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Comments by smokie

The Live and Let Live, West Kensington

I really do not think bars can get any worse than this (although in this area anything is possible).This pub is an insult to the drinking classes.The service is beyond appalling,the (fairly decent) decor ruined by the numerous screens around the place screening every football game they can cram out,with leering drunk townies transfixed to the screen to see if Outer Mongolia score against Timbuktoo United. The beer is an insult to taste buds and is served with such sloppiness it makes you feel like tipping it over the staff - and wnen you taste it you would wish you had. At the end of the evening, the drunks come staggering out chanting the Match of the Day theme as they vomit in the nearby streets and insult anybody decent that may unfortunately be walking past.

They have applied for a license extension in the upcoming law shake up.If they get one,then there is no justice & it would be a blatant attack on sanity. Along with the Norman Arms on Lille Road,the worst bars in the area and a good excuse for demolition.

13 Aug 2005 18:02

The Curtain's Up, West Kensington

Utter shite pub that really does sum up the large amount of crap taverns in this area.The layout is awful,the booze is crap and flat.The staff are so slow,you could leave someone at the bar,go and have a few pints somewhere else, then go back & they would still be waiting (not that I would reccomend leaving anyone on their own in this cess pit)

10 Aug 2005 17:10

The Fox, West Kensington

Why this pub is liked by people is beyond me.Crap ale,boozed up estate types,lousy karaoke.Another crap bar in a sea of shite boozers.0/10

10 Aug 2005 17:06

Smugglers Inn, Osmington Mills

A lovely lovely pub.Great food,lovely beer and so Olde English it feels like you have stepped back in time. The surrounding areas are delightful.One of the finest bars I've ever been in.10/10

26 Jul 2005 21:53

The Queens Head, Hammersmith

Why oh why are the staff so lousy in this pub?? It is in a fantastic position,the beer garden is great and the decor inside is wonderful.The staff however are the worst I have ever encountered.They are beyond slow,they are rude and if you aren't ordering from their (vastly overpriced) menu,you will be completely ignored.If corrected,this would be a fantastic pub.As it is though,it gets a low rating.

22 Jul 2005 21:01

The Trout, Hammersmith

Another of the 99% shite pubs in Hammersmith.The layouts ok,but the beer is revolting,the staff beyond inneficient and the toilets are a bad joke.Avoid.

22 Jul 2005 20:18

The Bridgtown Tavern, Bridgtown

I love this place. Much quieter than the nearby Stumble Inn, the landlord keeps a damn good pint of bitter. The menu is great and well prepared. It can be very quiet at times, but if all your after is a nice chat with friends, then this place beats the hell out of the majority of shite holes around Cannock. A 10 rating.

21 Jul 2005 12:55

The Stumble Inn, Bridgtown

Not a bad pub.A little loud maybe, and the beer could be improved, but by & large a pub unspoiled by the ravages of time.

21 Jul 2005 12:51

The Wilton Arms, Fulham

I cant believe that this pub has had some decent reviews. It is a shite hole. Its dirty, the toilets stink, the patio is more like a bomb site & stinks like a cess pit. The bar staff are surley.Some of the customers are ok but the pub itself should be forceably closed down for the sake of the good folk of Fulham. A 0 rating.

21 Jul 2005 12:50

The Hop Poles, Hammersmith

Well said Mr.Raffles. In an area like Hammersmith,where 99% of the pubs are shite,this one gets the award for being the crumbiest pub of them all. No style or class. The bouncers are a waste of space, the under age slappers are pursued by slavering townies eager to put another tart up the duff & drain the welfare state even more. This pub should have a Biohazard warning palced on every window.

21 Jul 2005 12:44

The Norman Arms, Fulham

Take notice of the comments about this pub. It is BY FAR the WORST pub in West London. Dirty, lousy beer, crap karaoke.A paradise for brain dead estate types who think a good night out consists of beating up complete strangers because they 'look different'. I would rather stick pins in my eyes before going in again.

21 Jul 2005 12:37

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