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The Old Bell, Derby

The smokiest place known to man. Otherwise not bad. Cheap and cheerful and has a comedy club and live music in the adjoining function room.

28 Nov 2005 17:06

The Star Inn, Guildford

Lovely place for a sunny Saturday afternoon. The Full English is well worth the price and the seating outside on two levels is well shaded and quite pleasant.

17 Jul 2005 11:25

Seymour's Bar, Derby

Usually rammed inside, but in the warmer weather you can sit outside in a pleasant setting. Lively and usually playing some decent rock and indie over the speakers outside. Only real problem is that the bar is not nearly big enough and so service can be very slow.

4 May 2005 21:35

White Swan, Littleover

Went to this pub last night for the first time even though I've been living nearby for ages. It was really pleasant. I had some of the nicest, cheapest and most generously proportioned pub food I've had in a long time with quick and friendly service. There was a warm atmosphere and although there was a football match on TV, it wasn't obtrusive in the back bar. Highly recommended.

9 Feb 2005 13:29

Bar Med, Guildford

I remember this place as somewhere to go as a teenager, with your smart shoes and trousers on, in order to get all manner of alcoholic drinks spilled on them in the throng. Conversation is a no no, as you will be unable to hear anything, but the 'visuals' include other pissed up teenagers getting comically ejected by the bouncers, and what seems like hundreds of scantily clad girls hoping to net themselves a grunt for the evening. Fine evening out if you don't like talking to your friends in words of more than one syllable, and have testosterone seeping from every pore.

3 Jun 2004 10:48

The Port Mahon, Oxford

Really nice little place, with very friendly atmosphere. Food is excellent, and is usually not too busy.

15 May 2004 15:56

The Angel and Greyhound, Oxford

Another busy pub, but pretty nice. In the summer you can sit outside, away from all the smoke.

15 May 2004 15:55

The Kings Arms, Oxford

Expensive and busy, but very pleasant inside. I'm told the food is 'dodgy'. To be fair, it isn't far to walk to better pubs, but you could do far worse than the KA.

15 May 2004 15:52

The Cape of Good Hope, Oxford

Busy and noisy, but alright for a quick pint before closing time. Once it's kicking out time, anyone not standing directly under the bar will be blinded by the floodlights they switch on. Subtle.

15 May 2004 15:51

The Turf Tavern, Oxford


15 May 2004 15:49

Three Goats Heads, Oxford

This is generally a very pleasant pub, though it can get very crowded, particularly upstairs, and especially when the downstairs part is closed. Mind out for the cocky Aussie barman though.

15 May 2004 15:46

The Britannia, Guildford

On a rare excursion back into Guildford recently I discovered the Full English at the Britannia has been further improved. Fantastic. Mind you, you have to get in early on a Saturday if you want to sit on the huge sofas - especially if there's a match on.

14 Apr 2004 13:27

Flares, Guildford

Went here once when we couldn't get into Wetherspoons because at the time we couldn't prove we were all 18 (we weren't all 18). Interesting, because it was over 21s only. Mainly remember it having terrible music playing which got louder and louder, so we couldn't talk to each other. To be fair as teenage boys we were too mesmerised by all the flesh on display to want to converse anyway.

15 Jan 2004 15:35

The White Horse, Oxford

Very cramped when it's busy, but good fun nonetheless, and a good range of beers. Quite entertaining if you manage to get a seat and can rest awhile, smug faced and listening to the pretentious conversations of University tutors (or just really old graduate students?) and inebriated interviewees on their December pub crawls.

11 Jan 2004 12:57

The Head of the River, Oxford

There are few experiences more pleasurable than walking round Christ Church Meadow and along the River to the Head of the River, and sitting outside in the sun with a cold drink. The food is tasty if a little on the expensive side.

Only grouch is that this pub isn't so much fun inside, so it isn't worth the walk if the weather isn't good.

11 Jan 2004 12:54

Rodboro Buildings, Guildford

This is a decent pub in an attractive building, and the layout means you can get away from the masses even though it's such a big place. The vast bar means the bar staff are spread thinner than marmite and it takes an age to get served. Also, you will be barged about by ignorant teenagers - but at least they're all over 18, since anyone without one of the two forms of ID they demand will be eaten by the mad-eyed female bouncer.

The food here is excellent and cheap, and on a Friday or Saturday night the place is full of giggly young women and desperate young men all making lots of eye contact. I find that kind of thing entertaining.

11 Jan 2004 12:49

The Lamb and Flag, Oxford

This is one of my favourite pubs in Oxford. Prices are reasonable and it's a nice to place to be, with old buildingy magic.

11 Jan 2004 12:45

The Squirrel, North Camp

This is a much cleaner and nicer pub after the refurbishment, but maybe lost a bit of character. Staff are very good, but the food is expensive and not very nice. Good location if you are on a Farnborough pub crawl though.

11 Jan 2004 12:43

The Britannia, Guildford

Big sofas and a massive Full English breakfast. Not the cheapest of pubs, and service is sometimes a little dodgy (my mate had to take his hat off because they said it was 'intimidating'), but food is excellent usually and it's far enough off the beaten track not to be packed with middle class locals.

10 Jan 2004 17:40

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