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Cherry Orchard Inn, Boughton

Just reopened and Peter is doing a bang up job. He knows his ale, and he knows pubs. Food is reportedly excellent.

12 Aug 2006 12:31

Temple Bar, Chester

He's right, you know. The slcohol dependent and the clinically depressed makes this a place to avoid on a weekday afternoon.

12 Aug 2006 12:28

The Albion Inn, Chester

It's a funny old place, the Albion. It's an undeniably well preserved traditional pub, serving good food and beer. Unfortunately, they open it when they feel like it, and make no apologies for doing so. There's only so many times you can walk up to the place, find the door shut and read the "We're open when we're open" sign in good humour. They do a very good job of looking after the locals, (while treating anybody under 40 with suspicion) which is very commendable, I suppose. I wonder what they'll do when the last of the "locals" has died off and everyone else is sick of being turned away? On one memorable night, I walked up to the door with two friends, one of whom was talking in a loud voice. I said "Shhh! They won't let us in if you don't keep your voice down!" only to round the corner to the door to find some battleaxe standing there with her arms folded, saying "Who's doing all that shushing?! Eh? Whoever's making a racket, doing a lot of silly shushing can't come in!". I'm not kidding.
A good pub spoilt by the misguided attempts to keep it unspoilt.

12 Aug 2006 12:21

The Ship Victory, Chester

A great little pub, with a friendly atmosphere. If you stand at the bar with your drink, you'll be brought into the conversation as if you're there every night. Tuesday night is Acoustic Jam night, free entry, and, again, very friendly. Normally two hand pumps on: Tetley's and a quest. One of the few traditional pubs left in the city.

12 Aug 2006 12:06

The Gardeners Arms, Chester

I have just bought a house round the corner from this pub, and I am delighted that it has now become my local. It has a great wood panelled interior, a real open fire (so it's perfect for winter's evenings) and, as somebody has already mentioned, the landlord is a really friendly bloke who always says hello, and goodbye, and all that. It's got a folk night. It's got a quiz night. I'm never going to be at home.

2 Dec 2005 00:38

Jacaranda, Liverpool

A great place, dead cheap, loads of characters, wonderful atmosphere. If you don't like the sort of place where strange people will talk nonsense to you, stay away. But if you want a cheap pint, in a "one off" pub, then step right up.

16 Jun 2004 22:04

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