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The Royal Oak, Perranwell Station

We welcome the new managers of this thriving pub, Tim and Lizzie who took over at the beginning of May, 2013. We are delighted to see opening hours all day now on Saturdays and Sundays and wish them both every success. This pub is well worth a visit. Great bar, great good and friendly banter!

13 May 2013 16:13

Fox & Hounds, Comford

Visited about 5.30 on a Friday, pub virtually empty. The people running it present it very well. Lots of beautiful hanging baskets and tubs of flowers everywhere. Very clean and smart inside. Outside seating in a pleasant garden which has chickens and rabbits. Beer really good. Not sure what it is like for food as not eaten, nor visited in the evening, so unsure what the atmosphere is like then.

23 Jul 2012 16:21

Norway Inn, Perran ar Worthal

The Norway Inn has now undergone a change of management. There are now four bedrooms available for those who wish to stay and having inspected them I can say that they are of the highest standard. The staff appear more cheerful under the new management and the decor has altered slightly. However, I cannot comment on the food as I have not tried it recently. Prices still seem way too high for food and for the accommodation too.

27 Dec 2011 10:43

The Royal Standard, Flushing

Excellent food and extremely good value for money. Ian, the chef, is excellent and takes pride in his presentation. Pub is a little on the small side but outside seating is good. Great location too as Flushing is one of our favourite places to go. Highly recommended.

3 Oct 2011 15:55

The Lemon Arms, Mylor Bridge

Very old-fashioned locals' pub. Food was acceptable but nothing special. This pub does not take credit or debit cards?? Unbelievable. Service was friendly but rushed. Being asked to get a drink from the bar whilst having a meal is not my idea of good service.

13 Aug 2011 12:50

Gaslights, Redruth

Hasn't this place closed down now? All I can see is filthy sheets hanging up in the windows!

5 Jun 2010 12:32

The River Bank, Truro

Visited this newly opened place last Saturday late afternoon to find it totally deserted and souless.

5 Jun 2010 12:20

Five Degrees West, Falmouth

Cannot say that this would be my first choice in Falmouth. It was originally known as the Laughing Pirate back in the 1970s - 1990s. Food is good but pricey as is the drink. The seating area at the front is limited and tight. Rear outdoor seating is very basic trestle tables. They could improve a lot on that. Agreed re shanickigins about the place's identity. Another trendy 'view of the kitchen' diner as is so popular these days.

13 Oct 2009 18:10

Fox & Hounds, Comford

Nice friendly pub with good drinks service. However, the wine (by the glass) prices are far too high. Have not tried the food yet but a recent visit to celebrate a friend's 50th (outside caterer who set up a nice hog's roast) went down well and they catered for everyone. Excellent and very easy parking which is a bonus.

13 Oct 2009 18:02

The Seven Stars, Flushing

Visited again many times this year. Area at the front is bustling with locals and in the sunshine this place is a real gem. Very busy traffic-wise with cars passing all the time but this does not detract from the excellent views of Falmouth and the Penryn River. Well worth a visit.

13 Oct 2009 17:55

The Wig and Pen, Truro

Horrible rough place which attracts the troublemakers. There was a drunken brawl when we visited (early evening). Landlady has an attitude. Hopeless case.

13 Oct 2009 17:06

Try Dowr, Truro

Easily the worst place to eat in Truro. Had fish and chips and it was insipid - unedibel. Unfortunately, I couldn't complain as it was so cheap. Only ever eat in the One Eyed Cat or Bustophers now.

13 Oct 2009 17:04

Kazbah, Truro

Would rather watch some paint dry!

13 Oct 2009 16:59

The Crab and Ale House, Truro

Took another visit recently. I think I would rather watch some paint drying!

13 Oct 2009 16:57

Chicago Rock Cafe, Truro

Still closed up. Even Wetherspoons are not interested in it!

13 Oct 2009 16:54

Britannia Inn, Truro

Run by a very happy and accommodating chap, but who lacks any insight. This is just another dull, lifeless town pub, which needs an upgrade and some entertainment in order to bring people in. It is empty on Saturday nights! How it makes any profit is beyond me.

13 Oct 2009 16:51

The Angel Inn, Petworth

We visited this hotel one rainy, damp and miserable day, round about 4pm. Unfortunately, it was the time of day when people are not eating or drinking as they are still at work. The hotel was empty. We were greeted by a flashing christmas tree in the entrance, which we didn't really relish seeing in October! We had a couple of glasses of rioja and looked around for somewhere to sit and relax. We sat next to a huge inglenook, but, alas there was no fire. There was also no heating on and it was cold and uninviting. We looked at the menu, but it looked incredibly basic.

13 Oct 2009 16:44

The Stonemason's Inn, Petworth

We stayed for a week in Petworth and it turned out that the Stonemasons was our local as it was easy to walk to. Unfortunately, Petworth is not well served for pubs, but, luckily for us, it was great! When we first walked in, there was a disco set up ready for the Friday night, which put us off initially as we were looking for a quiet set up. We ordered a drink and wondered about whether to eat or not. We spotted the Michael, the landlord, who came across as a very charming and knowledgeable chap. You can always judge a good eatery by looking at their wines. He had no list because it changes regularly. Good quality wines and reasonable prices. These two things gave us the confidence that the food was going to be ok too. The food turned out to be fabulous and, again, not expensive. We were surprised to discover that it is more of a drinking/regulars pub than an eating pub, which surprised us immensely. The chef knows what he is doing and is very enthusiastic. We ate there most nights and had something different each night - every meal was delicious. We got to know the regulars, who made us very welcome. Oh, and we enjoyed the disco too and danced and sang the night away with some kareoke. We will definitely visit again when next in the area.

13 Oct 2009 16:37

The Crown, Chiddingfold

Visited this hotel/pub on 9 October 2009 whilst staying in Petworth. We thought it was very beautiful and well presented. Folk in this area of the country are spoiled and so probably think it is just ok, but, as we are from Cornwall, we thought it was a little bit special as we don't have anything remotely like it in Cornwall. We had sandwiches which were delicious and the wine was good quality. OK, it wasn't cheap, but you have to pay for quality. There was a wedding taking place in the church opposite which was nice to watch while eating. The only drawback is the busy main road which it is situated on, but it wasn't really noticeable once inside.

13 Oct 2009 16:29

Punchbowl & Ladle, Feock

This pub has been taken over by new people, who are very friendly and welcoming. The food I had was typical pub-type food (steak and mushroom suet pie) which was quite good, well presented and very reasonably priced (under �11).

13 Apr 2009 16:28

The Packet Station, Falmouth

Just horrible. Like a 1970s airport lounge.

30 Jan 2009 15:57

The Kings Head, Falmouth

What on earth has happened to this pub? It appears to have been taken over by a chain and is always empty (everytime I visit anyway) and so lacks any atmosphere.

30 Jan 2009 15:55

Four Winds Inn, Falmouth

I visit this pub on occasions for Sunday Lunch. The pub itself is a bit basic and needs a bit of a spruce up, but the staff are very friendly and the food (carvery) is generally very good and good value for money.

30 Jan 2009 15:52

Fox & Hounds, Comford

I think it has been taken over by new people and because of this it has improved greatly. Where the pool table once was, there is now a nice relaxing seating area with candle-lit tables. The pool table has been relegated to the rear of the pub. I have heard the food is quite good, but I have yet to try it. The only downside is it is lacking a nice log fire and a couple of armchairs.

30 Jan 2009 15:44

Heron Inn, Malpas

Visited last week for a drink on Saturday afternoon. Has changed hands and is is now open all day at the weekend. The staff seemed friendly.

13 Oct 2008 16:50

The William IV, Truro

Pub has been completed revamped and is now looking very smart inside and out. Unfortunately, it has gone down the route of being a 'family friendly' pub, which is totally inappropriate for Truro nightlife. The place lacks any atmosphere and was virtually empty when I went inside. Not a good sign considering how much money has been spent on it. The establishment used to be a smokers' pub and, obviously, this is why it is quiet.

13 Oct 2008 16:48

The Roseland Inn, Philleigh

Excellent location and a pub that we have visited for many years. Sadly, the pub has now lost its character with food being the dominant factor. Sunday roasts used to be excellent in the 80s/90s although we were shocked when the outgoing landlord (2006) decided to serve us a Sunday roast meal with no potatoes or veg (just a slice of meat and gravy!!)as a wedding party had eaten them the night before!

The Roseland Inn could do with some refurbishment, TLC and re-appraise its menus. Wine was very expensive. Cosy front bar when the fire is going

11 Jul 2008 11:23

The Victory Inn, St Mawes

This is everything a pub should be. Terrific and very friendly service with a beautiful interior - very marine-like. Food is excellent and service very good with a great 'Specials' board. Highest recommendation.

11 Jul 2008 11:10

The Old Quay Inn, Truro

Pub is not in Truro but 6 miles away in the beautiful creekside village of Devoran. What makes this place is the wonderful setting, particularly in the summer. Parking is very limited so get there early in the evening for a space. Pub has been taken over several times in the last 5 years with varying levels of service. However, service/drink/food is ok.

11 Jul 2008 11:08

Kazbah, Truro

Having recently been taken over and now looking a bit tired with poor seating and dated decor. More of an early evening drinker's bar with little atmosphere. Upstairs toilets a disgrace. This place suffered as a result of Wetherspoons moving into Truro. Food very limited.

11 Jul 2008 11:02

The Bustopher Jones, Truro

It's now called BUSTOPHERS without the JONES.

11 Jul 2008 10:55

Old Manor, Bracknell

Visited on 6 July 2008. The Old Manor was originally one of the first 'Berni Inns' in the 1970s and did a roaring trade for steak and chips. Now owned by the infamous 'cheap' Wetherspoons. We went there for a breakfast which was ok. Atmosphere was almost 'cafe-like' with old boys at the bar drinking booze at 11 am. Not really our scene but suited our needs. Wetherspoons have a nasty habit of 'comparing beer prices' with a big display and saying 'why go anywhere else?'. This is unfair to other businesses and should be scrapped.

11 Jul 2008 10:46

The Golden Retriever, Bracknell

Very busy pub with a good atmosphere. Service is good but can be a little on the slow side at the bar. Cashback not offered and the in-house cash point was not working when we visited in early July 2008. Traffic noise is high although this does not detract. Good value for money and easy parking.

11 Jul 2008 10:39

The Crab and Ale House, Truro

Now that the smoking ban has come to fruition, this pub seems to have suffered. It needs a total update and freshening up because all the furnishings have a horrible stale smoke smell. Also the staff look fed up and are not that welcoming.

23 May 2008 14:35

The Bustopher Jones, Truro

Have eaten there quite a few times, both lunch and dinner. Always good to go for what's on the specials board, which is mostly fish. The only drawback is that if you eat any later than 8pm, you discover that the specials board has sold out. Wine very good, but quite expensive.

23 May 2008 14:33

The River Bank, Truro

The pub has changed yet again and is now called the Riverbank and is aimed at the more mature (over 30). Live music on certain nights. Don't eat in the week, otherwise you will find yourselves eating alone in the restaurant area. Fridays and Saturdays very busy. Food is very good and reasonably priced. Nice real roaring fire and comfy sofas. Well worth a visit.

15 Mar 2008 18:45

Norway Inn, Perran ar Worthal

The landlord is rude and arrogant with no customer service skills whatsoever!

15 Mar 2008 18:39

The Old Bell, Grazeley Green

Stayed at the Travel Inn next door last Friday, so popped in for a drink and meal in the evening. Pleasantly surprised at the quality of the food. Very good and reasonably priced. Breakfast on the other hand was not that good. The sausages were pale and very unappetising. However, staff very friendly and helpful.

21 Sep 2007 17:26

Fox & Hounds, Comford

Went for Sunday lunch. The meal was nice, but the whole place was lacking in atmosphere. I almost had t struggle to keep awake! The publican did not seem to be at all enthusastic, almost like we were putting him out serving us a drink!

17 Jul 2007 12:39

The Quayside Inn, Falmouth

A traditional ales pub, popular with students. The tables outside on the quay are packed very tightly together and there is generally lots of food and rubbish lying about attracting the many seagulls which are now blighting the town.

13 Apr 2007 19:28

The Royal Standard, Flushing

This pub has been taken over and is mediterranean in style with tables and chairs outside. If you are lucky you may get a glimpse of the river, but you will need to sit on the left hand side of the pub. Food is very good and homecooked. The service poor and they expect you to pay up front before you can eat, which is not very helpful if you decide you want another glass of wine with your meal or a dessert afterwards.

13 Apr 2007 19:23

The Seven Stars, Flushing

This pub has been taken over recently by someone who knows what he is doing. Right on the quayside, you can't get a better position. Although I have not eaten here yet, I have heard it is very good. A great place to sit and watch the sun go down.

13 Apr 2007 18:59

The Lemon Arms, Mylor Bridge

Friendly village pub, albeit a little dated inside.

13 Apr 2007 18:57

The Pandora Inn, Restronguet

This pub is typical of many that are situated in the best positions, i.e. waters edge. The food is overpriced and the service is appalling. This is one of my locals and I tend to go only when it is nice weather. Have eaten here several times, but each time I am always slightly disappointed. There is a nice roaring log fire in the winter, which is welcoming, but the staff are always a little 'off'. You need to arrive very early after opening in order to get a parking space in the summer, or forget it, unless you arrive by boat. Great sitting on the pontoon in nice weather. The only drawback here is it is situated too far away from the pub itself.

13 Apr 2007 18:55

The Old Ale House, Truro

Pub is drab and in need of a facelift.

13 Apr 2007 18:50

The Bunters Bar, Truro

Cheap drink, but too noisy and smokey for my tastes.

13 Apr 2007 18:48

The Bustopher Jones, Truro

Since the refit over the last few months, the place has transformed from a drab, dated wine bar to a hip and vibrant place. Very crowded and fully booked the night I went. Haven't eated there yet, but will do so soon. Great cocktails served up.

13 Apr 2007 18:47

The Crab and Ale House, Truro

Friendly and cosy little pub. More traditional than the others in the town.

13 Apr 2007 18:44

Heron Inn, Malpas

As seems to be typical with pubs that have the best positions i.e. overlooking water, the food is just about edible and overpriced. The pub has no atmosphere. The staff look like they wish they weren't really there and it's always shut on a glorious sunny day!!!!!!!!

13 Apr 2007 18:43

Norway Inn, Perran ar Worthal

This pub is a mile from my local. The food is highly overrated and overpriced. Being a bit of a tourist trap on the main road also has its disadvantages (not to the publicans though) because it is always packed to the rafters in the summer and finding a seat is impossible.

13 Apr 2007 18:25

The Royal Oak, Perranwell Station

This is my local and it is by far the best around in the immediate area. The food is good, particularly Sunday lunch, which is very reasonably priced and all home cooked (unlike the Norway Inn down the road, which isn't). Very friendly and helpful staff. Quite a small pub, but it is very bijou, and people flock from miles away to soak up the atmosphere.

13 Apr 2007 18:19

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