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Comments by ted_savage

The Battle Inn, Reading

Good fighting Irish pub

17 Jul 2007 15:33

Bar Med, Reading

Spacious with good sofas but no crowd

17 Jul 2007 15:30

The Slug and Lettuce, Reading

Bit poncey - once saw a barmaid take 25 minutes to change a lightbulb in a lamp - compelling viewing

17 Jul 2007 15:29

Brannigans, Reading

Used to get a good cheap shant on a monday night. Mate got kicked out of here for swearing at a camera!

17 Jul 2007 15:28

Bar 38, Reading

Not bad but heard some toff talking about vaginas in here - ruined it

17 Jul 2007 15:27

Old Orleans, Reading

Good place for a cocktail. Once took the knackered stallion here for a meal and the barman put JD in her coke on the sly - but atleast he didn't charge for it

17 Jul 2007 15:26

Pavlov's Dog, Reading

Got kicked out here once because my mate fell asleep at the bar ordering the shant

17 Jul 2007 15:24

Cafe Du Sport, Reading

Used to be good as Harvey Floorbangers

17 Jul 2007 15:24

The Hope Tap, Reading

Cheap but full of old men and desperate

17 Jul 2007 15:23

The Orange House, Reading

Good place to watch sport loads of screens near a Subways as well

17 Jul 2007 15:22

Bar Risa, Reading

Pricey and full of dinlos

17 Jul 2007 15:21

The Bugle, Reading

Can get an early drink in here

17 Jul 2007 15:20

O'Neills, Reading

End up here far too often but its a good place

17 Jul 2007 15:19

The Walkabout, Reading

Toilets too far away and they used to kick you out during the day to let you in half an hour later when you had to pay - the robbing scumbags.

17 Jul 2007 15:19

O'Neills, Reading

Got in free a few times because my mate knows a very liked regular - once had my ear chewed off for ages in here by some boring bint I went to school with

17 Jul 2007 15:17

Q, Reading

Odd bar - used to get good fast service when it was the Square because all the malletheads there wouldn't drink that much so the bar was pretty free. Sang karaoke here once on the stairs!

17 Jul 2007 15:15

Varsity, Reading

Dive - my sister used to work here when it was Barracuda and used to let me have a lock in with the staff

17 Jul 2007 15:13

Bar Four, Reading

Nothing bar that once played 21 seconds for Chops birthday

17 Jul 2007 15:12

The Pitcher and Piano, Reading

Good whiskey selection - like to stripe up people like Owen fo rthe round here can be pricey

17 Jul 2007 15:11

Yates's, Reading

Redone recently and they gave me a free drink so I have nothing but praise for this establishment.

Once saw a geordie order a huge round (40 between four) before bouncing around the stage singing 'crazy little thing called love' by Queen at karaoke - priceless

17 Jul 2007 15:11

3Bs, Reading

Once got thrown out by a crazy barman and half the kitchen staff because a gypo who wasn't with me spat on the floor, did see So Sonic EP and The Chalky Paupers play here

17 Jul 2007 15:06

Edwards Bar, Hammersmith

Too packed because the chiselling doorman let too many in there

17 Jul 2007 15:04

The Hop Poles, Hammersmith

Big dive, although I had a good night when I went and some bird got her chats out.

17 Jul 2007 15:03

The Ruby Grand, Hammersmith

Strange bar - barman once tried chatting up my girlfriend when I was stood there, weird russian bird was offering massages and some pikie mallethead had a piss in the corner of the garden when it was easier to go to the khazis

17 Jul 2007 15:02

The Hart, Hammersmith

Nice sofas but too many ballheads on Friday and Saturday nights

17 Jul 2007 15:00

Revolution, Chiswick

Used to be the Pitcher and Piano until 2005 and was full of singing, weird rugby players

17 Jul 2007 14:59

The Raven, Stamford Brook

Quality bar with a late license and good furnishings

17 Jul 2007 14:58

Paragon, Chiswick

Ropey at best

17 Jul 2007 14:57

The Packhorse and Talbot, Chiswick

Cracking pub - with tasty barmaids who are very honest and clean

17 Jul 2007 14:56

George IV, Chiswick

Better than the all bar one next door.

17 Jul 2007 14:55

Nazdarovya, Uxbridge

Bit pricey but it is a good place to go late.
Best value for money is to buy a bottle of spirits or drink the cocktail zombie- pound for pound the most alcoholic cocktail. Its even better if you can get the very intense barman to make it.

Has a annoying toilet attendant and you can get in for free if you jump over the backwall - never done it myself but seen a few people do this.

17 Jul 2007 14:49

The Good Yarn, Uxbridge

Good prices, good food, good selection of whiskeys - only problem is the toilet attendant on busy nights - its a Wetherspoons not the Ritz

17 Jul 2007 14:46

The Crown and Sceptre, Uxbridge

Used to be a bit ropey haven't been there recently. Saw the tallest girl I have ever seen in there - at least six foot 8

17 Jul 2007 14:44

The Ostler, Uxbridge

Full of gypos

17 Jul 2007 14:43

The Metropolitan, Uxbridge

Good bar, good staff and good atmosphere - it is a little small though

17 Jul 2007 14:41

Baroosh, Uxbridge

A little pretentious and over priced but you get a good clientele. Food is very good but again abit pricey.

Staff excellent, once found a tenner in here and saw the best barfight I have ever seen here - three very big guys who were all just seemed to be hitting each other with almighty punches, which didn't overspill to innocent bystannders and they were gonme by the time the bouncers got there. (Although it was a one off for the place)

17 Jul 2007 14:40

The Hogshead, Uxbridge

Quality place nice and airy wih friendly staff and food was exceant - although iut was about two years ago that I last ate there

17 Jul 2007 14:36

Zanzi Bar, Uxbridge

This place is awful - wh awful music and awful prices. Attracts a bread of scum I'd rather not mix with

17 Jul 2007 14:34

The De Burgh Arms, West Drayton

This pub fills up with weirdo scummy regulars who ruined the experience for me - espcially some old bird called Pauline who kept staring at me from a foot whilst gurning like someone on crystal meth

17 Jul 2007 14:31

The George and Dragon, Yiewsley

Good prices for food and drink and overalll a friendly place

17 Jul 2007 14:29

Paddington Packet Boat, Uxbridge

Very nice pub with good food and has been a lucky pub for watching football. However quite a racist undertone in the pub would ruin the experience for anyone easily offended or not white

17 Jul 2007 14:29

The St James, Cowley

This pub once appeared in FHM as a rough estate pub under the previous moniker of The Grand Union.

17 Jul 2007 14:27

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