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Johnsons Cafe Bar, Ilkley

Now going to be some Italian sounding eatery/wine bar.

30 Jul 2007 15:46

The Yard, Ilkley

This pub was recommended to me whilst I am working in the area as the place to go. The person who recommended is now swimming with the fishes in the river Warf! Full of pretentious loud mouthed fools, beer over priced,so is the food. A place to avoid with out doubt if you happen to in Ilkley, try the Riverside far better and cheaper.

10 Jul 2007 10:10

All Bar One, Marylebone

This pub is now closed, being turned into a Spanish Tapas Bar.

2 Apr 2007 13:51

Rosie O Briens, Carrington

This used to be known as the New Inn in the 90's when I frequented it all to often. Many a characters then, dont know about now. Oh heady days!!!

7 Dec 2006 13:52

The Plimsoll Line, Redcar

To the post below, perchance are you working in this establishment for you sing it's praises to loudly. Having past it by this weekend, there were more people sitting outside haveing a fag then there were inside. What the manager did not mention was it was only his food profits were up beer and takings from the one armed are down!

2 Oct 2006 14:37

The Barley Mow, Marylebone

Reasonable old style boozer with funny little wooded snugs at one side of the bar. Landlord seemed ok but the bar staff could do with learning slightly more english before they venture behind the bar to serve. OK for a quick couple before tackling the underground.

21 Sep 2006 14:26

Red Herring, Bank

Went in here last night to have a swift one before having to endure a fizzy wine & canapes do round the corner. A bar packed full of baying city workers run by Fullers, not my cup of tea, but as they say, any port in a storm.

21 Sep 2006 14:22

The Turf Tavern, Nottingham

This pub looks like it is undergoing a refurb, I do hope it does not stay closed for long

18 Sep 2006 17:20

The Golden Lion Hotel, Loftus

This is a Sam Smiths pub and is a very pleasant place to spend an afternoon. They have the PILS version of the larger with the man with funny hat and pipe, (cant spell the name but begins with A), which is a absolute stunning way to get blasted whilst waiting for the bus to take you back to the Boro and cheaply as well, but make sure you go to the loo before you leave!

24 Aug 2006 14:33

Crown Posada, Newcastle

To anonymous below, to state that this pub is not a Gay bar is correct and by doing so one gets a accused of being a closet homosexual or worse stil being homophobic.

As stated before this a good old fashioned boozer with good ale and friendly atmosphere that has not been ruined by the march of time and big business.

25 Jul 2006 10:04

Crown Posada, Newcastle

To Anonymous below but one, this is cetainly not a Gay Bar in any shape or form.

12 Jul 2006 12:42

The Moot, Sneinton

Went in here yesterday, an excellent establishment, more choice of beer, cider and larger than you could wave a stick at, a pleasent afternoon was had by all.

28 Jun 2006 11:20

The Greenwood Tree, Bakersfield

This pub is now closed and undergoing a change to a food outlet of some description.

28 Jun 2006 11:15

The Cleveland Hotel, Redcar

Best pub by far in Redcar. A traditional old fashioned boozer with v. friendly landlord and landlady and bar staff, the locals are not bad as well. Good live music on Friday and Sunday, food is only served on a Sunday lunch time, but brilliant value at under 3.00. They are going to build an extension to accomodate the smokers, who form the vast bulk of the people who go in there, so they can continue to enjoy this local when this stupid no smoking legislation comes in next year. The Cleveland is lucky to have the space to do so, heaven help those pubs that can't do anything!

25 May 2006 10:23

Red Lion, Ealing

I have just read with intrest the last post by Redjont, as I used this pub for over 10 years during the 80s & 90s, I can never remeber Gordon and Ileen (Landlord & Landlady back then) ever employing a Polish barmaid or any other east Europeans. Lots of Australian and New Zealanders, Scots and and English, and as for Polish being spoken on a regular basis I think not, gibberish after 10 pints of mixed yes, Polish no.

22 May 2006 14:58

The Castlebar, West Ealing

They were showing the Gooners match on two screens outside for the smokers and there were loads of them. I thought I would have a pint and join them, but NO, at 3.12 for a pint of bog standard Fosters they have got to be having a laugh or did they just put the prices up for the match? If this is the normal price, how much is the Staropramen and San Miguel 4.00??? This pub is in West Ealing not the West Bank of Paris!!!

18 May 2006 08:04

Crown Posada, Newcastle

An excellent establishment that sits in a time warp. A must do on each visit to Newcastle.

16 May 2006 12:22

Swintons, Kings Cross

What an absolute gem of a pub, hard to beleive that you could find such an establishment in the Kings X area. Made very welcome by friendly and attentive staff, good selction of beers and largers to suite most palates, price on par for London. Extensive menu for lunch time and best of all, in the evening, which is a blessing if you dont want to eat MCchicken or Kebab, not that expensive for the portions you receive. As Arnie said "I'll be Back".

12 May 2006 08:13

The Drayton Court, West Ealing

Oh dear oh dear what has happened to this pub. Went in here last night to have a pint and relax in the humungus beer garden, by the time I got served the sun had gone down, (got in at 7pm). Very few staff working and unable to cope with the number of customers. Back of the bar was disgrace, glasses, ice,etc all over the floor. What a shame for for such a nice pub.

5 May 2006 07:45

Speakeasy, Nottingham

This is the site of the original Horn in Hand.

19 Apr 2006 12:57

The Horn in Hand, Nottingham

This was called someting else a few years ago with a big metal jet plane stuck in the middle of the roof rafters. The Horn was next door.

19 Apr 2006 12:56

Red Lion, Ealing

2.75 for a pint of Carling!!!!!!!

21 Mar 2006 16:40

The Drayton Court, West Ealing

I drank in this pub druing the 80/90's cannot ever remember it being called "Draculas Castle", some of the bar staff maybee!

26 Oct 2005 15:44

The Castlebar, West Ealing

I returned to this establishment to give it the once over again and to see if my opinion of it had changed, well it has not, still cant get on with it.

Point of note: Apart from a group of 15 ladies having a meal inside everyone else, approx 70, was outside, of which 95% were smokers! Come the depths of winter no amount of heaters are going to keep you warm on the patio and I suggest that they will go else where and this pub will die, then the GP can have the pub to himself.

23 Sep 2005 08:24

The Plimsoll Line, Redcar

This pub has now gone completly non smoking, I will give it 6 months before it closes or they reverse the policy and have setaside an area only for smoking. Passed it on Sunday afternoon anticipating it to be packed as is the norm, three quarters empty, most people eating, so only in one drink and gone. The death of Weatherspoons????

13 Sep 2005 09:52

The Bacchus, Newcastle

The wife and I went in here last saturday when we were in Newcastle and the fact I remembered seeing mentioned on this site. Cannot agree more than with some of the previous comments, clean, well presented, good selection of beers and the food looked good. Even the wife liked the place!!

30 Aug 2005 13:02

The Angel, Highgate

Did not feel comfortable in here having a drink. On the upside good selection of beer.

18 Aug 2005 13:00

The Gatehouse, Highgate

Did not click on that it was a JDW pub until I paid for my beer. Lots of nooks and crannies to sit in and a small beer garden at the back which is ok in the summer.

18 Aug 2005 12:56

The Duke's Head, Highgate

Not a bad little boozer considering the area it is in.

18 Aug 2005 12:53

The Whittington Cat, Highgate

Had a pint in here the other night, traditional old Irish pub clientel, bit ttatty round the edges but ok.

18 Aug 2005 12:51

Crown and Goose, Camden

Gave this pub a whirl in view of some of the previous comments. A pint of dodgy Amstel which two hours later I could still taste! Small is right, imagine it could be a bit overbearing if you had more than twenty poeple in, and the noise would be deafening. Only a few people in when I visited, but they all wanted to talk over each other. Not as good as some other comments make out.

11 Aug 2005 13:15

The Flowerpot, Camden

You need a miners helmet to see in here it's so dark, or is that a ploy by the management so when you get your change from buying a drink you cant see how much you have been ripped off!!

Better pubs within a mile radius.

10 Aug 2005 12:52

The Assembly House, Kentish Town

This pub is currently undergoing a refurb and is closed.

8 Aug 2005 16:47

The Avenue, West Ealing

Took the wife in here the other night just see what it was like. Well what can one say, no draught beer only bottles or cocktails! Settled on a couple of Polish Lagers with an unpronounceable name, it began with a Z, except to the Polish Barmaid. Very modern style ala Lawrence LLewelyn B but very uncomfortable seating. We left after two drinks a lot poorer, and a view that it takes it's self to seriously, better suited to uptown rather than West Ealing.

5 Aug 2005 09:15

The Castlebar, West Ealing

Perhaps the GP and anonymous should meet on neutral ground, say the Three Wishes down the road and discus the merits and demerits of the local pubs, any one want to be referee !!!!

23 Jul 2005 23:02

The Castlebar, West Ealing

I think the GP should get a sence of perspective, this is a site where people can post their own views, ie if you dont like a pub say so and vice versa, this is what freedom of expresion is all about. I happen not to like this pub in it's present form, what is the problem with that?

19 Jul 2005 12:46

The Castlebar, West Ealing

Went back here last week with wife, she agrees with my comments of the 20 June. No smoking policy in doors, lets see how long that will last or the pub come to think of it, when winters comes.

18 Jul 2005 16:19

The Turf Tavern, Nottingham

This used to be my local when Hippy Mick was the landlord, it was a cracking pub then and still is. The only time it went down hill is when they named it after a non drinker. Who remembers the campain by SOT (SAVE OUR TURF)to keep it as the Turf in the local paper. Who was the mysterious Martin Peters the regular who was quoted in the paper, I know who he is. Oh happy days!!

29 Jun 2005 16:01

The Flask, Highgate

Went in here for the first time in about 25 years the other night, I think it will be an other 25 before I go again! Overpriced and full of new labour types and tourists.

16 Jun 2005 10:05

Ye Olde Bookmaker, Redcar

This pub could do with a bit of money spending on it's decor, carpet you dont stick too, better lighting, a lick of paint on the walls to brighten it up and this pub could pass muster. We were the first customers the barman had served in 1 1/2 hours! Usuall range of beers,largers and bottles, price is avarage. Could do a lot better for it's self.

8 Jun 2005 12:57

Red Lion, Ealing

Went in here recently, first time in 20 odd years, apart from the the extention not alot has changed, oh apart from the price of the beer. Still one or two faces I recognise from all those years ago, amazing that they are still alive considering the amount of beer they consumed! Wonder if they still got my tankard behind the bar.

8 Apr 2005 12:57

O'Gradys, Redcar

Dont bother going to this pub, the bloke who now owns it has killed it off, he owns two other pubs in town and they are not much better.

15 Mar 2005 10:34

The Drum and Monkey, Archway

A little gem of a pub, good sevice and all round v.friendly. Landlord Niall is good for laugh, (even if he supports ManU). If you fancy a quite pint on occasion, then this is the place to go. Well worth dropping into for a drink if u r passing, probable end up there all night!!!

24 Feb 2005 13:26

The Lobster, Redcar

This is a Sam Smiths pub so its going to be cheap on price front, one good reason for going there. An other one is that it is quite most of the time, (the Redcar brain dead keep away), v.clean & friendley, and strangley for a pub now adays has a snooker room upstairs with two tables.Well worth a visit.

6 Jan 2005 12:40

The Royal Standard, Redcar

This pub has just had a refurb, has turned from an ugly duckling to, well not quite a majestic swan, but a improvement on the prevoius establishment, which was not hard! As with all refurbs of chain pubs they have put the prices up, which might act as a deterrant to the previous clientel of dead heads.

13 Dec 2004 13:59

The Torriano, Kentish Town

What a strange little place this is. Ok for a quick pint or two but not much more, could not stand the excitment(NOT).

2 Dec 2004 12:01

The Pitcher and Piano, Soho

Taken to this pub last week, they said it had been done up, (god knows what it was like before)if this what it looks like now. Words fail me apart from C**P.Over priced rubbish, only go there if someone else is paying for the drinks for the night!

30 Nov 2004 12:41

The Quays, Holloway

Not a bad boozer, nice and clean and friendly. Price of food is reasonable compared to some pubs in the area. Well worth the visit will go back again in the not to distant future.

30 Nov 2004 10:40

The Mother Red Cap, Archway

It's like stepping into a time machine and being transported back to Dublin. Nice boozer, good price for the beer. Will go again.

30 Nov 2004 10:36

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