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The Goose on the Market, Croydon

changed hands recently to the pub group that owns yates the place is still a s*** hole but has lost a lot of custom. The bar staff are slow,unfreindly dressed like tramps and the whote attitude needs addressing which must reflect on the bad managment. I could not help but notice a couple of meals that were being served and they looked absolutely disgusting and the customers were not impressed and made a quick exit. Could go on and on about the state of this place but let sleeping dogs lie

28 Apr 2012 00:35

The Ship of Fools, Croydon

Recent visit to this Spoons with my wife in the afternoon for a meal and a drink,having sat down in the front of the pub near the window we were confronted by a group of foul mouthed low life who persisted in continuous swearing to the annoyance of other customers the main offender was a female.If i had not ordered a meal we would have made a quick exit. The food and service otherwise was very good.

19 Aug 2010 00:19

Grace's, Penge

total disaster stay well away

13 Oct 2008 18:27

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