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Le Rastro, Mottaret

May I just clarify. This is a *great* place, especially if in Mottaret, for Tuesday night carnage, I had an epic night there.

So much so I plan to attend in 2011 and I will post another review to inform if this place has lost any of its old magic, which I hope it hasn't.

I have no idea how the tables and lights last a few weeks let alone a whole season!

11 Feb 2011 17:37

Le Rastro, Mottaret

Situated in the quieter resort of Meribel Mottaret, this small bar is given up each Thursday (I'd check this is the case) to a fabulous rock night.

A DJ looking like a cast off from a ZZ Top tribute band will play classic rock to an eclectic clientele ranging from a small group of 30-40 disgruntled bankers and larger groups barely 20 rich kids. Both of which after much liquid refreshment can be found inebriatedly surfing tables and hanging from faux crystal chandeliers.

Alas like Oil and Water the two were not meant to mix and inevitably leads to a ruckus and someone escaping a bar bill, the size of which would not have been too far out of place in a corner of City AM.

4 Feb 2011 13:40

All Bar One, Canary Wharf

Well, bearing that its in Canary Wharf its a given its going to be a busy place. I mean look at the size of the offices compared to the size of the pubs and people should get a clue as to what to expect. Its been refurbished in Jan 10, which seems to mean 100% new, 10% different to before! There wasn't anything wrong before really so no complaints there ( with the actual physical bar).

It does a fair few draughts now, inc some European fighting juice styles like Duvel (7%!) & Erdinger. Also does ok food. Its ok (for the Wharf)


- Its not Corney & Barrow
- Close to the tube for sneaking off
- Has a large outside area
- Does ridiculous strength beer
- No Shot wh0res
- Has smokers refuges with little mercy heaters


- Does ridiculous strength beer ;)
- Has a weird smell outisde from the Retuters building vents I have to walk past each day to work, am I the only one to notice this?

29 Jan 2010 15:07

Bar 38, Canary Wharf

Hmm... it seems that they seem to thing its acceptable to charge a whisker under 5 for a pint of Peroni. Due to the credit crunch is less packed and obnoxious than it was but doesn't seem to have hit the prices.

It is somewhere to go after work, and in the summer its nice enough with the terrace. I really dislike the slutty shooter girls whoring themselves about for a 5 watered down tequila or sambucca. Leave me alone! I can't belive the govt wants to ban Happy hours before these shot peddlers! ;P

18 Dec 2009 16:13

A Bar 2 Far, Tooting Broadway

@thomasgx1 I think they did you a favour. Any bar ( however busy ) that has strict dress code and asks if you are bringing girls in is v v likely to be sh!t and full of chavs. This 'bar' is terrible, its always empty as anyone with a brain can pick the Tramshed / Selkirk / Antelope instead.

Its nice that its there so the chavs can all hang out together and provide me with a chuckle about how bad it looks inside as I go to the others. It reminds me of Tooting 5 years ago and how far its come. When the Tramshed was the Tramshed Its a scream special. I do lament the loss of Hoochie Mama's as it was quite funny but I think the neighbours complained and the license was binned. I mean who lives next to a pub and the complains? Cocktards.

In short. Don't go in unless you are on some Loius Theroux style fact finding mission, or want to be amused by its punters and possibly abused by its staff.

1 / 10 as it picks up a point for reminding us all how bad some of the pubs could be when we get annoyed with our locals

18 Dec 2009 16:01

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