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The Globe, Leicester

**** PLEASE IGNORE MY POSTING MADE THREE HOURS AGO **** It has been brought to my attention that the article I read regarding the Globe was in fact a spoof and also the Pub's Facebook account had been hacked.

I had been duped and I apologise.

I hope I've corrected my genuine mistake quickly enough to avoid any damage.

17 Aug 2013 16:18

The Globe, Leicester

If reports are true that this Pub refuses to serve our brave servicemen, I hope the place catches fire and burns down and the owners are left penniless.

17 Aug 2013 12:24

The Crown Hotel, Alton

A sad reflection on what had been the best Pub for miles.

2 Jun 2013 16:29

The George, Wraysbury

The whole concept of a site like this is so that in anonimity you can share your honest opinion of your experiences.
Whilst I don't expect everyone to agree with my views (and I'm happy to be contradicted) it's a shame when some revert to personal abuse.
I've always given a forthright and blunt appraisal of my experiences - not for gain or malice - and If you don't them, well that's unfortunate, but abuse wont stop me giving them.
Hope you agree with my next appraisal, but quite frankly I don't care.

2 Jun 2013 16:27

The George, Wraysbury

It's a whole different ballgame now. A third of a Million has been well spent giving the George the facelift it deserved and judging buy the first few weeks it's been a success.
Principally a restaurant now, but better that than the dump it was before and now with drinkable Beers and Lagers it's worth a visit for a meal, snack or just a tipple.
Hopefully in time some mature staff who will have the time for conversation - currently kids too busy with their own affairs, but hey, it's like a new pair of shoes which need to be broken in.

11 May 2013 23:45

The Perseverance, Wraysbury

The Perry is neither Fish nor Fowl.
If the idea is to attract diners may I suggest the Manager removes his Hat and tucks his shirt inside his trousers whilst serving food.
One the other hand if it it's to be a welcoming Local, the Manageress needs to resit the hospitality part of her course - she's more friendly outside the Pub than inside.
That said, whilst the atmosphere resembles a library sometimes the food is both reasonable and moderately priced and the Beers are always in good condition (the usual Doom Bar, and visiting treats)
I've been generous by scoring it 5 but with a little more effort it could score higher

11 May 2013 23:29

The Watermans Arms, Eton

Only found this Pub recently, but what a find. I don't go to a Pub to Eat so lack of food doesn't worry me.
The selection and quality of the Ales, the the pleasant welcome, the real fire and the general ambiance make this my first choice if I can talk Mrs Ghost into driving home after my regular 3/4 of a Gallon.
Perhaps it's a good job I live some distance away as I could easily come to haunt this place on a regular basis.

5 Dec 2012 13:56

Golden Cross Heathrow, Colnbrook

Disappointing ... very disappointing

5 Dec 2012 13:47

The George, Wraysbury


I had predicted that the George was to become an Indian Restaurant (as I was told by the man who currently ownes the lease).


Staff unable to speak my language, bad beer, illegal drinking, loud music, drugs on the premesis, dirty glasses, underage drinking, cars doings wheel spins in car park... YEP, IT'S A TOILET

I know there are some Lagers on sale which are cloudy, but Peroni should be crystal clear. I am reliably informed that the only reason lager is cloudy is because the management return the slops to the Keg.

29 Sep 2012 10:25

The George, Wraysbury

As I predicted 12 months ago, another English Pub bites the dust to be turned into an Indian restaurant (dont we have enough of them around here?).

I just hope it's a classy one, but am told it will also have a bar.

The Percy, the field is yours.

22 Jul 2012 11:52

The George, Wraysbury

Like Rats leaving a sinking ship the multi-layers of management and hangers on have evaporated and the George has now reverted back to 1) the actual owners & 2) their leasing company.
At least there is more change of some action now, however serious money is required to turn The Goerge into what it could be - a successful Pub restaurant -and in today's world it'll be a brave operator who takes it on.
I predict The Percy will be 'the only Pub in the Village' for some considerable time.

27 Jun 2012 09:07

The George, Wraysbury

12/01/2011: Last week this sad Pub tried to turn itself into a late night music and dancing venue. The management only succeeded in shooting themselves in the foot as the views and complaints from 50 or so objectors were reported in the local press... Everything from the Vicar saying he can remeber it when it was a nicePub and he wouldn't want to go in, to it coming out that the owner was asked to 'help Police with their inquiries' regarding a kidnapping at another licenced premesis owned by him.
The sooner the layers of management, lease holders, opertating companies, Breweries and freeholders sell up to someone who knows how to run a decent Pub the better - until then it will remain a like the Marie Celeste fit only for contractors and occassional live music events.

12 Jan 2012 12:50

The Perseverance, Wraysbury

(Yet) another management team - this time with a long term contract I'm told.

The new couple seem plesant enough, The Food is adequate (not exciting), the Beer choice is reasonable (not tantalising), the small bar is cozy but the bigger bar feels unfinished. and the whole Pub needs a serious injection of character and personality.

Whether the new team have what it takes to turn this currently mundane Village Pub into a characterful, welcominge and eventually successful eating and drinking establishment is yet to be seen. Wraysbury needs a good Pub and so I very much wish them and the Pub the best of Luck

24 Dec 2011 23:21

The Royal Stag, Datchet

The only way to make this Pub better would be for the Beer to be free.

My congratulations to the Management and Staff for consistantly delivering a superb product - - they even warm my glass prior to pouring so that the Real Ale (London Pride) is the correct tempreature.

24 Dec 2011 23:06

The George, Wraysbury

So much potential - wasted

Other than wednesday nights (wednesday) when you cant get for strangers the Pub is a Licensed Grave.

Manager of the 'Perseverance' claims to have bought the lease. Rumour is his backers are the group of Indians who have ruined the Percy. If so it will be another Pub to be transformed into an Indian Restaurant.

Dunno what's worse.

7 Aug 2011 08:29

The Perseverance, Wraysbury

AVOID AT ALL COSTS.... Manager lost control. Pub now 'run' by a raucous group who go behid the bar and put on their own Bollywood music and have their Curry delivered and eat in the Bar stinking the place out!!!

Now as expensive as Mayfair... TWO Ploughman's, 1 Pint Shandy 1 Pint Coke £24 !!!!

Management claims to be leaving and has financial backing to buy the lease of the George - which no doubt will soon become an Indian Restaurant.

7 Aug 2011 08:21

The Perseverance, Wraysbury

A confident, experienced (they say) mother and son team who on a limited budget are making improvements and appear to be trying hard.
They claim The 'Percy' will be a Food, Wine and Ale house.
The Doom Bar was in fine fettle on my last visit, however it would be nice to see a wider choice that the standard company issue.
It certainly looks an improvement and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished article.

8 May 2011 21:04

The George, Wraysbury

A small change for the better on a recent visit.

Real Ale now drinkable (not brilliant).

Pub has had a clean up of sorts and now has some stock!

Looks like they are trying at least ... Am keeping my fingers crossed that it will turn around.

8 May 2011 20:55

The George, Wraysbury

This Pub has the atmosphere of a Funeral parlour which should be no surprise as its run by two Undertakers with assistance from a Zombie barmaid.

The real Ale is an insult - even the Lager is in a constantly poor condition.

The Outside is tatty and the Toilets are a disgrace

What a shame - run by a professional instead of a Bumbling amature with no backing from the owners this could be a superb drinking establishment in a pretty village near London

28 Feb 2011 22:30

The Horse and Groom, Hanworth

Die of Thirst before visiting this absolute Toilet.

8 Jan 2009 21:31

The Windmill, Hampton

Great Pub if ...

a) You're Irish b) You've been a regular for a hundred years.

If however you are English, have just moved to the area and are looking to meet people - forget it mate... you're face wont fit.

It's not a Pub, it's like a Catholic Club.

5 Jan 2009 00:25

The Sawyers Arms, Feltham

I prefer to be served by an Englishman in an English Pub, and a Scotsman if I was north of the border etc etc. likewise I would feel cheated if I was seved by say a Pole in a Bar in the French Countryside.

Its not only about the product ('There is no such thing as bad beer just some is better than others') its about the ambience and the experience and sometimes the convesation.

A Frenchman can hardly understand my schoolboy French so what chanch would a Pole have.

And before some bloody idiot calles me a Racist, I'd be delighted to be served by a Pole in a Bar in Wchlzchlinzch (or indeed anywhere in Poland).

I say bring back English Pub Landords and English Bar Staff in our Pubs

5 Jan 2009 00:12

The Airman, Feltham

A truly awful PubÖ Better itís pulled down than left to Rot.

It's one claim to fameÖ it was the training Camp for Freddy Mills prior to his winning British Light heavyweight title in the 40s

4 Jan 2009 23:57

The Three Horseshoes, Feltham

I'm waiting for G.Ps review before venturing back in... Hurry up GP

17 Dec 2008 23:12

The Wentworth Arms, Mile End

Absolutely loved it on the sadly one occasion I visited (I live the other side of town and was just passing by).

The atmosphere just hits you ay walk through the door Ė it says to me what a good old fashioned boozer is all about.

The only sad thing is there is no real Ale, so I had to drink lager- but that aside I very much look forward to my next visit.

17 Dec 2008 22:54

The Queen Dowager, Teddington

Is it safe

17 Dec 2008 22:50

The Adelaide, Teddington

I get the feeling its going a little bit off the boil.

Barmaids in too much of a hurry - very noxious fumes eminating from the Ladies - Bloody Kids misbehaving - Ale too Cold - Prices reaching critical levels...

Its still a very good pub but just slipped a little of late.

17 Dec 2008 22:46

The Roebuck, Hampton Hill

Someone should do something about the MISERABLE BLOODY BARMAIDS. I originally thought I must have upset the old Cow, however over the months I can see that she is the same to all.

It must be hard keeping a deadpan miserable expression in the face of people trying to relax, enjoy themselves and spend their money giving you a job.

I sit down in good company, next to a real fire with a super Pint but soon (oh shit) Iíve got to face the dark haired (perhaps Irish Ė Iíve never heard her say more that two words so its heard to tell) Hag to get a refill Ė the thought delays the buying process and slows down consumption.

Despite almost the impossible parking there are lots of reasons to visit this Pub if you like quality Ale served at the right temperature (Dermot at the Adelaide- please note) - but my advice is to take your own barmaid.

17 Dec 2008 22:43

The Prince of Wales, Twickenham

Have used the POW a couple of times since seeing it's review here.

Has all the makings of a fine Pub. Reasonable decore, Good Ales, friendly customers, non intrusive TV and Juke Box BUT none of this matters if the Beer isnít in good condition Ė and mine havenít been.

I accept that my visits have coincided with humid clammy weather, making beer keeping that much more difficult, and looking around I noticed no one else was drinking real Ale, but I left there and went immediately to the Adelaide in Teddington, where I found the Beer (as always) in perfect condition.

I do hope the Landlady can sort the Cellar out as the Adelaide (for all it's excellent Beer) is a bit 'Libraryesque' and The POW seems to have a bit of life about it.

19 Aug 2008 15:17

The Queen Dowager, Teddington

My problem isn't with the Pub nor with Captainfab who I suggest faithfully reported what he experienced.

My problem is with anonyous 12th Oct who doesn't seem to like the opinion of others.

The whole point of this site is to report experiences and give opinions and not to slag off those who do.

Sounds to me that this guy has a vested interested in the financial success of this Pub.

Either that or he is so sensitive to the opinion of others he should back under his rock for fear of being further offended.

26 Oct 2007 00:08

The Little Windsor, Sutton

I know the Landlord & Landlady from old...they are a class act - if you want a consistantly well run Pub with all the trimmings look no further.

3 Jun 2007 22:47

The Mansion, Feltham

Once a Khazi... always a Khazi

3 Jun 2007 22:41

The Adelaide, Teddington

Headbangers, Teenagers, Skinheads, Mods, Tatoo Merchants and other associated nuisances ... this ain't for you.
This is an oasis for sophiticated, mature and genteel geezers like what I is.
Brendan has got this joint just about right. A real pro serving beer & Nosh like what it should be in a boozer.
I've known this pub for nearly half a century - believe me, it's never been better.

3 Jun 2007 22:35

The Alma Inn, Sowerby Bridge

For a bloke like me from the suburbs of London this pleace is heaven on earth... Good Real Ale (allbeit with one of those northern sprinklers*), super service, nice patrons, super nosh and scenery to die for.

*why do they do that...dont they know the beer tasts better without it?

3 Jun 2007 22:28

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