it. It has a good mix of people (which personally I like) a good quiz on a Thurs, live music, comedy etc.

You can order food in from outside which is also unusual as it's rare to find a pub these days that isn't trying to flog you chunky skin on chips at an extortionate price. It's a pub for people who like pubs, not people who like pub restaurants. To my knowledge it's also the only pub in Forest Hill to let dogs in and the staff always offer my dog a bowl of water which I think is a nice touch.

I think it could do with a few more furnishings, curtains or a couple more sofas perhaps as it does feel slightly bare, but other than that I think it's a really good pub and I've never had a bad night in there.

25 Oct 2010 13:30

The Capitol, Forest Hill

Due to being in the middle of a kitchen refit, I have eaten at The Capitol several times in the last couple of weeks as itís cheaper than getting takeaways while I have no kitchen. Iíve been very impressed with the consistently good customer service here, the bar staff notice who is to be served next and even stopped someone muscling in in front of me the other day. Nothing has been too much trouble and they are very polite and helpful. As to the ambience, the lack of music is perhaps more noticeable here as due to be an exĖcinema the space is so vast, but it seems to attract a good mix of people.

If there were no visible indications that this was a Wetherpoons I think most people would be raving about this pub but thereís definitely an innate snobbery about the chain. The pub is interesting architecturally, the service is good and the food and drinks are unbelievably cheap. A bit less advertising and unnecessary proliferation of menus would help improve it further.

11 Nov 2009 15:21

The Stanhope Arms, Brasted

My husband and I got married in the church next to the pub recently and we had drinks and nibbles in the pub garden after the service. I grew up in Brasted but I hadn't been into the pub for years although my parents are reasonably regular visitors.

Jim and Tracy went well beyond the call of duty in looking after us, they seem down to earth, fun and generous people who know how to create a great pub ambience, which isn't necessarily something you will find in every pub in the area. I wish them every success and will definitely visit again soon, it's great to see a pub being run as it should be, in an inclusive, fun way - putting it back at the heart of the community. The garden is also fantastic, living in London as I do I sometimes wonder whether people local to pubs like this realise what they have on their doorstep, I for one am jealous!

2 Sep 2009 13:36

The Mayflower, Rotherhithe

Shameful. Overpriced beyond belief and a miserable rude landlord. This pub was once a vibrant place to go and anintegral part of this patch of Rotherhithe. It is now a soulless tourist trap, run solely as a business with no concern for repeat customers as so many of the punters visit once as they are on holiday. I really hope one day this pub becomes what it once was, a boisterous, character filled old fashioned boozer which welcomed the tourists and gave them a genuine feel for what a great british pub can be.

2 Sep 2009 13:25

The Wiremill, Lingfield

I booked the private room in August for a dinner party and found the customer service, drinks and food excellent. We were not forgotten despite the difficulties inherent in not being able to see what stage we were at in terms of finishing courses. We also stayed in one of the hotel rooms and throughout our stay we found the staff extremely attentive and friendly. I would rather wait for food which is tasty and freshly cooked rather than put up with speedy microwaved boil in bag type fodder so commonly found in pubs.

2 Sep 2009 13:21

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