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Comments by stevenagec

The Queens Head, St Pancras

This is the place to go when you need a drink before catching a train at Kings Cross - and probably letting at least one train go so you can try another beer.
It is my idea of a local with 3 handpumps (one for Redemption Trinity - a 3% but very flavoursome beer) and two ever changing, stronger beers. Also does ciders and craft beers (again varies but Weird Beard & Buxton amongst others). Food is cold cheese or meat variants - the cheese sandwiches are excellent enormous doorsteps! No piped music / TV but music nights and a piano on occasion - well, the piano is there all the time but it occasionally has someone playing it. Also has board games.
Definite 8/10!

15 Aug 2014 17:59

The Lord Moon Of The Mall, Whitehall

It's a Wetherspoons. Its certainly not the worst or most desperate Wetherspoons & the building itself is impressive. The beer is usually too cold but it's drinkable and there's often a couple of unusual beers. It's always busy with tourists although it always amuses me to see groups of tourists who wander in, walk around a bit and then wander out again. Why?
An average 6/10.

15 Aug 2014 17:25

The Harp, Covent Garden

Great pub with a great range of constantly changing beer. Always a mix of dark / light beers, strengths & breweries although usually something from Dark Star (Hophead or APA). Prices for the centre of London are reasonable.
Downstairs is always packed as is the little alleyway at the back. However the upstairs lounge often empties out and you can take advantage of armchairs and a view out onto Whitehall.
Not sure when Fullers are going to turn it into another dull and overpriced central London pub (like the Red Lion in Whitehall or, frankly, The Parcel Yard at Kings X) - supposedly they have also got their hands on the Albannach across Trafalgar Square so I really can't see the point unless they are buying everything just to stop anyone else.
8/10 while it's still good!

15 Aug 2014 17:18

The Proverbial, Stevenage

Used to be a hardware store. More useful than The Old Proverbial and now redecorated and branded Drapers Arms (a "traditional style pub"). Plenty of actual traditional style pubs nearby so not sure why anyone would bother.

15 Aug 2014 17:07

Crooked Billet, Stevenage

Needed a pub within walking distance & serving food to take the extended family. This was the only option that wasn't in the centre of Stevenage.
I was actually pleasantly surprised. It was pretty well populated for a MOnday evening and the barstaff were on top of things.
Only beers on handpump were Greene King IPA and How Green Is Our Valley which seems to be a joint venture between GK and Kite Brewery - lighter & hoppier than GK IPA and - in here - £1.70 a pint. Certainly drinkable. The rest of the family were on the wine. We ordered food which was served quickly, came in copious volumes, tasted fine and was reasonably priced.
Also had a pool table and dartboard (with a womens darts team at the oche).
A comfortable 6+ for overall experience.

15 Aug 2014 17:05

The Princess Louise, Holborn

Architecturally splendid with an array of nooks and crannies. Along with beer at 2 and a bit, you can't argue very much. The downers are it gets very crowded (not surprising) and, therefore with the bare furnishing, rather hard to hear yourself think, and also some of the bar staff are a bit slow in serving customers. Worth a visit though.

5 Oct 2011 22:05

The Evening Star, Brighton

Good quality beer - Hophead - amid plain wooden benches. The chap next to me gave me his Evening Argus paper so friendly clientele!

5 Oct 2011 22:02

The Prince Albert, Brighton

Very busy on a lovely sunny Friday afternoon so plenty of drinkers ouside but the pub has a good atmosphere. Different crowd to the evening shift when music is on upstairs. A good selection of beers inc Oscar Wilde Mild on the day in question.

5 Oct 2011 22:00

The Lord Nelson, Brighton

Quiet on a Wednesday afternoon but nice surroundings and serving a very pleasant (if a tad pricey) Harveys Mild. Looks like they had the builders in the room at the back.

5 Oct 2011 21:57

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