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Comments by stevey8

The Reservoir, Earlswood

This place is run by kids because the managers are greedy selfish people who employ kids to save on wages. They have no concern for customer care neither the managers nor the immature staff. The place may look ok at first but we then discovered there were dead flies and moths in the cutlery and sauce jars, dirty tables, very immature staff clearly with attitude problems. kids running riot. We would never go back to this place again. I can now see why so many people have commented on several different reveiw sites that this place has gone extremely downhill since being taken oever by the current managers. Awful experience. Please get some managers that actually have a clue on how to run a successful business.

15 Dec 2009 10:02

The Blue Bell Cider House, Hockley Heath

Only if the truth is harsh Ladydonna.

30 Dec 2008 12:50

The Saracens Head, Shirley

Agree with enjoysapint and bluenosebird. Full of chavey unfit parents with kids they cannot cope with running about the place, its like a licensed macdonalds.

5 Nov 2008 10:17

The Saracens Head, Shirley

The red haired ass manager is a div he has no clue. Coke snorters in the toilets they ban all the decent custom to be replaced by kids with fake id's. looks nice from outside but what a total boring dump. Are there any good pubs in Shirley/Solihull. And get a new manager with a clue and some balls.

5 Nov 2008 10:13

The Woodmans Rest, Shirley

Nice pub full of old folks though, and boring.

5 Nov 2008 10:07

The Sharman's Cross, Solihull

Wullie, lol, middle aged men in jeans and white trainers. Awful.

5 Nov 2008 10:06

The Plume of Feathers, Shirley

Nice carvery, thats about it, oap community center, miserable staff.

5 Nov 2008 10:04

The Drum and Monkey, Dorridge

Nice place nice staff nice food,never had a problem here.

5 Nov 2008 10:02

The Blue Bell Cider House, Hockley Heath

My friend and myself used this pub for a while... Terrible service, dirty, awful food, vile customer's. A collection of insecure, posessive, jealous ugly women desperately trying to hold on to their alchoholic partners convinced any other women that use's this dump will steal them, but just one look at any of these customers will tell you otherwise. Jealous catty female bar staff, sex starved men hitting on anything with a pulse, awful atmosphere, boring, absolutely nothing going for this dump, drug use in the car park. What a collection of total losers, how these degenerates can try and put others down is beyond me. Can see why trade has dramaticaly dropped. TERRIBLE PLACE.

5 Nov 2008 09:57

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