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Foxley Hatch, Purley

Wetherspoons, on the small side. Was quiet when I went Saturday lunchtime, yet still had to wait to be served. Had a pint of Ruddles which was £2.05. Alright, but had better pints of it.
Probably okay if you live in the area, but not the pub to make a specific effort to visit if you live elsewhere in South London.

5 Feb 2017 11:04

Foxley Hatch, Purley

Wetherspoons, on the small side. Was quiet when I went Saturday lunchtime, yet still had to wait to be served. Had a pint of Ruddles which was £2.05. Alright, but had better pints of it.
Probably okay if you live in the area, but not the pub to make a specific effort to visit if you live elsewhere in South London.

5 Feb 2017 11:04

Milan Bar, Croydon

Two level pub. Very busy as on the high street, same building as the Vue Cinema.
Wetherspoons, but younger crowd than normal, and a lot more bright.
I had By the Horns, One Armed Bandit which was £2.29 (all draft ales were). Tasty enough.

5 Feb 2017 11:01

The Elephant and Castle, Woolwich

Busy, small pub on the market. Always feel a bit of an outsider there. Served Bombardier fine.

5 Feb 2017 10:57

The Bull, Woolwich

Right by Wolwich Arsenal station, and sells decent quality ale for £2.50. (Master Brew, Doom Bar). Lager cost substantially more (£3.65 ish).
Always shows racing on the TV screens, but sound off.
Toilets are hilarious.

5 Feb 2017 10:55

Great Harry, Woolwich

Towards the lower end of the Wetherspoons scale. Just tries too hard to be Hipster /Craf which just doesn't suit the chain, especially somewhere like Woolwich. Pricing is okay for ales, lagers e.t.c. Often extremely busy even at times when you wouldn exdpect it to be a little quieter

5 Feb 2017 10:52

The Dogstar, Brixton

Last of the four Brixton pubs I visited last weekend. Never been there before, Antic now run it. A couple of minutes from Brixton station, can see from railway line,
Was showing live sport on a giant projector screen, so very busy. Had a decent pint of Volden, can't recall how much. Bar staff friendly and quick.

5 Feb 2017 10:47

Crown and Anchor, Brixton

First time I went there it was great a little pub. I went back last week and it wasn't. seems more interested in being a restaurant than a pub. Every empty table had a reserved sign on., so had to go outside in the cold as if you attempted to sit on one (even if reserved time was over an hour away) you got booted off.
Served seven cask ales, board behind bar listed them all with prices, However, th board behind bar said Gun Brewery Smoked Rye was £4.20, was charged £4.40 for it as 'board was wrong'.
At least they served my ale in a jug.

5 Feb 2017 10:45

Goose, Brixton

CLOSED - Now a TK Maxx.
Been closed for what must be at least 5 years now.

5 Feb 2017 10:36

The Craft Beer Co, Brixton

The Marmite comment below very interesting. On my first visited really didn't like it. My second visit last Sunday, loved it. Had 5 Blue Monkey Cask Ales on (99 babboons was £4.35), plus three Oakham's. There was a cask cider as well as 20 keg beers (7 house, 13 guest according to beer Menu). May bottles.
Pricing of ales is clearly displayed by percentage, which is nice to see. Friendly bar staff.
Expensive compared to Spoons round the corner, but not really for a pub in Zone 2 next to a major station

5 Feb 2017 10:34

The Craft Beer Co, Brixton

The Marmite comment below very interesting. On my first visited really didn't like it. My second visit last Sunday, loved it. Had 5 Blue Monkey Cask Ales on (99 babboons was £4.35), plus three Oakham's. There was a cask cider as well as 20 keg beers (7 house, 13 guest according to beer Menu). May bottles.
Pricing of ales is clearly displayed by percentage, which is nice to see. Friendly bar staff.
Expensive compared to Spoons round the corner, but not really for a pub in Zone 2 next to a major station

5 Feb 2017 10:34

The Beehive, Brixton

Wetherspoons, close to Brixton stations. The beer in decent and is very cheap for area. Very busy, small for a Wetherspoons and unfortunately there always seems to be a few weirdos.

5 Feb 2017 10:29

The Skylark, Croydon

Decent large Wetherspoons in South Croydon.
Upstairs and Downstairs, so plenty of space and can always get a seat.
Prices are standard London prices

28 Jan 2017 09:49

The Railway Hotel, West Wickham

Large Ember Inn, very close to West Wickham station.
Very much geared towards food / families eating, which inevitably leads to long queues at the beer. Rathers annoying as it's just by the station so had dropped by for a quick one whilst waiting for a train
Visited on on a Monday which is Ember Inn £2.49 for ale day which was a bonus.

31 Dec 2016 12:42

The Swan, West Wickham

Had a pint of Ghost Ship, £3.40. Wasn't very good quality.
Liked the pub though. Relatively busy, quiz machine, TVs for sport, separate areas for quiet conversation. If they sort of their beer quality would be happy to return.

31 Dec 2016 12:37

The Wrong 'Un, Bexleyheath

Wetherspoons, but better than many of those nearby in SE London. On my visit I enjoyingly drank Old Thumper at £2.49. Like many Spoons sold shots like sambukas at 3 for £5. Was very busy, standing room only, but it was a December Friday.

31 Dec 2016 12:33

Westow House, Crystal Palace

Large Antic pub, on the corner of the Triangle. Decent enough place, decent selection of ales. Had a beer festival on when I first visited, not sure if that was one-off a an annual thing.
Beer is on the pricey side, but good quality and usually served in proper jug. There is a table football machine and pinball machine inside the pub.

31 Dec 2016 12:29

Patrick's, Crystal Palace

CLOSED - Not been there for 2-3 years now

31 Dec 2016 12:23

The Railway Bell, Crystal Palace

This is an excellent Youngs Pub, very popular with locals. Not much passing trade, as it's located down the Hill from Crystal Palace (towards Gypsy Hill), sonot the most fun walk back. Always have Youngs Bitter and Special on, bottles of Light Ale and Ram Rod also available.
There's a fish tank around the back, plenty of books to read.

31 Dec 2016 12:22

Beer Rebellion, Gipsy Hill

Decent, small place opposite Gypsy Hill train station. Run by Late Knights, but oddly had no Late Knights beer when I visited. Had a Milk Stout instead (can't remember vrewery sorry). Toilets are a little odd.

31 Dec 2016 12:16

The Slug and Lettuce, Clapham Junction

Nice enough if you don't drink anything I suppose.
But having spent £4+ on the world's most undrinkable pint of Greene King IPA there I do not have fond memories of it.

31 Dec 2016 12:08

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

Can be very busy, but worth a visit as always has a huge amount of ales. I had a nice pint of Hop Back's Winter Lightning on my visit last week.
If you go into one of the area's behind the bar there are quieter areas with bookshelves e.t.c

31 Dec 2016 12:03

The Effra Social, Brixton

Next door to the Hootananny, former conservative club, now open to everyone although feels like a club still.
Can't remember what I drank, (sixth and last pub of the day) but it was £4.00 (I remember as there was a pinball machine which I put my £1 change in.

4 Dec 2016 16:14

The Hootananny, Brixton

Had a pint of the house beer, Hootananny Pale Ale 3.6% for £3.00. Not sure what brewery made it. Large pub, between Brixton and Herne Hill train stations. Multicultural clientele which fits into the area quite nicely.

4 Dec 2016 16:08

The Commercial, Herne Hill

Pub opposite entrance to Herne Hill Station. Useful if your train is cancelled (which Thameslink trains frequently are). Pub has free wi-fi so can check times there. Usually quite busy, but service is always very prompt. Beer quality can vary a bit, but in my most recent visit I had a Harbour Brewing Company, Breakfast Pale Ale 4.5% which was very nice.

4 Dec 2016 16:04

The Half Moon, Herne HIll

Currently closed still, but work is under way at moment. Fullers plan to re-open it February 2017.

4 Dec 2016 15:58

The Florence, Herne Hill

Busy pub near to Herne Hill Station. Always seems to have familiies in there. At my visit there yesterday was a Santa Claus there for the children.
It sells lots of craft beers, ans subsequently is rather expensive. I had a By the Horns Mayor of Garrett 4.3%, which was £4.10. and came in a jug.

4 Dec 2016 15:57

The Prince Regent, Herne Hill

Large pub opposite the Lido. Had a very nice pint of Springhead Outlawed,3.8%, £3.90. Dog friendly pub, would happily go again if passing by.

4 Dec 2016 15:50

The Greyhound, Bromley

Pretty decent for a Wetherspoons. Significantly better than the one at Bromley South. Larger than it looks from the outside, plenty of ales always on, currently ranging in the £2.39-£2.69 price range.

27 Nov 2016 15:42

The Compass, Bromley

CLOSED - Shut at the start of 2016. Now a Restaurant.

27 Nov 2016 15:40

The Railway Hotel, Bromley

Antic pub, so mismatched furniture in abundance. Usually quite busy. Interesting selection of ales always sold but usually you don't get much change for a £5 note.
Never tried the food but always people there eating. Opposite Bromley North bus station, so useful stop off before heading home after shopping at the weekend.

27 Nov 2016 15:38

O'Neill's, Beckenham

Had several down years after they axed live bands playing saturday nights when the flats above complained. (I hate morons move above a pub and complain about noise) . It has however been on the up for the past few years. Now regularly serves London Pride, reasonabley priced at £3.20 a pint. Staff are good, and probably the most relaxing place to watch Football on Sky. Serve food throughout the day which is normally pretty good.

27 Nov 2016 15:32

The Coach and Horses, Beckenham

Nice back street pub just off the High Street. Prices same as most of Beckenham nowadays. Seating outside front and back. Current management are pretty decent.
Has a couple of TV screens, but very much a Rugby pub, so ask to watch football on them at your own risk.

27 Nov 2016 15:27

The Goose, Beckenham

A few years back Mitchell and Butler's sold the goose chain, but kept this pub meaning they needed to rename it so it became the White Horse. The only real change is it's slightly more expensive now (still pretty cheap) and it now shows Sky Sports and has a cuddly toy 'claw' machine.
Large premises as used to be an Iceland (rare example of a pub which replaced a supermarket). Cheapish food, it's a good place to visit if you're seeing a film at the cinema. Also opens early for Breakfast.
Beer quality varies, sometime it's great, sometimes awful, sometimes non existant
Not as busy/rowdy friday and saturday evenings as it used to be.

27 Nov 2016 09:45

The Bricklayers Arms, Beckenham

5-10 years ago this was the mos horrible pub in Beckenham by a long way which is why it has a low rating.
However, it's improved a lot since then although it is a little odd. Full of old men sitting at bar, but a huge inflatable spider-man on the wall!
Big sign outside last week declared beer festival 14-20th November. Went inside, no real evidence of this at all. Ales on were St Austell's Proper Job and St Austell's Tribute. It was cheap for Beckenham £3.30 a pint, so I'm guessing beer festival meant cheaper beer rather than variety of beer.
Located opposite Beckenham Cinema, Pub shows Sky Sports and plently of seats in outside area to side of pub.

27 Nov 2016 09:37

O'Connors, Woolwich


26 Nov 2016 11:24

O'Neills, Bromley

Huge pub, subsequently it always feels empty even when I've been in there to watch the football. Sells Greene King IPA but that's not always on, so had to drink Coors last time.

20 Nov 2016 12:02

Odd Shoe, Croydon

Odd Shoe by name, odd pub by nature. Couldn't work out who owned it and what sort of pub/crowd it was going for. Harmless enough, there are better and worse pubs in Croydon.

20 Nov 2016 11:56

The Spread Eagle, Croydon

On the High Street, on of the Ale+Pie Fullers pubs, hence larger and noisier than the nearby Royal Standard. They always have a large selection of Fullers beers on draft as well has most Fullers bottled beers. Occasional guest ale. Has TVs for sport. Have a theatre upstairs.

20 Nov 2016 11:52

The Royal Standard, Croydon

Fullers pub, located only a few minutes away from the High Street but feels much further. The HSB is always superb condition and they usually have at least four Fullers/Gales beers on. Had a refurb early summer when new people took over which lost some of it's old school charm. The beer garden across the road under the flyover is to be experienced.

20 Nov 2016 11:46

The Royal Standard, Blackheath

Located on the Vanburgh Park roundabout, no nearby train station but on numberous bus routes so can be reach from all over SE London. Had a pint of London Pride at £4.10 and was superb - one of the best I've ever had outside Fullers own pubs. Ordered a Ghost Ship to see if that was as top quality but it wasn't on. Staff did remove beer pump afterwards. Gastropub, Egg and Chips for £9.75. An Avocado burger costs £12.50. Mix of age ranges/groups. Free Wi-Fi.
Remember thinking that the gents toilets had obviously been designed/decorated by a woman.

20 Nov 2016 11:39

The Railway, Blackheath

Next to the station. London Pride cost £4.25 for a pint, but was dcent enough quality. Also had Doom Bar and HopStuff Session on draft. Right by station so handy for popping in if getting on/off a train. Busy, some lone commuters, but largely small groups of people in their 20s. Had to wait a minute to be servced, but they did have a sensible number of staff on. Anymore and they would have been colliding with each other/fighting over beer taps.

20 Nov 2016 11:37

O'Neills, Blackheath

Look's and feels like an O'Neills but at an upper quality than most. Well laid out pub with tables catering for any size group between 2 and 12, so can easily find the right spot for a beer/chat. Green King IPA was £3.20 and decent quality. The staff asked me what IPA I wanted when I ordered it as they also sold a couple of various Craft IPA. The gambling machines in the pub are unobtrusive

20 Nov 2016 11:36

The Princess of Wales, Blackheath

Had a pint of Wild Weather Ales Keyboard Warrior 3.9% which I've never come across before but was delightful. Cost £4.30. Several other ales on. It's a locals pub, but as a visitor I felt welcome. Located Just off the Blackheath common/green/park. I visited in November, can imagine it's great in the summer.

20 Nov 2016 11:35

The Crown, Blackheath

This is a Shepherd Neame pub, £3.90 for a Spitfire, superb quality. (Last of the six Blackheath pubs I visited this week and have to say Blackheath knows how to sell ale well)
Outside/Inside looks feel like a pub apart from one thing - the stranges/bonkers entry doors that I've come across. It's not a clothes shop/poncey restaurant.

20 Nov 2016 11:34

The Bugle Horn, Charlton

Looks like it had had a refurb recently. Decent selection of ales, friendly staff. Shows sport was rather quiet (possibly every was in the nearby White Swan which had a quiz going on).

20 Nov 2016 11:01

The White Swan, Charlton

Went on a tuesday, very busy - they had a quiz going on. Large range of ales, cost around £3.80 each from memory. I got an enormous bowl of peanuts for £2.00. Pub is bigger inside than it looks from the outside.

20 Nov 2016 11:01

The Moon and Stars, Penge

Wetherspoons. Similar to majority of chain, in terms of price, layout, food and drink range.
Seems to have abit of a bad reputation (largely from people who frequently go there themselves!) but I've never had a problem with it - there's always a large range of ales, kept well and reasonably priced.

20 Nov 2016 10:46

The Pawleyne Arms, Penge

While so many of the areas old school pubs have gone replaced by gastropubs, supermarkets or flats this one has remained and not changed much. No ale, so had to settle for Fosters.
Went earlier in the year and they had a Ghosbusters pinball machine, when I went back it had gone.

20 Nov 2016 10:06

The Alexandra, Penge

CLOSED, but scheduled to reopen in January 2017 to be run by Late Knights

20 Nov 2016 10:00

The Bridge House Tavern, Penge

First of the new wave of Hipster and Gastropubs to hit the area. Have to go up stairs to reach the bar when you arrive so not one for the less mobile. Beer is always served well, but is 30-40p more expensive per pint than comparative pubs in the area. Popular with people with babies/young children which can be irritating. Decent sized garden at the back.

20 Nov 2016 09:57

The Anerley Arms, Anerley

Nice old fashioned pub by Anerley stations. Always pop in if Im passing by.
Samuels Smiths, so draft beer very cheap (You can comfortably buy three, sometimes for pints for less than £10. I prefer the Samuel Smith's bottled beers which they do sell but are much more pricery (£5 each on average).
Pool table, plus board games available. The food is pretty decent. Mix of age ranges/groups amongst clientele. The staff are friendly. Rather drunk people are still served more beer rather than being refused, which is either a positive or a negative depending if you are one or not..

20 Nov 2016 09:53

The Mitre, Anerley

It is a local's pub, generally fine for outsiders/visitors although does attract some weirdos/dpdgy types in the summer months when the weather is warm enough to sit outside, so I usually only pop in during the winter whilst travelling from South Norwood to Penge.(only pub on that road)
Shows sport - had Sky Premiership football on all the screens, but at customers request switched to rubgy on the BBC on ones of them. Tribute was £3.70, tasty.

20 Nov 2016 09:44

The Cherry Trees, South Norwood

Improved over the past few years. Gets very busy between 1.30 and 2.30 on matchdays but plently off staff (They had 11 barmaids during the last home game). Right by Norwood Junction station. Beers all priced in the £3.50 to £4.00 range. Sky TV, big screen. Toilets aren't great. Have barbecue in beer garden at back.

20 Nov 2016 09:37

The Ship, South Norwood

CLOSED August 2014.

20 Nov 2016 09:27

William Stanley, South Norwood

Re-opened by Antic as "Shelverdine Goathouse". Pint of Jaipur was £4.10. Served in Plastic glass due to the Palace v Man City game being that afternoon could have been topped up but kept well. Still feels more Spoons than Antic, although not as busy as Spoons used to be on matchdays. Would be interested to see what it is like midweek.

20 Nov 2016 09:26

Dylan's, Lewisham

Called the Joiners Arms mow (has been for ages). Alright to pop in if you are passing but unlikely to have more than one
Irish pub, (decor, staff and most the customers)
Shows sport on Sky. Doom Bar was £3.25ish, reasonably decent.

20 Nov 2016 08:47

The Jolly Farmers (ex jordan), Lewisham

Old school locals pub but nice friendly to locals.
Only been there half a dozen times when passing through the area, but never had a bad pint in there, most recently drank Brockley Pale Ale, 4.1% at £3.29 a pint which was lovely..
Nearby to Ladywell station and as it's on the road from Lewisham to Catford loads of busses pass by.

20 Nov 2016 08:39

The Ravensbourne Arms, Lewisham

CLOSED end of October 2016.
Antic are taking over the premised of the Market Tavern up the road opposite the Lewisham Centre.

Was alright but not great.

20 Nov 2016 08:35

The Albert Tavern, South Norwood

Underrated pub. Frequently go there on the way to/from Selhurst Park. Away from the main roads, sits on the junction of Harrington Road and Albert Road in a residential area. Near the tramstop and one side of South Norwood Country Park.

A Greene King pub, the beers always served well reasonably priced.
TV screens and Sky/BT for showing sports.
Food decent and Family friendly.

20 Nov 2016 08:32

The Grove Tavern, Surbiton

Down the road from the Antelope. Gastropub, but the inoffensive type. Had a Sharp's Coaster for £4.15 which was rather nice. Aside from a large group eating lunch rather quiet at the time of my visit.

12 Nov 2016 12:52

The Antelope, Surbiton

10 ales, 5 ciders on during my visit. Had a Big Smoke Solaris (who seem to be the Resident Brewery based at the back from what I could tell) and a Brightwater ittle Nipper bot £4.00
There was a funny smell but I think they had just painted the toilets. Was reasonably busy for a Thursday afternoon and not just your usual retired old men clientele. Would visit again if in area.

12 Nov 2016 12:50

The Fox And Hounds, Surbiton

Was there last week. Had a pint of Adnams Bitter for £4.20. A little pricey, but all of Surbiton did seem that way and it was very nice.
Staff were friendly to me, might have changed owners since the comments from 2012 and 2013?
Huge pub dog so maybe not one for people scared of dogs.

12 Nov 2016 12:46

Harts Boatyard, Surbiton

Great views of the Thames. £4.45 for London Pride is bit pricey though.
Had to wait ages to be served despite only two other customers in the pub during my visit as barman was making himself a cappuccino.
In no hurry to go back.

12 Nov 2016 12:43

The Ship of Fools, Croydon

CLOSED. Now a Sainsburys. No real surprise, was a terrible pub and the Milan/George/Skylark are all nicer Wetherspoons

12 Nov 2016 12:40

Arkwrights Wheel, Croydon

CLOSED - Several years ago now.

12 Nov 2016 12:39

The Old Fox and Hounds, Croydon

Greene King pub at the West Croydon end of the main shopping street/area of Croydon, so away from most of the other pubs and bars.
Usual standard Greene King drinks, IPA and Abbots. Reasonably priced. Hasn't changed much in years.

12 Nov 2016 12:38

The George, Croydon

One of the busiest Wetherspoons in the whole country. Consquently it can get rammed (it has too many tables/gambling machine in which doesn't help. The back bar isn't always open but the front one does have wide range of ales, usually in the £2.50-£2.80 range. Close to George Street tram stop. Always worth a visit for a drink, but rarely stay for more than one.

12 Nov 2016 12:34

The Goose on the Market, Croydon

Cheapest pub in Croydon and has been for over a decade now. Possible to get a Greene King IPA for less than £2.00. Has Pool table, big screen showing SkySports and BT. Cheap food, wide range of drinks.
Does attract some oddballs/chavvy scum but you expect that of any cheap pub. Not as bad as it's reputation.

12 Nov 2016 12:31

The Ship, Croydon

Despite having 1,600 odd pubs across the country this is one of Marston's few outlets in South / South-East London

As a pub which plays Rock/Metal music. If you don't like that sort of music avoid, if you do it's a must visit.

Usually have a few guests ales on at normally for less than £3.00 (on my most recent visit had a pint of Cereal Thriller for £2.90. Unfortunately ale is too often kept poorly so often best to stick with the bottled beers. Hobgoblin Gold and Kinggobliin. Staff are fine, including the bouncers.

12 Nov 2016 12:29

The Coronation Hall, Surbiton

Easily cheapest boozer in Surbiton. £2.65 for a pint of Loddon's old Hocus Pocus (that was priciest of pints).
Even by Spoons standards was very busy for 4pm in the afternoon. Had to wait to be served but staff were alert so customers were served in the order they should be.
Décor inside pub impressive.

There are many 'orrible Spoonses, especially in London. This certainly isn't one of them. In fact I'd place it in the top 10/12 within the M25

9 Nov 2016 16:29

The Victoria, Surbiton

Problem with beer cellar when I visited this afternoon meaning no draft ale so had to make do with a bottle of Five Point IPA (7.1%, 300ml, £5.20).

Another of Surbiton's gastropubs so unsurprisingly empty at half three in the afternoon. Didn't feel like a Young's pub. Inoffensive, safe and rather bland.

9 Nov 2016 16:20

Duke of York, Surbiton

Greene King. From memory about £3.70 for pint of IPA. Asked if I wanted jug or tall glass. Quality pretty good.
Pretty spacious, whilst going for the food market also a place where you can just drink rather than eat and not feel the odd one out.
Quiet music was playing in the background, a couple of TVs in the corners (one BBC News 24, the other on Sky news).

9 Nov 2016 14:52

The Surbiton Flyer, Surbiton

Fullers pub, cost £4.20 for a pint of Red Fox, served in a jug. Quality fine.
Gastro pub so a bit bland. TV showing Sky News when I visited mid afternoon.

9 Nov 2016 14:44

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