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Richard John Blackler, Liverpool

Everton were playing Wolves and this place was crammed full of football fans, atmosphere bordering on ruckus but more interesting than the Welkin or Fall Well. The service was my greatest grievance, I was served politely by a blonde girl behind the bar and was then served by an obnoxious woman who more or less refused to give me 10p change or even for 5 minutes give me my half that she'd hand-pulled, leaving it on a side and refused to acknowledge me. It was only when I told her I wanted to speak to the manager that I got a response and change thrown my back in my hand. Completely disgusted I necked my half of Peerless Crystal Malt and walked out. It seems if you get the right staff, you'll enjoy it here if you like noise.

27 Nov 2011 13:52

Fall Well, Liverpool

Quite an interesting Spoons, went on Sat 19th Nov about 1ish and it was fairly full, mainly with lager drinkers and when I stood at the hand-pulls at the far end, had to start waving to the four staff who were stood at the other end of the bar. Coach House - Blueberry and George Wright - Blue Moon in here for me, I ended up laying back against the wooden panelling opposite the hand-pulls, pint on a small table near the fruit machines. Still better than the Welkin or Richard John Blacker, my second visit here having been in in January with a mate, I was alone on this visit, the atmosphere so boring, I stuck my earphones in and listened to music on my phone.

27 Nov 2011 13:45

Welkin, Liverpool

Went in here last Saturday (19th Nov) after watching Tranmere v Sheffield Wednesday. Bit tucked away, bit of an odd shape and quite small, I had Moorhouse APA which was good, a Peerless beer and another by Coach House. The place was packed with diners, leaving just a handful of those drinking stood at the bar. Staff polite and friendly, but not a special pub. Average Spoons.

27 Nov 2011 13:41

Cotton Bale, Hyde

I went in here yesterday twice, primarily to waste a bit of time and had 2 CAMRA vouchers to use up. It was my first visit to Hyde never mind this pub. First visit was at 12:30, quite quiet, Elland - Amnesia wasn't a very good pint, nothing to do with the condition though, just an average beer. Managed to stick wi-fi on and get a seat, I felt as if I was the youngest in here at 19 and seemed to be the only one drinking at the tables, everyone else drinking coffee, the atmosphere rather flat.

Second visit was at 4:10, having been to Denton to watch a game of football, I again managed to get a table very easily, pint of Titanic - Deck the Halls, a better pint and very cheap, �1.55 with a voucher. Whether its just the town itself or this pub but it felt a bit boring for a Spoons.

Its worth a visit, the beer selection was good and I'd have tried more had I not got just �3.10 on me.

27 Nov 2011 13:36

The Cask Bar, Castlefield

My normal passion is real ale but I was doing a search for Belgian beers on Google, looking to broaden my tastes and came across this place. I've tried Duvel, Chimay Blue and Red but not much else and figured a bar is going to have more choice than a shop. I read a few reviews and wanted to come here thinking it sounded my sort of pub and when I entered it felt like my type of pub!

The bar is tucked away like a corner-shop and even with a full rucksack after a hard day of Uni felt very welcome, I had a bottle of Rochefort 8 at �4.40, I've read prices �1 more for places in Sheffield and felt it was off to a good start. Its a small pub and I managed to share a table with two Spanish women, there was a definite mix of people in here, young and old and it just felt a very relaxing place to have a drink.

I had a half of Titanic - Lifeboat afterwards which was in good condition, �1.50 for that and I was again impressed. Its tucked out of the way and I think I'm going to definitely return next week instead of my usual Friday trip to Spoons. It certainly won't be my last visit!

27 Nov 2011 13:27

The Shovels, Blackpool

Been told a visit to Blackpool is not without a visit to the Shovels. Saturday afternoon at 1 ish it wasn't particularly busy but took a while to get served. Had 6 real ales on including the landlord's own, a good selection of beers from 6 different breweries. Went back about 5 ish and it was packed out, so much so we had to stand. Pricing was reasonable, �2 for a Greene King IPA, max we paid was �2.56 so impressed with that. Its a recommended visit, if you like real ale, MUST visit.

16 Jan 2011 22:46

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