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Comments by thecupv1

The Old Kings Head, Borough

Have only been here a couple of times but it was pretty excellent both times. Beer, food and staff were all good and it's nice and hidden away. Not the nicest in the area but it's in the top three and would definitely come back.

24 Jul 2010 03:25

The Roebuck, Borough

Came here my first day in London - although it took a little while to get served the atmosphere was nice enough afterwards. Would go again.

24 Jul 2010 03:22

The Ship, Borough

Don't really love this much at all. The selection of beers is nothing special, the bar gets sticky and as adamsh0re says it's a bit old man-ish. There are better around.

24 Jul 2010 03:21

The Wellington, Waterloo

A good football pub, except sometimes they inexplicably will leave the sound off. When there's not a game on, it's pretty standard really. Has beer and decent food and places to sit - will never surprise which is both a good and a bad thing.

24 Jul 2010 03:17

The Duke of York, Borough

Really nice pub, good to drop in for a quick drink or as the starting point for a night out, nice staff, not too many scummy peeps and the food's very good also.

24 Jul 2010 03:11

The Blue Eyed Maid, Borough

One of those places where the fewer people there, the better... Have had great times there when it's been quiet but if it's packed it's probably best to avoid.

24 Jul 2010 03:05

Belushi's, Borough

It's fine provided you know what you're getting yourself in for. For backpackers and students, it's great. For a quiet one after work, not so much.

24 Jul 2010 02:48

Doggetts Coat and Badge, Southwark

This was actually a great New Years Eve pub with the only exception being that you couldn't see the fireworks. Have dropped in for a pint or a meal from time to time as well and found it pretty decent.

24 Jul 2010 02:46

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