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The Union Vaults, Chester

Yes, it's a dirty back street pub full of fatty's,benefit scrounger and wannabee hard man..ahah...yer right....they spit all over the place out side...Just take a walk passed and look in the door, then walk on to some thing much better. Itd full of retards and druggy and you see them all out side.

Its full of retards and bar fly's...Hope to see it closed down soon , if i had my way. There is better pub's in Chester, than this s**t hole....Just take a look at it.!!

23 Aug 2011 20:31

The Streets of London, Hampton Court

well was a soul boys hang out, sad to see a pub go.

30 Dec 2006 21:21

The Pigs Ear, Chelsea

I like the old London pub.

30 Dec 2006 14:24

Bier Museum, Cologne

I like old Germany and the beer, say what you about the german,thay love beer and so do i. a sausage and a two pinter in your hand.Don't think much of dutch beer, the germans know where it's at ok.

30 Dec 2006 14:10

The Marlborough Arms, Chester

Was queer some time back, but thay have left for good.Small but ok.

30 Dec 2006 13:50

The Slug and Lettuce, Chester

A place to sit in the window and let evey one know you have money.....or daddys.Chester pose palace, would be if i could be.

30 Dec 2006 13:46

Duttons, Chester

Bring you own glass here, it's like that...This is Chester at it most stuck up....Think thay are some thing.Thay don,t whant you in there, go to the boot or just go to a nice place like Liverpool...spend you money there.yer the alley is a piss hole at night.

The thing is with this kind of place, just don't go in there.

30 Dec 2006 13:38

Red Lion, Chester

Well....yer...well...a starter pub, one to get your tast going have one then move on.

30 Dec 2006 13:10

Alexanders Jazz Theatre Bar, Chester

Cool place beer abit steep on the price, but you don,t get nobs of brookstreet in there. The gig end smells like a recording studio.Its abit like the cafes europe, safe for kids.Not some where to get drunk.

30 Dec 2006 12:58

The Ship Victory, Chester

odd one this, it stands alone near a car park.A start pub, work you way throw the drink menu and when you has about ten pints then go on the train to Liverpool to start a good session, then at night come back to chester for one or two.

30 Dec 2006 12:52

Bear's Paw, Newton by Chester

ok, the bester part of chester.A bit out of the way, but you don,t get the kind of crapheads, like you get in book street.

30 Dec 2006 12:38

Loaf, Chester

Changes it name more times then a virgin changes her kickers....go for a phose...phosers palace.

got thrown out for crashing out one night, well thay sold me drink all night, then got the door monkey to get me out...nice

30 Dec 2006 12:31

Ye Old Mitre, Holborn

London pubs are the best in the u.k, thay have it all.

29 Dec 2006 19:13

The Beehive, Chester

A place to start when you are on a long piss up.

29 Dec 2006 19:01

The Cross Keys Inn, Chester

Speckled hen...aaaa try whexham beer.

29 Dec 2006 18:59

The Dublin Packet, Chester

too good for Chester, look better in a phosh part of London.

29 Dec 2006 18:57

Boathouse, Chester

cricket jumpers any one, i say a pint of you best and clean the m.g

29 Dec 2006 18:54

The Boot Inn, Chester


29 Dec 2006 18:41

The George and Dragon Hotel, Chester

Ok pub, but smelly student live near by.

29 Dec 2006 18:39

The Northgate Arms, Chester

good for a fight, May be ok in the day time. lot,s of cabbys out side.A long time a go a guy when out throw the window....better now

29 Dec 2006 18:37

The Frog and Nightingale, Chester

Some times you get football heads come there to fight when chester city play.Saw a guy pulled out of the Canal one afternoon, but here was a wino. Tesco closes by, wino sit out side the pub to drink cider...cider man

29 Dec 2006 17:35

The Mill Hotel, Chester

up it arse abit, but this is Chester.

29 Dec 2006 17:29

The Union Vaults, Chester

good old pub. but may get the office boys in there in the day time.

29 Dec 2006 17:28

Telfords Warehouse, Chester

it's ok, saw it on fire once, the chef set it a blaze.Students talk about there self alot's a bit labourer, you know lefty, but love money, just abit more than there self. square black glasses a must

29 Dec 2006 17:24

Shropshire Arms, Chester

yer, a good old pub, drop in for a quicky. A woman came out of there and showed me her she was happy with the place. most of chester is up it's arse.So have six or seven here, then go to Liverpool for about five and start the night of right drinking in the city center pubs.

29 Dec 2006 17:12

The Fat Cat Cafe Bar, Chester

Lots of staff from the dole offce get in there.....Need i say more.

29 Dec 2006 00:49

Alexanders Jazz Theatre Bar, Chester

Cool jazz

29 Dec 2006 00:38

The Park Tavern, Kingston Upon Thames


29 Dec 2006 00:31

Ronnie's, New Malden

What can i say, well i remember it has the tavern way back.It had a bomb scare years and years a go. I had a cocktall there once. Yer it was ok.

29 Dec 2006 00:21

The Plough (Harvester), Worcester Park

Good old pub and the old plough pond...haah one foot deep, once said to have a pike in it. I once saw a guy with a car like a foor board. fancied a chick there a log time a go.....aaaa happy days.

29 Dec 2006 00:12

The Duke of Cambridge, New Malden

once called the bucket of blood

29 Dec 2006 00:04

Bishop Out Of Residence, Kingston Upon Thames

The best pub i have ever got pissed I got drunk there and walked for miles to hamton wick and i don,t know why?

I left hospital early and whent strait messing.Lot's of brids too! No thugs or any crap.Do your shoping in the town and then get in there...have it out with the beer and see who wins...he who dares.

Get pissed, life is to short.

28 Dec 2006 19:43

The Earl Beatty, Motspur Park

It was once a punch up palace along time a go, guys would come in just to fight.But this was years ago.

Better now.

28 Dec 2006 19:28

The Willow Tree, Norbiton

Once go for picking up nuses...haeeee i the days when a pint and a packet of crips was a quid.

28 Dec 2006 19:11

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