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Comments by whatbill

The Drapers Arms, Barnsbury

Nothing special. The food is expensive and average, ditto the beer, staff are aloof and the atmosphere is pretty flat. It seems to rely on being the local diner for the extremely expensive surrounding houses and flats, which is fair enough but gives very little incentive for anyone else to make the effort. I'm off to the Albion next time...

18 Aug 2009 15:54

The Compton Arms, Islington

Hard to argue with the previous comments - a good simple pub with no real weakneses. Amazing how few of them now exist. Football is shown but does not dominate. As it should be...

6 Feb 2009 16:02

The Alwyne Castle, Islington

This pub is pretty average, trading on the fact that the local competition isn't up to much and that they have a large beer garden. The only reason we go there is because of its location and because its bland enough to suit a variety of tastes (e.g. work do). I did have a nice burger here once but have never braved a roast - not sure I ever will judging by the feedback!

3 Jul 2007 12:08

The Lion, Stoke Newington

One of only a few pubs in Stoke Newington to show football (and have a big screen). Other than that, comfortable and inoffensive...

11 Apr 2007 17:47

The Drapers Arms, Barnsbury

Great (if pricey) food but they're a bit sniffy if you just want a pint, especially when its busy. The debate over whether a place focusing almost entirely on meals can call itself a pub will run and run but I'd go there to eat, otherwise don't bother...

11 Apr 2007 17:30

The Bull, Islington

Pretty good for Islington, great beer and decent service. As you'd expect, its generally full of up and coming, slightly smug 20-30 somethings but that comes with the location. If you want a nice old man's pub then don't go to Upper Street, especially at the weekend. Put it this way, its better than the Walkabout...

11 Apr 2007 17:22

The Alma, Newington Green

Half decent gastropub, although I wouldn't go out of my way to return. As peviously stated, the beers was a bit ropey. Is this the place Bobby Gillespie complained about making noise on a saturday night?

11 Apr 2007 12:32

Ryan's Bar, Stoke Newington

Good thai food and decent garden, although they seem to shoe-horn more tables in every year. I don't normally bother in the winter.

19 Feb 2007 18:47

The Londesborough, Stoke Newington

Walking the tightrope between being an enjoyable, quirky, hangout or an annoying, pretentious shambles (see also all of Stoke Newington). Either way, for Nathan Birch to say it has "gritty East End boozer" characteristics is frankly hilarious.

19 Feb 2007 18:31

The Old Red Lion, Islington

Very good beer, decent unpretentious pub. Been meaning to go to the upstairs theatre for years...

19 Feb 2007 18:16

The Old Queens Head, Islington

Used to be fantastic. Less so now, still a great bulding with lots of chacater but often crowded, with bouncers and pay on the door at weekends. Better on a quiet afternoon when you can sit down (or at least stand unjostled) and enjoy yourself.

19 Feb 2007 18:12

The Bank of Friendship, Highbury

Everyone's favorite local. Excellent beer, great garden and superb collection of old men! Everyone in there is usually chaining fags though so be interesting to see what effect the smoking ban has.

19 Feb 2007 18:04

The Florence Tavern, Islington

A decent if not stunning pub - sadly more and more of a rarity in Islington. Being just back from Upper Street will hoepfully save it from All Bar One/Foxtons/Nandos/Jigsaw hell...

19 Feb 2007 18:01

The Old Parrs Head, Islington

Classic building, can't believe its gone. Had been going down hill but presume the owners knew it was being replaced by a friggin Jigsaw and lost the will to live. 10 years ago I used to love popping in here on an Islington pub crawl. Heaven knows I'm miserable now...

19 Feb 2007 17:54

The Woodbine, Highbury

This is a decent pub which compares very well with the local competition. Not stunning but good for a friday night pint or two.

19 Feb 2007 17:43

The Brownswood Park Tavern, Finsbury Park

Sad news indeed for what is a great local.

19 Feb 2007 17:38

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