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Yates's, Leicester Square

Some of these comments are a little harsh, and probably ill-advised. Yates is a good bar for London workers on a Friday night, lots of good music, friendly people dancing and drinking. The cocktails are good, if a little pricey. There's lots of nice-looking friendly bar staff and nice looking chaps around. The disadvantage is that, it's true, you really do have to fight some of the more eager ones off. I don't think that's something management can really control though! The doormen are strict with drunkards and louts, yes, but it means I've never experienced any nasty situations within Yates.

3 Jan 2006 13:25

Woody's, Kingston Upon Thames

This bar is pretty naff inside, there's ALWAYS a sticky floor and sticky bar. The toilets are absolutely disgusting, last time I went there was no toilet seat, a broken bowl, and human "products" all over the floor, you really have to lower your standards to set foot in there and some good advice is to bring your own toilet paper as generally there is none. On the plus side, it's nice in summer when you get to hang around on the waterfront.

3 Jan 2006 13:10

Old Orleans, Kingston Upon Thames

Hmmm, I'm in two minds about this one. On one hand, the drinks (particularly the great range of cocktails) are excellent, but on the other, the place lacks the charm and charisma of so many other good bars. There should be no reason why this place is so often empty and soulless. This is somewhere I would stop before, say, seeing a flick at the cinema above, but not somewhere I would plan on spending an evening.

3 Jan 2006 12:55

The Pitcher and Piano, Bishopsgate

I think a couple of these comments are a little unfair. They don't need to get personal. I've always had a pleasant evening after work in the P&P, and have found that if bouncers anywhere are "rude", it's because they generally have good cause to be.

3 Jan 2006 12:40

The Moon Under Water, Leicester Square

Made an ill-advised stop here during a girls' pub crawl and have to say it was a smoky, smelly god-awful hell-hole.

First I waited 45 minutes to get served amongst what appeared to be a bunch of jostling apes disguised as football thugs, then when I did, having to lean over a sticky bar surface to get in earshot of a disinterested barmaid, they didn't stock any of our choice of drinks, or second choice, or third choice (those being, vodka, sambuca or whisky shots - hardly exotic or hard to come by). Absolutely none.

Left immediately after drinking our lukewarm sugary naff brand pre-mixed drinks and wrestling our way to the door for a breath of fresh air.

30 Jun 2005 12:57

Bar Ha Ha, Kingston Upon Thames

Oh come on "Stella-Fella"! It's not that bad! I've stopped for a couple here a few times in the evening and always had a nice night, but I recommend it especially highly for lunchtimes. A lot of thought and creativity has gone into the menu, plus it's a great spot right on the river to people-watch and chill out.

14 Jun 2005 14:48

Fruit, Bournemouth

Oh yes!!! The vodkas here are blinding (not literally)! The barmen were great, extremely competent, and asked us about our tastes in drinks before suggesting individual vodka-based cocktails we would all enjoy. My advice is to try the toffee vodka with apple juice, sounds gross but is a great favourite, and dance or gossip the evening away downstairs.

14 Jun 2005 14:22

The Bakers Arms, Bournemouth

Hmmm. A little suspicious that three of the "it's great" postings below are at the same time and date... ? Methinks an employee is trying to unfairly big it up and give drinkers the WRONG impression!

14 Jun 2005 14:19

No.88 Bar and Grill, Kingston Upon Thames

This pub has gone tragically, tragically downhill in the last six months or so. It used to be a great place with a happy atmosphere for catching up with your old friends or meeting new ones.

Six months to a year ago you could go for an inpromptu visit and be guaranteed a good time. It was always nicely busy, lively, and a great place to watch sports events to listen to live music and dance like an idiot. The staff were always top notch and really got into the swing of enjoying the evening as well as doing a brilliant job serving drinks.

Someone has since pulled the heart out of it. Some of the staff appear resentful and treat customers like inconveniences and interruptions to their no doubt enthralling wittering. Beer and cider are ridiculously overpriced, as is the hideous wine. Having fun in any way appears to be banned, whilst staff rudeness seems to be encouraged. It seems the business plan is to try to get rid of as many regular patrons as they can.

Overall, it makes for an uncomfortable, boring and unjustifiably expensive visit. If you're after a fun night with mates head 200 metres down the road to the Fighting Cocks.

13 Jun 2005 15:01

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