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Comments by trainfan

The Upsteps Inn, Oldham

I ordered a round of drinks, squarely, in triangular fashion,for my circle. Pi off. 3.141 approx. But still a satisfying quaff. Out to the pentangle. But I stopped short (prostate trouble) of sex. Or is it Hex?

9 Dec 2015 15:15

The Venture Inn, Reigate

The lounge and bar are combined. Thus easier for mods to crash in and tear the place up with their ahinny little motormobiles. Nothing gets between me and Mr fosters.

9 Dec 2015 12:31

The Hastings Arms, Hastings

Yes, when two worlds scollide. That is Plant Train. And Plant Man. Whaddya? I'm asking? Whaddya got? Nothing The beast of Hollywood couldn't.. Handle. Included. Fosters. Available always everywhere. Dino dino dino.

9 Dec 2015 12:19

The Lamb Inn, Hindon

If it's good enough for trainman......
Nuff said.....
Only the most discerning.......
Could find fault.
And then their faultfinding could be faulty. I think.

30 Nov 2015 20:38

The Bell Inn, Wylye

Agreeing with fostersfan.
Who or what is Briz branch?
What research exactly, and to what level, would trainman usually undertake before visiting a pub?
What Hidden beers were unavailable? Were there any Unhidden beers available?
Glad to note that trainman found welcome and sustenance at Hindon's Lamb. That is, at least, good news.
Us trainies gotta stick together!

30 Nov 2015 18:32

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