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The Swan With Two Necks, Longdon

Now reopening with the previous landlady of The Royal Oak at Kings Bromley taking over. Mary did a great job at The Oak and so it's good news for Longdon as this pub has been mothballed for some time.

28 Feb 2013 11:57

The Royal Oak, Kings Bromley

Now under new ownership following on from the good work done by Mary to turn the pub round (Mary has gone to the Swan With Two Necks at Longdon). Early signs are excellent. The new menu is very good indeed, the pub is clean,the atmoshere is great and the new landlord very friendly and welcoming. Cheese and biscuits are put out on a sunday evening and tapas on a friday. All in all a very good first impression.

27 Feb 2013 11:41

Duke of York, Lichfield

This pub was once one of Lichfields busiest but a series of poor landlords saw the place go downhill and eventually close. Joules have done a great job bringing the pub back to life and the refurb is superb as it keeps all the original features. The split level bar is large with plenty of seating and the smaller lounge is cosy. The beer is fabulous, the food is great (try the pork pie) and the atmoshere is brilliant. The only thing missing is all the old regulars. If I have one complaint it's that I don't recognise a soul in there - where have they all gone? Highly recommended.

18 Jun 2012 16:08

The Black Country Arms, Walsall

Large Town Centre pub with a strange lay out. Beer range absolutely brilliant and well kept. Staff and customers chatty and freindly. Not surprised that it's in the Good Beer Guide and has been the local CAMRA Pub of the Year. Will visit again.

17 Apr 2012 11:53

Lyndon House Hotel, Walsall

Very comfortable pub just outside the Town Centre. Beer very good and my friend and I both agreed that we have never seen so many bar staff behind a bar so small! Although we visited early Saturday evening the place was packed with people of all ages which is always a good sign. Well worth seeking out and spending more time in.

17 Apr 2012 11:50

Imperial, Walsall

Bog standard Witherspoons in the Town Centre with a good range of well kept real ales as you would expect. However the young trendy barmaids only seemed interested in serving young men and preening themselves. One poor old man stood at the bar being ignored for so long that I felt compelled to ask someone to serve him. Shame as this spoiled the visit.

17 Apr 2012 11:46

The Red Lion, Walsall

Closest pub to the Railway Station right in the shopping centre.. Nice interior and friendly barmaid. Banks' beer adequate. Excellent choice of curry and chile flavoured pork scratchings available. Strange choice of evening entertainment advertised on the walls made us think that the pub had a different type of drinker in the evenings.

17 Apr 2012 11:42

The Wharf, Walsall

Modern pub adjacent to the New Art Gallery and the canal wharf renovation. No place for a real ale drinker as nothing to drink. Bar staff and customers were very friendly however and the food looked good. Our feet stuck to the floor and the place looks like it needs a refurb along with the canal wharf.

17 Apr 2012 11:38

The New Fullbrook, Walsall

No where near as bad as it's fearsome reputation but no real ale so not really for me. Otherwise a bright spaceous modern pub.

17 Apr 2012 11:34

White Lion, Walsall

Friendly staff and customers make this a must visit on a match day as this is by far the best pub near to the Bescot Stadium. Great range of beers and even better pickled eggs. The bar has a sloping floor which is a bit strange on your first visit. Well worth seeking out.

17 Apr 2012 11:32

Four in Hand, Keswick

I don't recognise the pub that I visited from the negative comments below. Good range of Jennings beers at a price charged elsewhere in the country plus friendly and welcoming staff. Didn't eat as we got in too late for food. Pub was very comfortable. Plus very handy for George Fishers.

17 Apr 2012 11:28

Sweeney's Cellar Bar, Keswick

Stayed here on a recent visit and will certainly visit again. Friendly staff, excellent room, great breakfast and beer well kept plus Tom and Jerry cartoons in the bar! Marstons English Pale Ale was on tap and was very well kept. Bar meals very good - chicken, chips and gravy in a basket was retro but really nice. Saturday night entertainment in the basement bar was a highlight! Pasta meals are enormous - choose the smaller option unless you have a large appetite.

16 Apr 2012 15:21

Dog and Gun, Keswick

Recently visited on a Saturday lunchtime. Very busy but staff are very efficient and you don't have to wait to long to be served. Excellent choice of local real ales of which we tried all but the Old Peculiar. All were very good indeed. Food was great. I had the large goulash which comes with a galic baguette and would challenge the largest of appetites. The family next to us were completely thrown by the fact that the pub doesn't serve chips! The only gripe is that while very dog friendy the pub isn't quite so child friendly as children can only come in if eating. Dogs however can come in and take up space without eating or drinking, so I've docked it a couple of points. It is however a fantastic pub well worth visiting.

16 Apr 2012 15:14

The Tudor House Inn, Warwick

Large timber framed building on the outskirts of the town centre with a small old fashioned bar leading onto a much larger dining area. Interior matches the ancient exterior with exposed beams, a large fireplace and the usual bits of memorabilia on the walls to please the tourists visiting the castle over the road. We visited in a party of 7 for lunch and the one barmaid could not have been friendlier or more attentive. Food was quickly delivered and was fresh, home made and excellent value. Beer was also very good with the Greene King IPA recommended.

15 Dec 2011 19:50

The Boat and Horses, Newcastle under Lyme

Painted bright blue so easy enough to find, this busy corner pub opposite Morrisons has a large open plan bar yet still feels comfortable. Beer excellent, locals and staff friendly. Sky Sports on several screens but not obtrusive if you want a quiet drink. Worth a visit if in the Newcastle area.

15 Dec 2011 19:41

The Red Lion, Barton under Needwood

On a recent Friday evening visit the pub was very busy but the staff were friendly and attentive and insisted on cleaning my table before I sat down. Beer was excellent and atmosphere was welcoming. Had to leave to catch a bus but would have gladly stayed all night. Recommended.

2 Dec 2011 11:49

The Three Horseshoes, Barton under Needwood

On a recent Friday evening at about 8 I tried to enter this pub but I couldn't get in through the door as there were so many people in there. Can't comment any further but they must be doing something right!

2 Dec 2011 11:44

The Shoulder of Mutton, Barton under Needwood

Popular village centre local with a basic bar with Sky Sports and local bands playing at weekends, and a comfortable lounge with traditional decor. Garden is small, paved and very well looked after (worth a visit alone to sit in on Summer afternoons). Recent additons to the dining area are unsympathetic to the rest of the building and are a bit incongruous. Sadly my recent visit was spoiled by a local woman loudly doing a "comedy" West Indian accent for what seemed like 10 minutes, followed by her telling all and sundry that she was unbelievably under investigation at work for being racist. Well if the cap fits. Beer was reasonably kept with two pub basics on hand pull. All in all a nice pub but I could have done without the Friday Evening BNP Rally.

2 Dec 2011 11:42

The Waterfront, Barton under Needwood

Large pleasant canal side pub in busy Marina development just a short walk from Barton Under Needwood. Excellent selection of well kept ales including their own beer. Gets very busy so expect a wait at the bar to get served if unlucky enough to be there on a Sunday lunchtime when it gets packed out with our cousins from 0121 Land. Feeding time at the zoo springs to mind. Regular band evenings are a great night out and tend to be frequented more by locals than the passing lunchtime trade. Large upstairs function room with balcony overlooking the Marina. Warning - ate there once only and they didn't get a single order right. We gave up in the end and just ate what was served.

18 Nov 2011 12:27

The Snooty Fox, Wigton

Fabulous pub in an unspoilt part of the Lake District with a good range of local beers which are very well kept. At least one real ale is kept at �2 per pint. The food is very good although portions are enormous so you may want to avoid the starters which are a meal in themselves. I tried the shoulder of lamb and it was delicious. The ladies behind the bar are so welcoming and friendly it's difficult to leave. The kids couldn't wait to go back. Nice open garden at the rear with an area for quoits. Word of warning it only opens in the evenings. Well worth a detour to visit.

1 Sep 2011 16:14

George and Dragon, Lichfield

Pleasant, very comfortable old fashioned pub on the edge of the City Centre, a stones throw from Lichfield Cathedral. Beer on recent visit was excellent. Perfect place to while away an afternoon with friends. Well worth a visit. A delight.

6 Jul 2011 18:42

Earl of Lichfield Arms, Lichfield

Known locally as The Drum the beer maintains it's usual high standard but the choice remains resolutely dull. Pleasant terrace through the back of the pub. The toilets haven't been cleaned since 1856 and have now developed their own unique ecosystem.

6 Jul 2011 18:36

George IV, Lichfield

A pub that has been in transition for some time and now seems to have settled down. It's always been a friendly place for a drink and is clean and comfortable. Beer was kept well on 2 recent visits but chip buttie was frankly awful. Live bands play in room off back yard. Handy for the Garrick Theatre which can be accessed from the rear of the pub.

6 Jul 2011 18:32

The Scales Inn, Lichfield

A perfect example of how great historic City pubs were destroyed by brewerys in the 90s. For the over 25s this place is pretty awful. Bouncers at the door says it all. Staff have difficulty looking you in the eye which is understandable given the quality of the beer they are serving. I'm sure the place is great for dancing but not for casual drinker.

6 Jul 2011 18:27

The Kings Head, Lichfield

Every Lichfield generation discovers the Kings so there's always a good mix of ages in here. Beer on 2 recent visits has been distinctly average and the pork in the pork and stuffing baguette had been around a while. At least I had to chew it properly. Live music in the backyard makes it good for a visit in the evenings.Generally it's starting to look a bit run down which is a shame as it's almost a right of passage for Lichfield youngsters.

6 Jul 2011 18:22

The Horse and Jockey, Lichfield

Once Lichfield's great 'Old San' pub the H&J has reopened after a sad decline and is now a free house selling a wide range of ales. Always busy, it's sometimes difficult to get a seat particularly at weekends. The staff are functional rather than friendly, probably because they are so busy. The ales are very well kept and Sky Sports is shown discreetly towards the rear of the bar. Well worth combining a visit with the Queens Head, just don't expect to get chatting to locals.

6 Jul 2011 18:17

The Queens Head, Lichfield

Well worth a visit for the cheese alone. Other food is also good value but why bother? Great selection of ales always well kept, the Timothy Taylor is a highlight of any trip into town. Staff always friendly but 'locals' a bit cliquey. Check out the fake Litchfield (sic) memorabilia on the walls for a laugh. Highly recommended (especially if you like cheese!).

6 Jul 2011 18:07

Bowling Green, Lichfield

Large spacious pub in the middle of a busy traffic island. Frankly a nightmare to get to on foot. Beer OK with a good range of ales. Food (a sandwich) was very nice, well presented and reasonable value for money. Seating is comfortable and the size of the place means there is always somewhere to sit. On the downside very corporate and not geared up for the casual drinker. Staff serve beer and take orders and that's about it. Any interaction with the customer is clearly frowned upon.

6 Jul 2011 18:00

The Feathers, Lichfield

Large one roomed pub just outside City Centre. Popular local live music venue in the evenings with a good eclectic mix of music. Staff and landlady very friendly with a good choice of beers. Real Ales kept very well. Well worth combining a visit with a beer in The Fountain across the road.

6 Jul 2011 17:50

The Fountain, Lichfield

Good old fashioned boozer just outside the City Centre. One large room with comfortable seating. Very clean. Beer excellent, staff friendly, locals chatty. Well worth a visit for a quiet pint.

6 Jul 2011 17:44

The Coopers Tavern, Burton-Upon-Trent

One of the 7 Wonders of Staffordshire. Proper old fashioned boozer in a back street with no bar and beer straight from the barrel. Great choice of well kept ales and good food. Locals always friendly. Well worth seeking out. Highly recommended.

5 Jul 2011 08:48

The Golden Cup, Yoxall

Village pub staffed with local characters with large garden with childrens play area, football pitch and small river running at the bottom of it. The beer is well kept with a constantly changing guest ale. Food is home made and excellent (chips are wonderful). Friends have stayed in the guest rooms and they are also of a high standard. Large locals bar with Sky Sports and a quieter lounge and dining area. Highly recommended.

5 Jul 2011 08:44

The Royal Oak, Kings Bromley

Since 2010 the Royal Oak has undergone significant changes for the better. The previous landlord turned the pub around and sadly had to leave us, but handed the reins over to the chef who has continued the good work. The pub now does breakfasts Thursday to Saturday, which have proved very popular with the villagers and passing trade. A basic shop has been provided, which was badly needed by the village and a pizza delivery service is about to begin. The staff are friendly and attentive, the beer is kept well with 2 guest ales and the food is good with a regularly changing specials board. Regular entertainment including an open mike evening on a Sunday is provided (well worth a visit), along with themed food evenings and barbeques. The pub garden is large and enclosed with lots of room for children to play and fills up with families on long summer evenings. Children are welcome until 9 pm and sweets and ice creams are available in the bar. There are many of us in the vilage who have waited a long time for a decent pub and finally we have one.

3 Jul 2011 12:23

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