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Comments by wesley12

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

I came here for the pub quiz and was mildly annoyed when such a rated pub had no defence against the c*nts on the iphone. The brigade came in and swept the qus, losers. I hate this new fad that is taking off atm, it's the most retarded thing I've ever seen, I thought quizes were a bit of fun, it pees me off more when you have to pay to enter the dam thing. The pub itself is fine, beer cold and the staff were fine with me anyway, and we had a laugh all round.

21 May 2009 18:21

The Oakdale Arms, Harringay

This place is sweet, I like the prices a lot (obviously) but I was here for a pub quiz and I saw some man with an iphone out, clearly cheating, I left before the end because I thought there was no chance, duno if he was spotted, anyone else notice stuff like this? Really gets my goat!

21 May 2009 18:05

The Albion, Blackfriars

I agree with AshingdonMan everywhere is getting more expensive etc. This is a reasonable place with a nice vibe and some tastey ales. I don't go here often but pop in when I'm in the area for a quick one. No problems really.

26 Apr 2009 14:02

The Cos Bar, London

I don't know what all the fuss is about! this pub is fine, it might not be stainless steel and whatever but it's got a sweet atmosphere, it's just a good place to chill at, (maybe I'm bias as I won on the fruit machines) but still, a nice place to go by all means.

26 Apr 2009 14:00

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