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The Fanny On The Hill, Welling

This pub like so many has gone. Along with the garden next door is now a block of flats. Not one of the best pubs in the area but still a shame.

8 Feb 2017 10:50

The Furze Wren, Bexleyheath

For me, Whetherspoon pubs are all about choice and value. The pub is a large open plan characterless area with lots of tables and chairs and can get quite busy. Although typically there's a lack of music, there is a first class selection of the real ale that leaves most other non Whetherspoon pubs in the shade. I doubt there is another non Whetherspoon pub around where it's possible to buy 4 pints of ale and get change from a tenner. I've eaten here many times and found the food satisfactory and reasonably good value served by helpful and friendly staff. So if you're after a quirky old boozer with lots of character, look elsewhere.

10 Jan 2014 22:43

The Earl Haig, Bexleyheath

Once a 'spit and sawdust' Bass pub with three separate barrooms and an off-license (notice the different coloured brickwork on The Pantiles side) the pub has changed dramatically.
The pub is now configured as one huge L shape with a few smaller 'booth' areas. The family room has gone and the pub now has the cheesy interior of a Next clothes shop minus the clothes rails!
Judging by the age of the punters, It's hard to imagine there being much trouble here. The pub is generally quite busy and to be honest has a nice 'safe' ambience with a good selection of both lager and real ale. It's a while since I've eaten here but by all accounts the food is typical pub chain fare.
If you fancy a comfy armchair, a reasonable pint and a nice food in 'pleasant' surroundings you won't find a better pub in the area.

9 Feb 2010 14:22

The Rugglestone Inn, Widecombe in the Moor

If only every pub was like this one. We dropped in whilst on holiday to see if The Rugglestone Inn was really worth it's 8.8 rating. We weren't disappointed.
The pub is a picture postcard and must rank as one of the best looking pubs in the country.
Set on Dartmoor, close to the quaint village of Widecombe in the Moor there's aura and charm aplenty. The views from the pub garden are stunning. The friendly staff made us very welcome. I'll definitely come back here and spend a Sunday and sample some of the food off that excellent menu.

12 May 2009 09:36

The King Charles I, Kings Cross

The Charles is a hidden gem of a pub, tucked away in a side street off The Caledonian Road. The interior is wooden, floor, walls and furniture whilst the entertainment is the bar billiards table, juke box and the paper rack. African/Asian masks adorn the walls along with the most ornate mirror over a roaring fire. The bar has a great selection of beers with the usual selection of lager, 17 bottled beers and a choice of 5 guest ales that change from week to week.
To get around the fact that the pub has no kitchen there's a novel arrangement with the local takeaways where food can be ordered and then delivered to the pub. If food is ordered from the cafe opposite, the barman even takes the plates back!
The pub is let down by it's poor, small and smelly toilets and the fact that it's one room doesn't take much to get crowded and noisy.
All in all, an old pub with good beer, charm and friendly staff which is more than can be said for the majority of the other pubs in the area.

30 Mar 2009 14:23

The Bear and Ragged Staff, Crayford

It's criminal that this pub and Crayford are dripping in history and most people don't know it. There was an outcry years ago when this pub changed it's name to The Orange Kipper. This pub should be an old fashioned family pub selling good food, real ale and lots of character. Instead it's a shell of a pub. Although you only have to look around the town to see what people think of Crayford and it's history.
If loud live rock music, live football on big screens and lager with zero atmosphere is your bag...You'll love this place. It's probably the best pub venue for the areas amateur bands.
You have to ask yourself what it is you look for in a pub. If you're looking for good beer, friendly people in a nice old fashioned pub...'The Bear' is not for you.

5 Feb 2009 16:39

Great Harry, Belvedere

I occasionally drink here on a Sunday night for the pub quiz. The pub has had a few landlords but still retained the same interior decor it had in the mid 80's when an interior wall was knocked down to make one huge bar.
The pub's best asset is the family area which leads to a reasonably sized grassed garden, a kiddies play area and basic animals in pens.
The toilets though are dirty, sometimes wet and very smelly.
I witnessed a fight here on a Sunday night a few weeks ago. I don't know about you, I don't go to the pub to have a ruck, especially on a Sunday.
The pub used to do reasonable food but I don't think I'd want to try it now.
The state of this place is a real shame. It has some serious potential.
Although the choice of beer is the usual fare, I normally go for the safe Stella or Fosters option. The Guinness is pretty much OK.
The amusements are the occasional visiting seafood man, darts, raised pool area and a quiz/fruit machine.
The Sunday night quiz is pretty enjoyable and to be honest, along with the location of the pub, the only reason I drink here.
One day the smelly dank toilets might get ripped down & repositioned and the raised pool/stage area improved to create the ideal venue for live music.
There are lots of better pubs than 'The Harry' in the area.

26 Jan 2009 18:38

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