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Comments by sophiep

The Bell, St Albans

Awwwww the good old days. I used to visit my Auntie and Uncle who had this pub for yearrrs. I loved this place it was fab.

4 Aug 2010 01:02

The Blacksmiths Arms, St Albans

Hehehehe My mum and dad had this pub also but not for long in the 80's.

4 Aug 2010 00:58

The Priory, Dunstable

Awwww really miss this place xx My Mum and Dad used to have this place when it was The Chiltern, back in its heyday in 80's. I learnt to pull my first perfect pint here by the time I was 3! With the locals wingeing about the noise.....(well durrrr it was a pub/club!) They turned it into the now eating/ carvery establishment it is today. Hmmmmm!!!!

4 Aug 2010 00:55

The British Queen, Cambridge

awwww this was a fab place in its hey day. my mum and dad used to be the landlords. this was my first home xxxx mum and dad got lovely pics from here xxx

14 Apr 2010 03:27

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