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Trinity, Harrow

Went here for a drink with work colleagues recently despite the negative comments below. Found it to be pleasant enough, staff were polite AND friendly, drinks were of an average price and there was a good mix of customers, age wise. AND they had REAL ale... Decor upstairs was slightly out there but so what? It's different!

23 Dec 2008 10:32

The Forester, West Ealing

Have lived near this pub for years but have only visited a handful of times. When it's open the service is totally average but to be honest, it's closed randomly for no reason. Why would a pub be shut on a Saturday evening at 9pm? Or a Friday evening at 10pm? Bizarre, am surprised they have any customers apart from people who can walk there and not be bothered about it being closed whenever they feel like it!

28 Oct 2008 14:22

The Avenue, West Ealing

Only been here a couple of times, bar staff are pleasant enough as are door staff, music is good - toilets are REALLy awful! Both times I've been here there have been dodgy looking guys, wannabe yardies I think, with women (proper mutton dressed as lamb types) that looked like pro's, if those kind of people are there next time I go, I'll definitely blacklist this place!

28 Oct 2008 14:19

The Castlebar, West Ealing

Overly expensive and it's apparently because the landlord wants to keep out cheapskates. Who cares? I'm not prepared to pay double for drinks when there are dozens of pubs within spitting distance which are cheaper and less pretentious... I don't need table service, if I want posh and pricey, I'll go up town!

28 Oct 2008 14:16

JJ Moon's, Kingsbury

A few too many blokes in here which can be difficult if you're a girl out with gal pals but the staff are friendly enough and the prices are reasonable too!

28 Oct 2008 14:11

The Priory, Ealing

Have avoided this place for about 3 years now, the last half a dozen (yeah I know, I'm a sucker) times I went here, they were charging extortionate prices to get in and the drinks were extortionate too! What's the deal with charging West End prices in Ealing in such a dingy little club? Half the bar staff think they're models and too up themselves to smile or serve you half the time and the downstairs dance floor ends up like a sweat pit most of the time! I hope it's had a refurb since I've last been AND some air conditioning! Not to mention the fact that the amount of people they squeeze in there is most definitely a health and safety hazard!

28 Oct 2008 14:10

The Townhouse, Ealing

Seems to have been closed down, not seen any lights on when going passed in the last 3 weeks. It won't be missed, the last few times I went there, there were too many wannabe gangsters hanging out there who'd been drinking there since the 80s still thinking they're young and hard, except they have beer guts and are looking more like tramps than dons...

15 Oct 2008 18:08

The Star and Anchor, West Ealing

Baroque is a friendly bar/club/restaurant with a Kiwi Kitchen. The staff are always welcoming and polite and the owner is often to be seen working behind the bar and always with a friendly face. The music is great and varied since they got a new DJ recently, the previous one tended to just play house all night and it didn't get very crowded but now they have a DJ with more varied music the place seems to have got busier at the weekends. Cocktails are great value and mixed by staff who know what they're doing. Door staff are firm but polite and I've never seen any trouble in here... You can sit out in the beer garden in the early evening and have drinks and chat with friends in peace or sit inside and enjoy the music and atmosphere...

15 Oct 2008 17:52

Barracuda, Ealing

I would give Barracuda a very poor 2 out of 10 and that 2 points is only because it stays open later than most other places in Ealing. Have been going there on and off for 15 years, mostly just with pals who want to go on somewhere after the other bars in the area close. The woman who owns it is extremely rude and dresses like a tramp, she is rude to customers all the time and even ruder to her own staff. I've never seen the same bar staff there for more than a few months as obviously they must just walk out rather than be treated like animals. The place is hot and sweaty, the decor is almost creepy - I'm talking about the NEW decor after the refurb earlier in 2008. The door staff are hit and miss about their manners and the toilets are ALWAYS filthy and I'm sure they're a health hazard - that's the ladies - I hear the men's toilets are even worse. The DJ is always stoned and is often to be found smoking in his booth - when as far as I know smoking was banned in public places like this well over a year ago. I've been with friends who've been asked to leave after asking for a glass of tap water with ice and having had a small plastic water bottle slammed on the counter and asked for �2.50, �3.00 or �3.50 (the price goes up and down as they feel like), yet they still let us back in a few weeks later, eager to take our money. I haven't been back there for about 6 months and am hoping to make this permanent, so many places in the area that treat customers better, have a wider range of music and don't change the drinks' prices to suit them whenever they feel like it.

15 Oct 2008 17:49

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