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The Inn in the Park, Branksome Park

Great friendly pub, that serves a great pint of Heineken, with good wines also. They have nice garden, that is lovely in the sunshine. The food is ok, always good, but wouldn't go there for a romantic or special evening to eat! This is over all, a nice pub that is hidden out of the way... 7/10

24 Apr 2009 03:43

The Cock And Bottle, Morden

We eat here fairly often, and every time, it has been fantastic, good home cooked country pub food, always fresh, and well presented! ( I don't get the two previous reviews, saying it wasn't good, I feel you should give it another go, as normally, they service and food is great). they have a decent size beer garden, overlooking fields, that during the summer months, fills with classic cars, I think the first Monday of the month? phone them to check? Great beer, great food, great service... 7/10

24 Apr 2009 03:32

The Rising Sun, Christchurch

This used to be my local, so I'm a bit biased. The Thai food is fantastic, with a great selection on the menu, including specials. The beer is consistently good, and the selection of drinks is very big. They have always had a reputation for pretty girls behind the bar, keep up the good work, well done Justin! There is always a good vibe in the bar, and is a great place to spend the evening, although, you'll find it hard not to eat there when you smell the food going out, from the kitchen, lovely... There is also a fantastic patio/garden that is perfect for those 'all day' sessions, when the sun is out... 10/10

24 Apr 2009 03:23

Museum Inn, Farnham

Hmmm, where shall I start? This place used to be fantastic, but since the new owners have taken over it, I am struggling to continue to want to go there... The service has gone downhill, with not very intuitive staff, that all seem to have other agenda's, especially the young south african guy... The food has lost it's edge, which is a shame, because when it was good, it was very good! The pub itself is great, the bar always has a good vibe, and is friendly. They have a bit out the back, called the 'barn restaurant' or something like that, but I wouldn't recommend booking a table out there, as it has no atmosphere whatsoever, (it needs music), and you can hear the conversations of every table! not good for a romantic evening! Choose the bar area instead! We keep going back, hoping that things will change, but we are still waiting!!! Don't get me wrong, the food is good, but it needs to get back to it's usual standard, to warrant the prices... 7/10

24 Apr 2009 03:08

The Guildhall Tavern, Poole

I agree with the other reviews, this is not a pub, instead, it is an absolutly fantastic French restaurant! The food is very fresh, of the highest quality, and locally sourced! The service is extremely friendly and nothing is too much trouble for the staff! Personally, between the Guildhall, and The Rising Sun, they are the BEST two places to eat in Poole, for outright quality, and passion for the the food they serve. Fantastic! So much better than Hotel Du Vin round the corner... if you've not tried it, get yourselves down there soon... 10/10

24 Apr 2009 02:49

The Goods Yard, Poole

Nice pub. It's about time Broadstone got a decent drinking establishment! They have a nice long bar, with lots of smiling staff, waiting to serve you. They have a great sofa area, with a 'real' fire, which is perfect for chilling out. The food, however, is only 'ok', you get the impression they are trying, but the quality of the food is not up to the prices they charge! Don't get me wrong, it's not bad, but could be much better! They have a decent range of drinks, the only downside, is the very poor choice of wine 'by the glass' of which there are only 3 choices, one red, one white, and a rose, all of which aren't very good (cheap!). I had a fillet steak (which came with crappy, soggy 'real chips' (although the meat was good), and didn't want to drink a whole bottle of wine, and was very disappointed that I couldn't have a decent 'glass' of something nice to go with it!! If your going there for a drink, it's great, but you you want to eat, I could list too many other places, that are much better, for the same money! 8/10 for the bar side, 4/10 for the food side.

24 Apr 2009 02:40

The Rising Sun, Poole

ABSOLUTLY FANTASTIC This is a great pub/restaurant, wether your just drinking or eating, the choice of drinks is second to none, and the quality of the food is exemplary. Since stopping the Thai menu (which was great) the pub now delivers a gastro menu, focusing on using locally sourced fish/meat etc. They have a 'specials' menu, and a standard one, both changing regularly, depending on the seasonal produce available, all of which, is to an extremely high standard. I have eaten there on a regular basis, and the food is some of the best in the area (compliments to the chef), the bar staff are all very attentive, giving you a very enjoyable dining experience (well done) there are so many places out there where the staff don't know what half the stuff is that they're selling you!!! THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM! Wether you go for lunch or diner, I cannot recommend The Rising Sun enough, well worth a visit. I hope you read my review and take my advice, to try it soon! I'm off there for lunch tomorrow, can't wait...

24 Apr 2009 02:19

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