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Comments by teddybear

The George Hotel, Henfield

Our biggest mistake was not turning around when we found out there was a party of 27 in the bar area. We decided to stay as we'd travelled a fair distance.

We decided we would all share a baked camembert for starter and then Sunday roasts and fish pie for main.

Drinks were delivered slowly, one at a time, by teenage girls with no idea.

We were informed about half an hour later that they wouldn't be able to provide the camembert as the 'party of 27' had taken all the oven capacity. Ok we thought, let's cut our losses and just have our mains.

Having waited 45 minutes and nothing to show for it, I enquired as to what was happening. The terse reply was that is was 'on it's way'. We were given complementary drinks to appease us and we had to persuade them to give us some bread to keep us from fainting. This arrived as doorsteps of bread, begrudgingly hacked off the loaf (not as hacked off as we were!).

We eventually received the roasts 1 and a half hours after ordering, still no fish pie. The roasts were covered in a thick, sickly gravy and the meat was very poor quality.
The fish pie arrived 10 minutes later and was tepid in the middle. I returned it and eventually got a hot version but it was barely edible being far too salty.

When we challenged the disgusting food and treatment we were told unapologetically that others thought it was ok so it must be us.

I can in all honestly say I have never been treated so badly in a restaurant before and hope never to be again.

I cannot emphasise enough to avoid this place under the current management.

1 Feb 2010 07:32

The Hangleton Manor, Hangleton

Great building with a lovely garden. I eaten here many times over the past 3 years.

The food selection is good and usually good quality. Service, although always friendly, could do with being more attentive.

People with children have to realise that there are others who don't want to have a drink or meal with screaming kiddies around them. I realise children like to play loudly and it's down to their guardians to make sure they are not a nuisance. I lose count of the times I see children left to run riot while the parents ignore them. That's why there are places geared towards kids with bouncy castles, play areas etc. Hangleton Manor isn't so I'm with the manager on this. Send 'em up chimneys I say ;) or take them to somewhere more appropriate like McDonalds.

11 Jun 2009 21:32

The Farmers, Lancing

Food is poor out of the freezer rubbish. Service very bad - they don't seem to have a clue! The actual restaurant is spacious and decor ok - could be good if run by competent people.

19 Jan 2008 17:54

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