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Comments by tanglewood

The Thomas de La Rue, St Peter Port

Rubbish pub. Very close to the night clubs in St Peter Port and acts as the starting blocks for many lager louts on saturady and friday nights. No ales! Bad music. Very close to the late night fast food outlets (good thing? bad thing?).

3 Nov 2006 21:46

The City Arms, Cardiff

Nice place, with the usual Brains selection as found in any half decent pub in Wales. Good music. Is in a nice location in the heart of Cardiff too.

3 Nov 2006 21:43

The Blackweir Tavern, Cardiff

Good place to watch the Rugby. Lots of students during term time as its located near the main university halls. Good pint of Brains - as is expected in Wales!

3 Nov 2006 21:42

The Peirson, St Helier

Average Jersey pub. One or two ales. Looking a bit worse for wear and very strict on ID!

3 Nov 2006 21:39

The Prince of Wales, St Helier

Good pub located next to the market. Fair selection of ales (3 or 4) which seem to be kept well. Although I did have to ask for a full pint on one occasion (maybe it was new staff?). Had my first experience of Jersey folk speaking J�rriais.

3 Nov 2006 21:38

The Saracens Head, Bath

Average pub. Two ales, kept OK. Fine for a quick drink. Boasts an X-box which is at the disposal of pub goers which was quite interesting/unusual.

3 Nov 2006 21:33

The Pig and Fiddle, Bath

I didn't have a drink here - becasue the music was so good I ouldn't tear myself away from it. However they did have a good selection and the atmosphere was good - very arty.

3 Nov 2006 21:31

The Hobgoblin, Bath

Nice. A good choice of Hobgoblin ales and Bath Ales too - kept a little too cold in my opinon. Black seems to be a reccuring theme. Jukebox has an ample selection of heavy metal and the grafiti in the mens toilets makes fo interesting reading. Haloween is the best time to visit.

3 Nov 2006 21:27

The Grapes, Bath

A little bit grubby, but the beer was well kept. Limited choice - Bombardier and something else (IPA or similar).

3 Nov 2006 21:25

The Slug and Lettuce, Bristol

Dreadfull trendy bar. Great if you want to get tanked up on Fosters but for the rest of us there's no reason to go there. Avoid.

3 Nov 2006 21:22

The Shakespeare, Bristol

Used to go to the shakespeare when I lived in the student flats opposite. Its not bad, but too expensive to go to all the time. Slection of ales was good and the pool table round the back is neat. Jukebox selection is rubbish.

3 Nov 2006 21:21

The Old Fish Market, Bristol

Nice pub with a fantastic exterior! Fullers ales not bad either. Quiet areas to sit round the back.

3 Nov 2006 21:18

The Bridge Inn, Bristol

Smallest pub I've ever had the pleasure to go to. Good choice of ales (Bath Ales). Good atmosphere with some blokes playing cards for pennies. Great for a quick drink but may be unsuitable for groups of more than 3!

3 Nov 2006 21:13

The Bag O' Nails, Bristol

One of the best pubs I've been into. Great choice of beer and imported lagers (bottled and tap). Traditional decor and friendly atmosphere.

3 Nov 2006 21:11

Navy Inn, The Barbican

Had a good pint of Bombardier, a nice game of pool (�1 a game) and some nice food. Pleasant pub but nothing extraordinary.

3 Nov 2006 21:09

The Admiral McBride, Plymouth

Only had two ales when I visited - and the one I ordered ran out (sign of a good turn-over?). Lager was very expensive close to �3 as I recall. Nice location in the Barbican.

3 Nov 2006 21:03

The Pony Inn, St Sampsons

Pub still going despite refurbishment although it rather seems like its only kept running for the benefit of a few regulars. One hand pump but it hasn't been in use the last few times I visited. Pool table and the food in the restaurant is good (Italian).

3 Nov 2006 20:59

The Library Bar, St Peter Port

No real ales and a limited choice of lagers. One of the quieter pubs on the high street.

3 Nov 2006 20:56

The Ship And Crown, St Peter Port

Used to be one of the nicest pubs in the heart of town untill it was painted to look like a trandy wine bar with fancy chrome lager taps. Still has a selection of ales. The owner recently organised the Guernsey beer festival and can usually be found drinking in the Cock and Bull(?).

3 Nov 2006 20:54

The Dorset Arms, St Peter Port

A very pleasant pub hidden away at the south end of St Peter Port. There is a hand pump but only once have I had a beer from it and that was 2 years ago. Pool room is usually quiet and has 3 tables plus one upstirs. Beer garden with heaters for the smokers. One of the best places to watch live sports as you never have to fight to get a good view of the TV or fight to get to the bar.

3 Nov 2006 20:51

The Doghouse, St Peter Port

Does a good pint of London Pride, but the live music leaves something to be desired. The bands that play here are usually tribute bands and not good ones either. The only people on the dance floor seem to be 40-50 year old drunk couples who remind you of when your parents got drunk on New Years and started dancing to Status Quo.

3 Nov 2006 20:47

The Cock and Bull, St Peter Port

Probably the closest pub to a student bar in Guernsey during the summer holiday. Live music on most nights of the week. The performance of Handel's 'Messiah' last Christmas was one of the best musical event I've ever seen in a pub! Good ales that rotate frequently. Pool table and outsde heated area for the smokers.

3 Nov 2006 20:43

The Bankers Draught, St Peter Port

One of the worst places to go for a quite drink in the evening. It is located next door to the entrance to one of Guernsey's 'night clubs' and is close to the other two clubs. There are usually 4 ales that rotate on 2 pumps - no local beers.

3 Nov 2006 20:38

The Mermaid Tavern, Herm Island

The only real ale here was the Guernsey Sunbeem which was kept perfectly! Good food. The best place to spend a wintery evening whilst stranded in Herm! Pool table was 40p a go.

3 Nov 2006 20:34

The Rockmount, Castel

One of the few pubs that have the local beer on hand pump. Not ideal for a night out but ideal on a hot summers day. Snooker room too.

3 Nov 2006 20:31

The Drunken Duck, Guernsey

Quite small and could probably do with new lick of paint inside, but freindly. Used to be run by the guy who runs te Cock and Bull now. Two hand pumps.

3 Nov 2006 20:29

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