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The Wandle Trail, Wandsworth

Spacious place with spacious garden. No ales on tap. 4 craft beer bottles in fridge and remaining drink selection is standard. Gone are the days of pushing past prams to get to the bar in here, loads more sofas and comfortable areas. A few less football screens - although they still maintain their main screen. Generally empty.

4 Dec 2015 16:34

Grand Union, Wandsworth

For those unfamiliar with the grand union brand, it's basically black exterior with mismatched curious furniture and fittings from the reclamation warehouse, creating an over the counter Bohemian look. Caters mainly for Australian/south African weekend lager drinkers or local young office workers up for a cocktail/dance and upmarket night out. The food is impressive if you don't eat in restaurants. one beer on tap-youngster special- was off on Friday night. The garden is rather comfy.

26 Oct 2015 19:48

Dutch Courage, Wandsworth

Small local bar with really friendly owners. Always made to feel welcome in here. Drinks focus is on cocktails, no beers on tap but a good selection of UK and worldwide bottled beers. Prices are above £4 a bottle but the ambience of the place makes it worth it. Excels as a local- as the locals at the bar will testify. Oh, and there's wine.

15 Oct 2015 22:16

Lost and Co, Putney

Has been "lost and co" for a good few years now. A warm friendly (relatively) independent bar that has a good selection of beers on tap, changing regularly and kept well. Also has an excellent collection of bottled beers and spirits that you're general bland putneyite hasn't got a clue about, so, if you appreciate their selection, they're often even nicer to you... The quality does come at a premium price (pint is fiver) and I wouldn't come here on a weekend evening where its heaving, noisy and sweaty full of suits and heels- great if that's your thing. However I do like to treat myself to a quiet drink on here every now and then in the week. They are one of the few bars in London that sell el dorado 15 yr old rum ( at £8 a shot ) .

15 Oct 2015 22:04

The Cat's Back, Wandsworth

Good news!! the old manager's back, 2 out of 3 well kept Harvey's beers on tap, the lighting's definitely been turned down a level, excellent (no pop or radio) music playing softly in the background, cinema and live music nights during the week. For those that remember this pub and why it was such a go to place in Wandsworth up until about 3 or 4 years ago, let it be known, the cat is definitely back!!!

14 Mar 2015 21:24

Fitzroy Tavern, Fitzrovia

This pub is always busy.
Its a Sam Smiths.
The staff can be exceptionally obnoxious.
Now, to address the above points, the fact that it's so busy suggests that it's actually a good pub. It is; good beer selection and interesting lively atmosphere always. random conversations can be had as well as private ones and the punters range from students to the west end workers to well off Fitzrovians to tourists.

Its a Sam Smiths Pub. if you don't know what that means , google it. If you do, it's worth knowing that this is one of the most expensive SS pubs there is - weissbeir £3.50/pint, bottles much more.
The staff can be rude. however, the surly glass collectress who thumped glasses and collected unfinished pints soon melted into a smily cherub when we engaged her in conversation and smiles. I am by no means saying that this should be necessary (it shouldn't), but London folk can be exceptionally rude and demanding as well and then cry when it comes back to them.. lighten up. and then go to the other SS pubs in the area if you want a seat and cheaper drinks!!

17 Feb 2015 10:02

Project Orange, Battersea

Both the good and the bad reviews preceding this one hit the mark.
Very good range of bottled beers (the reason i come in here) but nearly all the other punters are drinking generic pints of lager. The bottled beer is expensive but then this is directly opposite the station and as i said, the selection is very good.
The decor is very goth rock and yes, a bit like a euro bar, however, rather here than every other identikit pub / bar in a 5 mile radius . The toilets (can only speak for the gent's) really need a makeover, as does the whole damp musky downstairs area. Staff are friendly and knowledgeable though, both in terms of beer and rock music. I would definitely come back here when passing for a couple of bottles. wouldn't spend the whole evening though...

17 Feb 2015 09:50

Crown and Anchor, Brixton

Some very good (and expensive) beers on tap, some even better ones bottled in the fridge; Belgians for the connoisseurs, Americans for the young craft lovers.. Don't bother with the food. Just finished a somewhat bland yet filling roast washed down with a watery coffee. The barmaids are all well fit tho..
Not bad for a middle class wetherspoons.

11 Jan 2015 16:52

The Sun, Richmond

Had a well kept ESB while my beautiful visiting french chum had the equally well kept seafarers. No fullers bottles unfortunately but lots of rugbyabelia all over the walls and ceilings. The layout means its easy to get a seat with the perfect balance between privacy from other rugger types while having unrestricted access to the bar. The bar staff were friendly, the decor hasn't been changed, excepting rugby posters, since at least the early 80's at a guess (think dark browns and carpets). I liked this pub as did my chic parisienne companion for the day.

3 Jan 2015 14:26

The Sindercombe Social, Hammersmith

Big echoing space, well filled last Friday night with a live band belting out 80s pub classics. Came for works Christmas do and I must say the food was utter cak. Came at all different times, bland and for some reason our tables were set up in the middle of the dancefloor meaning we got bashed about a bit, drinks spilt around us and conversation was impossible (maybe not the worst thing at a works do). Drinks selection is standard fizz with the addition of sierra nevadas and 2 ales on , ubu purity being the better (think the other one may have been doom bar). Spirits and wines won't set the world on fire but I guess at the right time this is a fairly decent boozer. Maybe i'd have enjoyed this more on a Wednesday afternoon. It's got big windows! I love big windows in a pub!

17 Dec 2014 21:44

The Armoury, Wandsworth

Petite. Reasonably well kept beer although selection is not inspired, (guess not enough weekly business to make it worthwhile). This cosy pub tends to come alive at weekends with live music. Staff are also friendly. I've had some shocking hangovers after drinking here...

25 Nov 2014 23:20

The Spread Eagle, Wandsworth

Amazing splendour through the doors. Balanced by utterly drab beer selection, kept indifferently (youngs special/bitter) bog standard general drinks and dour atmosphere. All in one of the most beautifully built rooms for drinking. Shameful.

25 Nov 2014 23:14

The Whistle and Flute, Putney

*** no longer fullers whistle/flute. ***
Reopened as ' the swift' selling an excellent and expensive selection of craft beers and craft food. If that's your thing, probably the best space on Putney high st. Although there's a better informed (and expensive) selection up the road at lost society bar. Cheese board for 1 is upwards of a fiver.

12 Nov 2014 23:49

Hudsons Wine Bar, Putney

Maximise your enjoyment of this place; go for breakfast and a bottle of wine. Anything else in here is an absolute waste of time. Breakfasts, however are very good and the wine list had a couple of pleasant surprises...

12 Nov 2014 23:41

The Spotted Horse, Putney

November 2014. 2 good beers to drink amongst a morass of youngs wines and no good spirits. Middle section full of locals on phones cheating at Wednesday quiz, otherwise beautiful exterior matched by ok interior let down by crap drink selection, pulled up by friendly staff.

12 Nov 2014 23:34

The Rocket , Putney

Really Pretty location. Rubbish beer (there's a much better and cheaper selection 500m up the road at the other w.spoons) . Well laid out, generally full of people who think that wetherspoons dining is top quality and drink shit lager. Really really pretty location though.

12 Nov 2014 23:27

The Railway, Putney

Excellent beer (never tried the tap lager talking 'bout beer). Good enough staff acccompanied by the whiff off broken dreams and dashed hopes. It's a wetherspoons. God bless em. X

12 Nov 2014 21:12

The Dover Castle, Marylebone

i love this place ..
Have been impressing friends for years when taking them to this small but perfectly formed oasis so close to the general central chaos
Excellent prices too!!!!

20 Jan 2009 21:41

The Churchill Arms, Kensington

Was in Notting hill and this place looks good .. From the Outside.
Staff friendly enough, they should be at 8.30 for 1 pint ESB and 1 glass Rose!!!
And what have they done to one of England's finest beers? i didn't think it possible to make this beer as dull and insipid as this pint tasted .
Food (generic Thai) was stodgy and bland (vegetarian stir fry /rice + duck curry/rice)
On plus side, my friend loved the decor and warm fire ;)
i don't think i'll be going back in a hurry tho..

20 Jan 2009 21:37

The Joiners Arms, Denmark Hill

every other friday this pub plays host to a night called messy whose tagline is:good music + cheap booze = nice vibes. They certainly didn't dissapoint and i'm ceratainly going back for more...

11 Jan 2005 22:18

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