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Comments by vicshaw

The Eagle, Boston

Great if your an old man!

23 Jul 2006 17:41

Moon Under Water, Boston

It's alright in here, the drinks are nice and cheap. But they ID ALOT in here. One thing which is really annoying is that they don't play and music! How wierd is that?!

13 Mar 2006 22:29

The Boston Still, Boston

the Still is a nice pub to go in for a quiet drink and to relax and watch TV while u have a smoke. But they do let a lot of under aged people in there and they can be annoying. The pool tables are nice.

13 Mar 2006 22:25

Prospect, Boston

This has definitely gone downhill. I used to go here quite ofter, but now I always find that the staff at the bar are really rude, but I do like the idea they have when they bring around vodka jellies!

13 Mar 2006 22:22

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