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The Bell, Grove

Sill Crap

3 Dec 2010 19:45

The Ship, Christchurch

Dont worry love, the manager is so far up his own backside you wouldt have seen him anyway.

9 Sep 2010 13:18

Lloyds No 1, Leicester

Gave it another go while up for the footy again. Wow nothing has changed. The toilets still stunk and the girl who served me couldnt speak any english? This place couldnt be better situated for pulling in the punters. I can only assume the people who run it have the intelligence level of a turnip.

9 Sep 2010 13:09

Last Plantagenet, Leicester

Yep another pissheads pub. Wife and i went in while staying in Leicester for the weekend. Shedfull of people off their heads, and it wasnt 21.30. God only knows how the hell any of them get home. Maybe they just sleep where they collapse?

19 Aug 2010 20:21

The Ashley Hotel, Ashley

Well what a suprise, its had a closure order put on it. Theyve got a month to appeal. The only way this place will survive is to get rid of the of the manager and barstaff, and all the people that currently drink there.

17 Mar 2010 21:31

The Royal Oak, Downton

The last time i was in this pub i had to have CPR when they gave me the bill.
Dont go in unless youve got a wallet the size of a shed. Still recovering from the shock as it was the worst case of wallet strain ive ever had.

5 Feb 2010 20:55

The Sandpiper, Mudeford

OK to watch the football in. Thats about it.

5 Feb 2010 20:38

Napoleons, Highcliffe

Alright for a pint on the way through. Wouldnt want a session in there.

5 Feb 2010 20:35

The Globe Inn, Highcliffe

Use to be a pub, but yet again another one that is just an eating house. Had food of the microwaved variety and beer overpriced.

5 Feb 2010 20:33

Ye Olde George Inn, Christchurch

Nice to sit outside and watch the world go by. Had a couple of pints of Silent Slasher that hit the spot.

5 Feb 2010 20:29

The Wheatsheaf Hotel, New Milton

Food ok but you need to remortgage your house to buy a drink.

5 Feb 2010 20:24

The Rising Sun, Wooton

This place gets very busy during the summer (when we have one). Time it right and the meals are not to bad, beer a bit pricey. Nice stop off if like me you like bike riding in the New Forest.

5 Feb 2010 20:19

House Martin, Barton on Sea

OK place when it was The Centurion. Now its just an eating house. Again another pub that lost its soul.

5 Feb 2010 20:16

The Old Barn, New Milton

Would have been better if it was still just a barn.Crap.

5 Feb 2010 20:03

The Crown, Didcot

Stared at as i entered. Stared at as i drank. Stared at as i left. Typical estate pub with locals who think they own the place, and have probebly never been anywhere else.

5 Feb 2010 19:25

Ladygrove, Didcot

Nothing to say that would encourage anyone to spend time here. Plonked in an housing estate, with no character. Microwaved food and not very good beer.
Whatever happened to real pubs.

5 Feb 2010 19:20

The Crown, South Moreton

Used it alot when i lived in the area in the 70s.Then it had two bars,and you could get decent beer and food at a reasonable price. Yet another village pub that has been destroyed by becoming upmarket and something that it isnt.
Another one that has lost its soul. Sad.

5 Feb 2010 16:05

The Sprat, Didcot

A hole of a pub, in a hole of a town.

4 Feb 2010 21:18

The Shakespeare's Head, Leicester

Went through the door and nearly fell over the pub cat,chewing on a chicken bone. This place has probebly never been decorated since it was opened. The pint of mild i had was very good and at a price that was a giveaway. OK if you dont mind sitting in somewhere thats a bit dour.

2 Feb 2010 15:00

Lloyds No 1, Leicester

Went in while up in Leicester for the football. Cheap beer didnt try the food.
Very dark interior a bit depressing. Decided i needed the toilet. Never been in one with such a smell of stale urine. Clearly management dont care about the comfort of the customer just the profits. Only good for a cheap pint.

2 Feb 2010 14:55

The Walkford, Walkford

Had a good meal and a couple of pints at a reasonable price. Went in early to avoid the rush.

21 Jan 2010 21:07

The Angel Inn, Lymington

Alright if you want a quick pint. Thats about it.

21 Jan 2010 21:01

Waterwitch, Didcot

OK if you want another scrap

21 Jan 2010 20:46

Wallingford Arms, Didcot

OK if you want a scrap.

21 Jan 2010 20:45

The Snakecatcher, Brockenhurst

Walked in and the barman completly ignored me, walked out.

21 Jan 2010 20:29

The Foresters Arms, Brockenhurst

Use this place when im out biking in the new forest. Food and Beer ok. Recommend it for a couple of beers on the way through.

21 Jan 2010 20:21

The Gun, Keyhaven

Overpriced beer.

21 Jan 2010 20:06

The Three Bells, Hordle

OK for a meal and a pint at a reasonable price. Gets a bit busy, but doesnt everywhere.

21 Jan 2010 20:02

The Oak and Yaffle, Ashley

Stated using this place about 10 years ago. Was good then,with good food and beer at a reasonable price. Over the years it has deteriorated, and now i would struggle to recommend it.

20 Jan 2010 17:29

The Chequers Arms and Sweet Olive Restaurant, Aston Tirrold

Worked in this village as an apprentice jockey for Frank Cundell in the 70s.
There was another pub called The Boot not far from the Chequers that we also used. Now closed. At the time these were proper village pubs where people went for a pint and had a good time. Sadly the Chequers has become some sort of Gastro pub with expensive drink and food. Spoke to a local recently he said he didnt know anyone that drinks there anymore.

20 Jan 2010 17:25

Broadways, Didcot

Used it when it was The White Hart. Went in there Saturday 16/01/10,and its still crap.

19 Jan 2010 21:22

The Load of Mischief, Blewbury

Pub now closed. Used it alot in the 70s. Had some good times. Sadly another casualty of the times. Soon there will be no village pubs left.and everyone will stay indoors and forget how to communicate.

19 Jan 2010 21:09

Walkabout, Bournemouth

Been in this one and a few more . Souless.

19 Jan 2010 20:03

The Moon in the Square, Bournemouth

Pop in for a pint when im in Bournemouth. Have been in alot JDWs around the country. WUSIWUG, so dont go in them if you dont agree with the concept.

19 Jan 2010 20:00

The Ship, Christchurch

Used it for a drink or two on Mondays while the Market was on. Then the refurb.
While it made the place a bit more contemporary, it lost its soul. Also the prices went through the roof. Wont be going back. Shame.

19 Jan 2010 18:31

The Ashley Hotel, Ashley

There is a good chipshop close to the pub so i popped in while my order was being made. Felt as if a fight would breakout at any second, and nearly dropped dead at the price of the beer. Dont bother.

18 Jan 2010 20:57

The Bell, Grove

Rip it up and start again.

14 Jan 2010 13:21

The Baytree, Grove

Great pub if like me you like sport. Good banter when football games are on. Also shows the Horseracing and Rugby. Good food and beer.

14 Jan 2010 12:51

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