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The Black Lion, Consall

Love this pub. Found it after getting a call to do some work nearby. They do great food at lunchtime, with massive portions at a good price. Beer is great too with lots of different brews to try.

28 Aug 2012 19:12

Arnold MacHin, Newcastle under Lyme

I have visited this pub a few times over the last 2 years, in the hope that the place may improve. Sadly I am always disappointed.

The Bar Staff during the day are generally pissing about between them and when they grace you with their presence, they seem to be annoyed that they may have to do some work.

Firstly, in the winter months this place always seems to be freezing. Secondly, the majority of the food seems to go through the micro wave. I don�t have a problem with this, but the micro wave must be knackered as the food always turns up cold! And I am not talking about the salads either.

Pretty good prices on beer and food, but a waste of money if the quality of the food is crap.

Manager needs a kick up the arse as this place has great potential and could be more popular.

Until this happens I will be keeping a wide berth from this place.

Would of got Zero reating if it was not for the reasonable beers on offer.

8 Dec 2008 09:49

The Rising Sun, Golcar

Nice boozer as far as I remember. I used to date the landlords daughter. Hi Jean, if you remember me.

26 May 2007 11:34

The Wheatsheaf, Tunstall

This place was recently refurbished. It has been decorated very nicely and has a modern but traditional feel to it. Very happy and friendly bar staff and a nice selection of beers and lagers. In the summer, often frequented by shirtless job seekers, sitting on the wooded benched with pint in hand, watching all the other idiots sweating it out at work. Karaoke on a Sunday. I would say worthwhile for a visit and a chat with a local.

2 Jan 2005 17:09

The Oddfellows Arms, Tunstall

What can one say.....? Indeed a little boozer which has a 60's feel to it. The original incipit coloured Formica topped tables and uncomfortable chairs; don�t give this little hapless place a homely feel. I once asked for a pint of bitter and half a pint of happiness. A little joke as the place was dead and boring. The woman behind the bar looked at me as if I had walked off the first space ship. This place should be renamed the Moon, as there is no atmosphere. If you have just left the Sahara desert and have not had a drink for 2 weeks, then this pub will suffice, otherwise don't bother. No effort is made to make you feel welcome and no effort has been shown in making this place hospitable. So why waste your effort in handing over your hard earned cash. In a nice location, in the Square, which is probably the only way this place would stay open. Next door to Bargain Booze. Do yourself a favour, get some cans from next door and give the Odd Fellows a wide berth.

2 Jan 2005 17:04

The Globe, Tunstall

Take a step back in time. Fluorescent tubes light this dingy pub. Most time an slightly out of tune radio plays behind the bar. Toilets are outside at the back of this boozer. So take a jacket if its raining. .LOL
However, friendly locals make this a truly memberable visit. Usually some one there to have a chat to. Rough and ready with plastic vinyl seating. I didn't know that pubs like this existed anymore. Most have closed down or been condemned or pulled down. For that experience, get there before this one closes. Usual range of beers and lagers. Noted for its atmosphere and not it's range of non dazzling beverages.

2 Jan 2005 16:54

The Reginald Mitchell, Hanley

A fantastic place to visit for the local and visitor alike. Excellent priced, good beer available at all time. Well it is a Weather Spoon's. Great food and very reasonable prices. A wonderful building which has been converted from the old corn exchange. Extremely impressive interior, restored very tastefully. Very experienced and attentive bar staff, means you wont wait long to be served even at the busier times in this popular pun. Has a no-smoking zone as well as no smoking at the bar. No juke box or piped music. A lot of bitters are supplied by the local Titanic Brewery. All fine beers with great names and different strengths. A real mixture of clientele. From the all day dossers, young college types through to old pensioner Potters. The later always being great to talk to and learn a few things.
Clean toilets, that smells just fine. All in all don't miss this one!

30 Dec 2004 18:17

The Red Lion, Burslem

Former Home of Robbie William

30 Dec 2004 18:00

The Post Office Vaults, Burslem

Very small and compact.

30 Dec 2004 17:59

The Leopard, Burslem

A big and under-used pub.

30 Dec 2004 17:58

The Plough, Etruria

Ace food

30 Dec 2004 17:57

The Swan, Smallthorne

Excellent cozy boozer.

30 Dec 2004 17:56

The Forresters Arms, Smallthorne

A former nice pub

30 Dec 2004 17:56

The Globe, Tunstall

A pub for locals, with a genuine feel.

30 Dec 2004 17:54

The Wheatsheaf, Tunstall

An excellent ex Bikers pub.

30 Dec 2004 17:54

The Cheshire Cheese, Tunstall

An Interesting place to visit.

30 Dec 2004 17:53

The Oddfellows Arms, Tunstall

As the name surgests. A liitle pub, filled with odd fellows!...LOL

30 Dec 2004 17:52

The Sneyd Arms Hotel, Tunstall

This pub is a great pub. Owned and run by Maureen Flowers, ex British Ladies Darts player and former wife of Eric Bristow. A real friendly lady and always has time for a chat. A good selection of general beers and lagers. There are 2 bars, the saloon, with its authentic iron legged tables and chairs and the sports bar with its jukebox music and neon�s. The food that is served in the restaurant to the rear, has a reputation for being excellent, and at a fair price. Be sure to book on special days, such as Mothers Day, as it gets packed. Friendly bar staffs, clean toilets, oddly enough, with a vending machine for sex aids, make this local pub a sure winner. Based in Tower Square, there is ample parking, but on the downside, is pay and display. However, only a fool drives to a great pub like this. Fish and Chips, Kebabs, and other foreign food outlets are near by in the square. So it is a complete evening in a Square!
Give it a go, you wont be disappointed, and don't forget to say "Hello" to Maureen.

30 Dec 2004 17:50

The Harvest Home, Houghton Regis

What can one say......The Harvest Home. Built in the 50's to serve a London Overspill estate of Tithe Farm and Hillbrough. There are hundreds of these pubs across the country. Opposite a parade of shops, the external fabric gives the impression of nothing but another estate pub. Decorations that are put up on the pub to celebrate various football events are still displayed many months after the final whistle is blown. The bedraggled Cross of St George flag being displayed from an upstairs window gives this pub the impression that it is run by a very patriotic landlord. My last visit to the pub was a few years ago now. A dark and dinghy saloon bar, complete with ripped crimson draylong seats, whilst the juke box played a range of late 70's and 80's classics, such as the Police and Rolling Stones, gave this pub the feeling that it had been more successful in that era.
The public bar, with it's tiled floor and pool table, certainly resembled a spit and sawdust bar. The toilets were smelly and were painted with that purple paint which seemed to be so popular in the 80's.The typical customers being legendry. During the day a few die hard�s along with the usual pissed woman, who by 2 o�clock in the afternoon had managed to upset every man and caused several arguments. This was these people�s lives. Rough and ready. If you were a stranger visiting the pub, be prepared to starred at. If you could stay, feeling uncomfortable, for any period of time, it would not be long before one of the local roughs would accuse you of some thing and attempt to start a fight. Small mindedness, I guess with the customers continues, but I cant speak about the pub itself, as it stands today. There are occasional disco nights and the usual big screen football matches.
Maybe if they were giving free beer away, I maybe tempted in, but my first impressions were very lasting ones. Much of Houghton Regis pub's have very little to offer, so for good beer, food and company, you will be having to travel a little further out of the BIG HR.

29 Dec 2004 09:19

The Kings Arms, Houghton Regis

A pub with history, but no a lot on display. Opposite the village church, handy for a stiff one before the wedding service .

19 Dec 2004 10:40

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