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The Boot, St Albans

Nice pub, great location.
Popped in Saturday after a stroll around the market, had a couple of decent pints of Purity Mad Goose. On the whole i liked the Boot, my only grumble would be how dark it was inside at 4.30 in the afternoon.

10 Aug 2011 17:58

The Three Horseshoes, Bourne End

Really enjoyed an hour by the canal on Sunday with the Mrs and my son, so much so that i didn't even mind paying 4.40 for a pint of Erdinger & 4.10 for Staropramen.
Don't know that i would visit if it was raining as i think most of the appeal of this place is being able to site by the canal on the newly laid patio.
Worth a visit for a couple but couldn't afford a session in here.
Solid 7

14 Jul 2011 15:46

The Bunch of Grapes, London Bridge

Took an age to get served at lunch time, wasn't even busy !
4.10 for Staropramen.
Wont be rushing back !

3 Jun 2011 14:04

Cock Inn, Church End

With a bit of fine tuning this pub could be fantastic,
A good selection of ales albeit 3 from the Badgers range + Tangle foot.
The Badgers Badger was well kept, the Badgers Firkin Fox was delicious both of which went perfectly with the live band playing whilst i visited yesterday.
My only concerns and they are minor, is the tall fella behind the bar who i guess is the landlord could really do with smartening himself up a bit, and the young barmaid with all the make up constantly asking "are you waiting". & "are you being served".
There's being attentive and there's being annoying !
On the whole though, a good solid 7 from me.

16 May 2011 09:05

The Old Fox, Bricket Wood

Real shame, now full of smelly "do-as-you-likeys" !

14 May 2011 10:54

Kings Stores, Bishopsgate

One of the most uninspiring pubs i've ever been in, really dull !!
The Asian chap behind the bar was nice enough, as was the two pints of London Glory i had, but don't think i'll be rushing back.

4 Apr 2011 16:32

Williamson's Tavern, Mansion House

Spent an hour in Williamsons on Friday, had a few really good pints of DoomBar at a price you don't expect to find in the city. Overall a real gem, it's just a shame it's stuck up an alley as it was a glorious day to be outside.

29 Mar 2011 12:30

Dirty Dick's, Bishopsgate

Popped in Saturday 12th around 14:00,
Friendly bar staff, shame about bar staffs loud & p1ssed hangers-on with their bottle of cheap vodka from the offy.
4.03 for a pint of Staropramen but on the plus side the place was full of crumpet !

16 Mar 2011 07:38

Williams Wine and Ale House, Hoxton

Popped in for a quick one on Friday 25th, Standard Greene King set up and beers, but this pub has a really good atmosphere and decent staff.
Had a good laugh at the bloke who had obviously had one too many and couldn't stand up (been there myself a few times).
Would recommend and will be back when next in the area.

28 Feb 2011 12:50

City Tavern, City Of London

Started the staff xmas do here, decent pub but the busy the pub got the shorter the measures got.
How hard can it be to fill the glass to the pint line ????

27 Dec 2010 11:38

Ye Olde Watling, Mansion House

Now i've given this pub good reviews in the past, until now !!
Went in on the 23rd for a pre-xmas drink, stood at the end of the bar so could see the bar staff working. Bar staff putting slops and drip trays into pint glassed and topping up when ales ordered.
Will not be going back !

27 Dec 2010 11:34

The Anchor, Southwark

A real labyrinth of a pub with obvious history, lots of rooms over several levels including a cask ale room and cosy fireside snug.
I agree with the last comment about the whole tourist trap, when we went in a Scottish guy who i guess is the landlord/owner was really over egging the Shakespeare thing to some gullible Americans who were lapping it up, culminating in him begging them to go online and comment on how good his staff are.
If you're a tourist then i'd say go there, if you're not then stay away.

27 Dec 2010 11:29

The Old Thameside Inn, London Bridge

Bland pub but a decent range of ale, staff where very friendly and up for a laugh. Decent pint of TT Landlord will be back in the summer to sit on the deck by the river.

27 Dec 2010 11:14

The Barrowboy and Banker, London Bridge

Have been in a few times over the past 10 years or so, popped in on the 23rd Dec. with the father in law,
Quirky decor and standard Fullers range, London Porter was off so went for the Chiswick which was fine.
Overall, good but nothing worth doing cartwheels over.

27 Dec 2010 11:01

The Dog and Partridge, Kings Langley

Unfortunately the D&P lease is up for sale ( 30 year free of tie lease ) which is a real shame as Lea & Ken have made it into a really welcoming pub with fantastic quality and range of ales.

14 Dec 2010 17:18

The Clarendon, Chandlers Cross

Jaw dropping prices, trying to be something it's never going to be !

Drop the Michelin ambitions and try doing simple things well and you may succeed ?

17 Nov 2010 10:03

Ye Olde Watling, Mansion House

Popped in and had a couple of really good pints of Sharpes Doombar. Wish i could have stayed longer.
Well worth a visit if in the area.

22 Oct 2010 17:42

The Golden Lion, Clifton

Strongly disagree with shandy83 comments,

I make a point of stopping by the Golden lion whenever i'm travelling up or down the A1, and have never had anything other than a great time. Lynne, Abbey & the locals are always welcoming and the beer is always first class.
Massive beer garden and BBQ area, which is great in the summer. The kids really enjoy the play area which also gives the parents a chance to enjoy a beer.

The Golden Lion is one of the most friendly & inclusive pubs i've ever been in.

1 Oct 2010 11:53

The Flag, Watford

Last nights "The Inbetweeners" on channel 4 proved that the only way the Flag is ever going to be busy again is if you pay actors and extras to be in there !!
Still a dive, still best avoided.

21 Sep 2010 08:40

The Exmouth Arms, Euston

Average but adequate.

8 Sep 2010 12:27

The Bree Louise, Euston

This really is an Ale drinkers paradise "IF" you can see beyond the sticky/dirty bar, far too many bar flies, the sticky fly paper hanging from several walls (to catch said bar flies) and the constant petting of a young couple working behind the bar then this really is the place for you.
I score it a 9 based on the beer and the welcome i received, and a 4 for the appearance of the place so will give it an overall 7.

8 Sep 2010 12:24

Bar Bodega, Watford

They've stopped serving Lowenbrau on draught and replaced it with some inferior German Pils, WHAT A MISTAKE.....!!!!
Come on Jason, sort it out.

31 Aug 2010 09:17

The Water Poet, Shoreditch

Spent a really good Friday evening in the Water Poet when friends came over from America.
A busy pub with a good mix of people (not just city nob heads) and a really good atmosphere. Stairs to the loo are a bit tricky after eleventeen Staropramens but would definitely go back and most definitely recommend.

23 Jul 2010 13:54

The Pilot Boat Inn, Lyme Regis

A real shame when a building with as much history as the Pilot boat gets stripped down so much that all that is left is a few pictures on the wall.

When i visited last week, every table in the place was set up for food. So kind of felt out of place only wanting a beer.

On the plus side, the Palmers 200 was very good.

Overall didn't live up to expectation, but decent enough.

13 Jul 2010 07:25

The Cobb Arms, Lyme Regis

Good pub, good location. Somerset gold cider 3.55, perfect for a sunny day watching the world go by the harbour.
Would visit again when next in the area.

12 Jul 2010 17:36

The Royal Standard, Lyme Regis

As a bloke i'm not really too bothered about where i pee but if you need to go whilst in The Standard i would suggest you use the public toilets a few doors down as they smell alot better than the gents in the standard.
Awful - makes you think what the kitchen must be like ....!!!

12 Jul 2010 16:39

The Harbour Inn, Lyme Regis

Location, Location Location,
The Harbour Inn is a fantastic place to enjoy the best of Lyme Regis.
Local Town Mill brewery COBB is really good and great to see a local micro brewery being supported, the Otter Bitter was also is really good condition and also nice to see Red stripe on tap.
Service is always quick and attentive, food is good but VERY pricey.
The Harbour Inn is and will always be a place i want to visit over and over again.

12 Jul 2010 16:29

The Anchor Inn, Beer

Nice looking pub in a fantastic location. Inside is a little dated and a bit of a mish mash of things all of which are a little dull.

Had a couple of really good pints of Otter bitter, i can't remember the price i think it was under 3 (2.65 i think) which for the location is good, the food however is where they have your pants down.

Unfortunately, the bar staff will be my lasting memory of the Anchor Inn, Surly & impatient i think would best describe them. A "VERY" slim lady behind the bar i think would rather be anywhere else in the world rather than serving, and would much prefer it if you were some where else also.

12 Jul 2010 16:06

The Dog and Partridge, Kings Langley

Fantastic addition to the lager selection, Steigl from Austria 4.9% perfect for a sunny day.

21 May 2010 16:30

Ye Olde Watling, Mansion House

Nice little stand up and drink type pub,only had time for one TT Landlord today which was in really good condition. Forget how many other hand pumps there was (6 i think) so will have to pop in again when next passing.

7 May 2010 16:17

The Dog and Partridge, Kings Langley

Spent an enjoyable hour in the Dog on Sunday, Tring "By George" and Tribute both in fine form, and a pint of "Village Idiot" or "Bob" as it's affectionately known locally.

26 Apr 2010 16:02

The Unicorn, Kings Langley

A disppointing selection of beer is the only real down side to the Unicorn which is a real shame as it's atmosphere is generally really good, with a young but respectful crowd. Good bands on most weekends makes this a great place to go with the lads or with the Mrs. Open fire welcomes you into the bar along with pleasant and efficient staff, it's just a shame the beer is naff.

10 Mar 2010 10:36

The Dog and Partridge, Kings Langley

The pub that all others should apsire to be like. 1st class "Real Ale" always in fantastic condition, good food and a warm welcome.

3 Mar 2010 11:33

Bar Bodega, Watford

best pub in town by far,with a simple recipe of good beer and no idiots.

2 Dec 2009 15:04

The Flag, Watford

Was a great venue to see bands, now dark dirty and run down. Went in on Saturday for the first time in years, 6 people listening to thrash metal loud enough to make your ears bleed. it's no wonder the place was empty.

Give it a miss..............!!

2 Dec 2009 15:01

The Bavarian Beerhouse, Shoreditch

went on Saturday, beer is very good and resonably priced. like many other comments i was expecting more of a authentic feel about the place but instead it was like a very poorly run theme park. the service was only attentive up until the point that they finally pestered us into ordering food (12.50 for sausage & mash ) after that they didn't really give a monkeys. Also i don't like the being constantly pestered to buy shots and stupid themed hats.

Think we got ripped off on service charge as well, the bill had printed on it that there was no service charge included yet the server had written 39 on it....too pished to care by this stage and just wanted to get out of the place.

Wouldn't go again, wouldn't advise you go either..!!

2 Dec 2009 14:31

The Old Fox, Bricket Wood

Just heard that Lea & Ken are taking over the Dog & Partridge at Hunton Bridge within the next couple of weeks.

8 Sep 2009 13:39

The Old Fox, Bricket Wood

The Old Fox is back..!!
A proper pub again as it should be. Great selection of ale, fire is always lit, proper landlord & lady and very dog friendly. Can't wait until the summer to sit out in the garden again.
Give it another try, you won't be disappointed.

11 Mar 2009 10:39

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