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The Admiral Codrington, Brompton

Nice place for the sloane rangers of London to eat and drink but not for the working man. Saying that it was a pleasant atmosphere when i went in. It's tucked away nicely so you have to know the area to find it.

25 Nov 2005 17:39

The Swag and Tails, Knightsbridge

Not the nicest pub in the area.I'll leave it at that.

25 Nov 2005 17:36

The Churchill Arms, Kensington

Ive been away on business for a while and visited a few pubs since i've been back and this is the pick of the bunch. A lovely pub with a floral display out of the royal flower show.Lovely staff and the beer is very weel kept.A nice pint of pride.

15 Nov 2005 17:04

The Victoria, Victoria

This turned out to be a nice pub while i was passing back to the tube. It is huge inside but you would.nt think by on the passing. Nice staff and nice beer all around.

15 Nov 2005 17:00

The Fox and Hounds, Belgravia

Thought i'd give this pub another go but sadly wish i never.A waste of a pub this is especially as it is surrounded in history.I think a change of ownership would be gratefull.The beer has not improved.

15 Nov 2005 16:56

The Fox and Hounds, Belgravia

Nice looking pub from outside but thats it. I was not impressed with the beer i was served and i felt like i was annoying the staff member by asking for a drink. (the look was severe). One to aviod in future.

10 Aug 2005 22:26

The Goat Tavern, Kensington

I am writing this quite early of sunday morning returning from a night in Kensington . We went to a few nice pubs early on but this was easily one of the worst. I remember this being of good heritage being one of the oldest around. Now nothing more of a hight dud. Will not return.

31 Jul 2005 03:35

Finch's, Chelsea

I came here and had a lovely pint of Youngs bitter. It really is nice to find a decent pint of youngs on a sunny afternoon. The staff were lovely and friendly and the locals chatty and full of advice on pubs in the area. Will definatly be back. Well done.

11 Jul 2005 14:28

The Worlds End Distillery & Restaurant, Chelsea

Went to this pub a year ago. What a difference it trully makes when a pub is transformed from a shabby ransack to a nice drinking venue. The tv's are a bit loud but the beer was pleasant and drinkable. Some of the locals were chatty enough. Its turned into a very nice pub. Well done.

11 Jul 2005 14:25

The Windmill, Hounslow

Lovely little locals pub. Not long got back from it. The beer was served with a smile and tasted excellent. We were not ushered out quicly at closing time so it makes a change. Will return very soon for a refill.

1 Jul 2005 01:13

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