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Comments by stuartandmonica

The Cinque Port Arms, Hastings

Always friendly with an interesting mix of locals. I always try the ESB.

24 Nov 2011 14:46

The Hastings Arms, Hastings

Always my favourite in George St.

24 Nov 2011 14:43

The Street Bar, Hastings

Still closed and abandoned.

24 Nov 2011 14:41

The Havelock, Hastings

Still closed, but looks like refurbishment is taking place. Will look out for introduction of handpumps.

24 Nov 2011 14:40

Smugglers, Hastings

Still closed and boarded up with those metal shutters.

24 Nov 2011 14:39

Railway, St Leonards on Sea

Back open and a great locals' local as before.

24 Nov 2011 14:38

The City Inn (Tavern An Dre), Truro

Excellent pub, friendly staff and good beer. My favourite during my brief stay in Truro.

24 Nov 2011 14:36

Britannia Inn, Truro

Had a quick half on Saturday morning. A decent sort of place.

24 Nov 2011 14:35

The Old Ale House, Truro

Could be a great place if it had a spring clean; low lighting doesn't hide dirtiness. Unfortunately chose the local beer on handpump, not bad enough to hand back, but only just drinkable.

24 Nov 2011 14:33

Kazbah, Truro

The sort of place that I'd usually walk past, thinking It'd have nothing to interest me. However, glad I went in; friendly locals and good beer.

24 Nov 2011 14:31

The Crab and Ale House, Truro

Friendly welcoming pub with good beer, if not a particularly interesting selection.

24 Nov 2011 14:29

The Bunters Bar, Truro

Decent beer, but too noisy for me on Friday night.

24 Nov 2011 14:27

The TC's Sports Bar, Truro

Friendly place, possibly because my team lost! Only gripe; anyone wanting a half was given a flimsy plastic glass.

24 Nov 2011 14:25

The Front Bar, Falmouth

The first pub I ever visited in Falmouth (last Friday!) Not difficult to see why it is CAMRA's Cornish pub of the year.

24 Nov 2011 14:23

The Oddfellows Arms, Falmouth

Excellent locals pub. If I lived there I'd use it all the time.

24 Nov 2011 14:21

The Seven Stars, Falmouth

Went here last Friday night. Shame back bar was closed. Excellent, strong pickled egg.

24 Nov 2011 14:20

The Bell Hotel, Bexhill Old Town

Still boarded up last time I went past.

17 Jul 2011 16:20

Belmont, Hastings

Sorry got this wrong, I meant The Beaconsfield

17 Jul 2011 16:16

Belmont, Hastings

Closed for some time and up for sale by auction.

17 Jul 2011 16:14

BarCelona, Hastings

Changed name to JD's, still no real ale.

17 Jul 2011 16:13

The Duke of Wellington, Hastings

Appears to be closed every time that I go past, at various times of the day.

17 Jul 2011 16:12

The Filo (First In Last Out), Hastings

Now has a bright sunny non-smoking extension at the back.

17 Jul 2011 16:11

The Royal Standard, Hastings

George, the best landlord in Hastings in my opinion, has now retired. Thank you and have a happy retirement George.

17 Jul 2011 16:09

The Street Bar, Hastings


17 Jul 2011 16:06

The Havelock, Hastings

Closed at present due to landlord losing licence, unfairly in my opinion. Despite being an award winning pub, hasn't sold any real ale for years.

17 Jul 2011 16:06

The Queen Adelaide, Hastings

Closed, another pub gone.

26 May 2010 21:12

Smugglers, Hastings

Recently closed and up for sale at a reduced price.

26 May 2010 20:56

White Rock Hotel, Hastings

The new bar is settling in nicely, the Sussex beers are in tip top condition and many of the bar staff may be foreign, but they know how to serve a full pint and are polite and friendly.

24 Apr 2010 21:15

The Dripping Spring, St Leonards on Sea

Changed hands again. Need to visit to see if it's still up to the same standard.

24 Apr 2010 21:13

The Humphrey Bean, Tonbridge

Just don't hand your beer back, even if it is obviously off. If you do expect your opinion to be questioned, even if the bar staff admit to knowing nothing about real ale. I've never been very impressed and I'm even more underwhelmed now.

13 Oct 2009 20:10

The Rooms Cafe Bar, St Leonards on Sea

Good food, but slow service, good job I didn't have to rush back to work. Menu is all veggie, so, as I am a keen meat eater, it must have been good.
Some bottled conditioned beers were available.

10 Oct 2007 15:09

The Dripping Spring, St Leonards on Sea

I hadn't visited the pub for some time, so I went along at 10pm on a Friday and it was closed. I hope that this doesn't mean the end of what has been a fine pub.

10 Oct 2007 15:06

The Grove Tavern, Tunbridge Wells

A nice little boozer, but a bit awkward to move around if anyone is playing pool.

13 Nov 2006 10:53

The Opera House, Tunbridge Wells

As a building, rates alongside Folkestone as the most interesting Wetherspoons that I've visited.

13 Nov 2006 10:52

The Eagle, Eastbourne

I've always had a good pint and a good time here.

13 Nov 2006 10:46

BN21, Eastbourne

If you want a pub, go to The Terminus next door.

13 Nov 2006 10:45

The Greenhouse, Eastbourne

Not my cup of tea at all, but if you like loud modern music and like lager and / or alcopops, I would recommend it for you.

13 Nov 2006 10:44

Hogshead, Eastbourne

Not a bad place to pop into when you're waiting for a train.

13 Nov 2006 10:42

Terminus Hotel, Eastbourne

This pub has been excellently renovated. Serves the full seasonal range of Harveys' beers. Mild �2.05 per pint. Not to be missed if you're visiting Eastbourne.

13 Nov 2006 10:40

The Red Lion, Snargate

A real treasure, nothing more to be said.

13 Nov 2006 10:36

The Ivy House, Tonbridge

If it's quiet don't use the top bar, as you might have to wait even longer to be served than in The Humphrey Bean.

13 Nov 2006 10:34

The Humphrey Bean, Tonbridge

Staff are friendly. Beers are of variable quality, best ask a friend before ordering a pint.

13 Nov 2006 10:32

The New Drum, Tonbridge

For sale after Tony's retirement (November 2006.)

13 Nov 2006 10:31

The Royal Standard, Hastings

George is a first class landlord. Always firendly to his customers and a good range of Sheps beers.

13 Nov 2006 10:29

The Hastings Arms, Hastings

I've no idea why it isn't as popular as The Anchor. Maybe because it hasn't got any ghosts.

13 Nov 2006 10:28

The John Logie Baird, Hastings

It's near the station and cheap.

13 Nov 2006 10:27

Yates's, Hastings

No real ale

13 Nov 2006 10:25

The Yelton Hotel, Hastings

Now a four star non-smoking hotel - The White Rock Hotel. Excellent choice of 4 Sussex beers. Worthy entry in 2007 GBG.

13 Nov 2006 10:25

Gritti Palace, Hastings

Sadly closed end 10/06 due to uncertain future of Hastings Pier.

13 Nov 2006 10:23

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