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Vigilance, Brixham

A rather dreary Wetherspoons pub totally lacking in atmosphere. Four pumps dispensing ales from Brains, Titanic, Everards and Available Soon. The Everards beer Whakatu was fairly bland but the Brains Dark was quite nice.
The barmaid who served me was utterly charmless.
Some Spoons pubs have an air of sadness about them and this pub is one of them. I won't be coming back.

21 Oct 2011 21:46

London Inn, Torquay

Still being described as a Lloyds No.1 which it isn't. Huge Spoons pub on the waterfront in Torquay. Eight pumps, always serving at least two local ales. Always a good selection of beers on.
There is a second bar and further seating up a flight of stairs.
One minor criticism is that there never seem to be enough staff behind the counter! Other than that this is a pretty good pub.

8 Dec 2010 20:15

Isaac Merritt, Paignton

This is actually one of the better Spoons I've been in. Beer is always well kept though I do wish they wouldn't keep on pushing Bays ales which I quite dreadful. There are some comfy booths on the left hand side of the pub but you have to be very lucky to nab one! Mr Bateman's comments are a bit harsh but Paignton does suffer from a lack of decent pubs. This one, sadly, is the best.

6 Dec 2010 17:28

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