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The Star Bar, Gibraltar

A recent refurb in an attempt to place the Star Bar a little more upmarket. The tapas on offer were good on my visit (if a little expensive), and the old place retains that back street charm after the day trippers have returned to the costa del sol.

3 Jun 2015 18:15

Black Boy Hotel, Newtown

Re-opened and heaving. Large (and typical) Wetherspoon's house.

6 Jun 2014 14:05

New Inn, Newtown

Closed and a private dwelling. Bull and Heifer opened over the road (v nice), and out-competed the place.

23 Apr 2014 19:40

The Elephant and Castle, Newtown

Never quite sure what this place wants to be - it seems to attempt to be a restaurant come sports bar come town centre pub and fails to hit any of the targets. Could be anything with its superb location but needs some clear direction to make it happen.

17 Mar 2014 17:40

Dolfor Inn, Newtown

Emphasis is now very much on the food side of the business, but still retains its remote country pub feel.

17 Mar 2014 17:34

The Victoria Vaults, Newtown

Making an effort with a guest ale to go alongside the Tetley's - still a long way to go to match either the Sportsman or the Railway.

17 Mar 2014 17:30

The Sportsman, Newtown

Something of a real ale drinkers hot spot. Plenty of choice in a comfortable atmosphere - worth a look-in.

17 Mar 2014 17:27

Black Boy Hotel, Newtown

In the process of refurbishment after being purchased by Wetherspoons - due to re-open in May '14

17 Mar 2014 17:22

The Rock and Fountain Inn, Shrewsbury

I have been a little more fortunate than our previous reviewers. The Banks' mild has been good (on my visits), while the music, and clientel, have been equally pleasant.
Worth popping across to ,if, like me, you are hanging around for a train connection.

7 Dec 2011 17:48

The Bulls Head, Shrewsbury

Rough and ready sort of place, though the Banks' bitter (�2.20 per pint, is unwaveringly good). The Friday night disco is a bit overpowering (for my taste), so it's one pint and over the road.

7 Dec 2011 17:40

Lion Hotel, Montgomery

Local real ale (Monty's) together with a popular dining area. Has managed to retain its 'local' feel while striving to adapt to today's market.

31 Oct 2011 20:36

Checkers Hotel, Montgomery

These days a rather fancy French restaurant as well as a bar - closed Sunday and Monday

31 Oct 2011 20:33

The Dragon Hotel, Montgomery

Just off the centre of this attractive little town. Real ale (in good nick on my visits), outside seating, and an all round good looking old place.

31 Oct 2011 20:31

Dolau Inn, Newtown

Worth a look in - landlord/landlady putting in a real effort. Traditional bar area with traditional ales and traditional customers. With so many of these typical, rural, watering holes closing, it is refreshing to see this one bucking the trend.

16 Jun 2010 17:27

The Green Dragon, Welshpool

Closed at June '10, but with rumours of a re-launch.

16 Jun 2010 17:17

The Mermaid, Welshpool

Open once again for business - unchanged, but none the worse for that.

16 Jun 2010 17:15

New Inn, Newtown

It is pleasant to sit outside of this village centre pub (on a warm summer evening), and watch the world go leisurely by. Real Ale, locals to the fore - an old fashioned local in many ways.

24 Jun 2009 17:23

The Great Western, Wolverhampton

Well worth a visit if you are in the area - excellent beer, interesting lay out - a real pub. Pity I had to catch the train!

15 Sep 2008 17:15

The Waterloo Arms, Abermule

Re-opened, Easter 2008, following a refit. Place looks much smarter - big screen/Sky Sports - food available - worth a look in.

1 Apr 2008 17:06

The Waterloo Arms, Abermule

Sadly closed (Jan. '08), and open to offers. Another casualty of modern drinking habits (the supermarket and the telly) ?

29 Jan 2008 16:27

The Powis Arms Hotel, Welshpool

Very much the heart of the village - a real effort being made by the landlady. The place deserves to succeed.

29 Jan 2008 16:23

The Talbot Inn, Welshpool

Re-opened - December 2007. They seem to be trying to attract a more youthful clientel - I wish them well.

4 Jan 2008 14:15

The Summer House, Dudley

If you like 'over the top' Christmas decoration, this pub is a must! The place must burn more power than Peru.

22 Nov 2007 18:40

The Mermaid, Welshpool

Closed -Nov. 07. Temporarily, I hope.

14 Nov 2007 14:17

The Magpie and Parrot, Shinfield

An interesting stop off after work - a bit of an oasis in the howling desert of Reading pubs. The customers seem friendly in a very middle class Mercedes Benz sort of way - It may once have been a country pub - alas, country people cannot afford to live around here any more, so the customer base has to consist of former townies pretending to fit in.

Not authentic, but as good as it gets in these parts.

7 Sep 2007 13:34

The Anchor Inn, Anchor

Just to try to balance the previous comments - a candidate for an internet dining site this place is not, (do not come here for prawn sandwiches). It is a very old, quirky, dying breed type of place - cats in the kitchen, chickens in the car park, type of establishment. These places will disappear under the wheels of internet dining sites, and I, for one, will be sad to see them go. AVOID AT ALL COSTS if you have been surfing internet dining sites -your head will be in a different, and not always better, world.

31 Aug 2007 16:39

The Buck Inn, Newtown

Under new management (May '07), but still a good night - last Saturday a live band and decent beer - hope it stays this way.

15 May 2007 15:08

The Lion Hotel, Newtown

Locals early on - gets a bit loud as the evening progreses - time for the younger clientel

8 May 2007 19:43

The Pheasant Inn, Newtown

Refurb in progress - not too much please!!

8 May 2007 19:39

The Flying Shuttle, Newtown

Recent change of management - complete disaster, no entertainment, empty pub - what's going on?

8 May 2007 19:37

The Pinewood Tavern, Welshpool

Town centre pub where the locals converge at weekends, a loud lively place but friendly in that small town way.

20 Nov 2006 17:51

Cann Office Hotel, Llangadfan

This very old, stone built pub, lies on the main coast road between Welshpool and Barmouth. It is unchanged in 30 years to my knowledge, (probably a great deal longer), it is worth a look before it is re-vamped in the name of progress.

20 Nov 2006 17:47

The Royal Oak Hotel, Welshpool

Re-launched, (Nov. 06), after a re-fit. A bit posh, good selection of real ale, �2.70 a pint, emphasis very much on food.

20 Nov 2006 17:39

The Caleta Palace Hotel, Catalan Bay

Relaxing lounge bar, cool with super views. Waiter service but not too pricey. Try it if you are tired of the noise and crowds of Main Street.

16 Aug 2006 18:00

Penn Cottage, Wombourne

This place is part of a chain of steak houses, do not go here looking for a pub.

9 Aug 2006 09:59

Park Inn, Woodsetton

This pub is Holden's brewery tap. Well worth a visit for real ale drinkers, otherwise a traditional ale house that has undergone an unsympathetic modernisation.

8 Aug 2006 17:43

The Red Lion, Caersws

Unspoilt by progress, real local's watering hole.

7 Aug 2006 17:40

The Buck Hotel, Caersws

Large, centre of village pub, tries to be all things to all people, but pleasant enough.

7 Aug 2006 17:39

The Unicorn Hotel, Caersws

Big screen in bar, food a big part of the business,(50% of the pub is given over to a restaurant). Seating outside, popular with younger locals.

7 Aug 2006 17:36

The Dolforwyn Hall Hotel, Abermule

Bar no longer open to the public, (July '06).

24 Jul 2006 21:38

The Anchor Inn, Anchor

I popped in for the first time in thirty years (thanks to this site), it is exactly the same!! Real Ale, (no draught lager!), a real time warp. Give it a try if you are ever near, this sort of place is a threatened species.

12 Jun 2006 17:27

The Cambrian Vaults, Newtown

Small (one room) pub in old area of town..pool table

24 May 2006 17:44

The Queens Head, Newtown

Traditional pub with regular 'old faithfuls'

24 May 2006 17:42

The Victoria Vaults, Newtown

Dominoes and darts....that kind of place

24 May 2006 17:39

Black Boy Hotel, Newtown

Great place to meet old friends

24 May 2006 17:37

The Talbot Inn, Welshpool

Closed May '06... awaiting new tenants?

24 May 2006 17:24

The Royal Oak Hotel, Welshpool

Big refurb in progress (May '06) improvement?

24 May 2006 17:22

The Victoria Vaults, Newtown

Old fashioned pub (darts, dominoes etc.) in the town of the last.

26 Apr 2006 17:44

Black Boy Hotel, Newtown

Town centre pub with restaurant, not so hectic as some of the main street can often get a seat at weekends!

26 Apr 2006 17:41

The Horseshoe, Gibraltar

Definitely one for the tourists, but as long as you know, enjoy the town centre location.

19 Apr 2006 17:26

The Trafalgar Sports Bar, Gibraltar

Gets full and a bit noisy when there is a match on. Large servery means you can usually get a drink even with a crowd. Bit dodgy crossing the road to and from this pub.

12 Apr 2006 12:38

The Star Bar, Gibraltar

Pub grub is above average (for the Town centre tourist trail). Relaxed, with a good landlord, (Yorkshireman I believe). Try the fillet steak with pepper sauce and a bottle of Rioja.

12 Apr 2006 12:34

The Angry Friar, Gibraltar

A good place for an early evening drink, the day trippers have gone and there is a chance to relax in the middle of town minus the crowds. It is on the tourist trail so service and standards are aimed at this market, ie not great, but the location is unique.

12 Apr 2006 12:28

The Wellington Inn, Welshpool

If you like pubs that have 'bouncers' on the door then this is for you....what you see is what you get!

7 Mar 2006 17:16

The Royal Oak Hotel, Welshpool

Interesting old building, eastern european bias in staff very obvious. A little unusual in mid wales, takes away from the 'local' atmosphere prevalant in most pubs in this area.

20 Feb 2006 17:25

The Waggon and Horses, Newtown

Out of town pub (300 yards) with a beer garden, (a rarity in Newtown).

6 Feb 2006 18:27

The Red Dragon, Newtown

Modern estate pub that has never really taken off. Real ale (Bank's), occasional entertainment.

6 Feb 2006 18:21

The Grapes, Newtown

Pleasant pub in a quiet part of town, parking can be a problem.

6 Feb 2006 18:17

The Dolforwyn Hall Hotel, Abermule

This really is a hotel-so do not come here if you are looking for a pub! Typical hotel lounge (a place for a drink while waiting to eat),nothing more.

6 Feb 2006 18:11

The Talbot Inn, Welshpool

Small black and white town centre pub, Bank's beer, seating outside where you can watch the world go by.

24 Jan 2006 17:40

The Blue Bell, Church Stoke

If you want to walk back fifty years in time, this is for you!

24 Jan 2006 17:35

The Elephant and Castle, Newtown

Popular meeting place for local young set. Large old hotel beside the river, convenient for town centre.

24 Jan 2006 17:32

The Bell Hotel, Newtown

Live bands (Sat), Real Ale (very reasonable prices),bit of an odd shaped place for live entertainment but tries hard.

23 Jan 2006 17:50

The Waterloo Arms, Abermule

Village local, darts, dominoes etc. Real ale, Bateman's Rosy Nosy recently. Unspoilt by progress

23 Jan 2006 17:34

The Abermule Hotel, Abermule

Anglers and tourists in the summer months, locals rest of the time. Situated in an (expanding) old village setting.Real ale available, undemanding atmosphere.

23 Jan 2006 17:29

The Anvil, Shifnal

Pleasant, old fashioned local, Bank's beer, open fire, you get the drift. Very friendly crowd, I was dog tired on arrival but left very impressed.

10 Jan 2006 17:56

Somerset & Dorset, Burnham on Sea

holidaymakers galore! entertainment, real ale, handy for town crawl

8 Dec 2005 20:03

The Flying Shuttle, Newtown

friendly crowd, entertainment weekends

8 Dec 2005 19:57

The Flying Shuttle, Newtown

Modern estate pub. Rough and ready but interesting. Entertainment Sat.

28 Nov 2005 17:12

The Buck Inn, Newtown

Friendly staff, real ale, some of the clientel look a bit a bit scary (goth,punk, etc.) but they are quite harmless.

28 Nov 2005 17:05

The Grange, Dudley

Not posh, but a good crowd

24 Nov 2005 17:43

The Wayside, Llanaber

great views over the bay,holidaymakers galore!

24 Nov 2005 17:41

George & Dragon, Coseley

former steelworkers pub, looks a bit lost now.

15 Nov 2005 18:09

Queens Head, Reading

Lots of students/university staff, tries hard with real ale,darts etc.

15 Nov 2005 18:05

The Pheasant Inn, Newtown

Local with darts, dominoes, football team etc. Down to earth but friendly

15 Nov 2005 17:57

The Wellington Inn, Welshpool

Rough and ready, but if thats what you like....

15 Nov 2005 17:53

The Green Dragon, Welshpool

Under new management (April '05) after years with Nigel and Ruth at the helm.

15 Nov 2005 17:51

The Mermaid, Welshpool

Great traditional bar (except for the pool table taking up two thirds of the floor area)

15 Nov 2005 17:47

The Sportsman, Newtown

real ale, next door to the local curry house!

15 Nov 2005 17:44

The Last Inn, Barmouth

Try this pub out of season. It looks good and it is a lot more comfatable

15 Nov 2005 17:31

The Beacon Hotel, Dudley

It is the only pub I know that is unchanged in 30 years. John Hughes simply waited for it to come back into fasion!

14 Nov 2005 21:53

The Wheatsheaf, Shrewsbury

Good music nights (Friday), gets crowded. Real Ale

14 Nov 2005 21:47

The Bulls Head, Shrewsbury

Live music on Friday's. Down to earth crowd.

14 Nov 2005 21:45

The Railway Tavern, Newtown

Real Ale drinkers delight.Looks, sounds, and feels the way so many 'locals' did.

14 Nov 2005 21:34

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