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The White Hart, Aldershot

This is now closed.

28 Sep 2016 17:14

The Barley Mow, Tilford

I have reviewed this pub before, but after visiting on Saturday I have to post another.
We were told by the barman that we could have any of the normal menu as child sized for the children with us - and then the landlord very rudely and loudly discussed with the waitress that they did not do this. Didn't bother to actually talk to us. If you are a child you must have the plastic kiddies food.
The amstel was awful which must be quite difficult to achieve.
I've really gone off this place because of the bar staff and the rude landlord. Shame as it should be a pleasure to go there!
Don't bother. . . . .

4 Sep 2012 18:06

Que Pasa, Camberley

Ok bar - toilets REVOLTING. I've never been in a ladie's toilet that smelled of pee like that! Along with missing cubicles so toilets out in the open and water that was so hot it was boiling.

Please fix these and we might, just might come back . . . .

26 Dec 2011 23:17

Great Central, Fallowfield

Rude staff! I only asked for the end to be taken off the pump so my beer would comme iout "flat" like we have it down south!
Wouldn't bother if I wasn't staying near here for a few days.
Nice pint of Blindmans Siberia despite the staff.

8 Apr 2011 16:13

The Inn On The Green, Ockley

I was slightly apprehensive about going to this pub with some friends for a meal, but went as I had visited a couple of years ago for a family event and it had been great.

We were not attacked by any dogs (she was asleep on a sofa) and the beer was really good. I had several speckled hens just to make sure. . . .

Food was pleasant with lots of veggie choices. Landlord and landlady were chatty and welcoming.

We will visit again.

25 Oct 2010 11:02

Corn Mill, Llangollen

Odd restaurant which brought our mains before the starters. Instant mash and tinned very salty soup!

One of our pints was off although the rest were fine. Mostly alright.

13 Sep 2010 20:00

The Telford Inn, Trevor

No real ale at all!!! Lovely 70's decor.

Sad :-(

11 Sep 2010 22:01

Ye Olde Windsor Castle, Bookham

Had a very pleasing pint of Boondoggle here this week. I am a huge fan of having separate family and adult only lounges and it was quite peaceful.

Having said that, the barman nearly threw my drink at me as he was in such a hurry to get back to the restaurant.

Not sure I'll bother going back to try the rest of the beers.

24 Aug 2010 21:33

The Plough, Effingham

Had a lovely couple of pints in here this week. Beautifully kept guest beer and a Young's Special.

Have been trying to visit for ages, but seems to be one of the few pubs that shuts during the afternoon and doesn't open until the evening.

I have to agree that there were too many tables for food and not enough for drinking at!

20 Aug 2010 12:29

The Bell, Fetcham

Really, really excellent beer and nice atmosphere apart from yapping dog. Seemed like a good mix of people and a good place for a pint and a chat.

Unfortunately we went for the food as well which was verging on awful.

I'll go back for the beer though!

15 Nov 2009 16:49

The Lyceum, Strand

Went here after a show and was really unimpressed.

The Old Brewery Bitter was served through one of the northern sparkler fittings on the pump that rips all the bubbles out of the beer and stuffs it on the top to make a head. Absolutely ruined what was already a mediocre pint! And if it wasn't that then there is something seriously wrong with the beer . . . .

Probably wouldn't bother going here again.

18 Oct 2009 19:18

The Swan, Ash Vale

andycrofts - you're posting a review on a visit FOUR years ago?

Post something current . . . .

14 Sep 2009 22:23

The Albion, Arnside

Can't get excited about Thwaites beer and have to agree that it makes Greene King taste exciting! And by the time they've taken all the bubbles out of it with that attachment on the pump to put a head on it . . . .

The locals smoked in the lobby and as a result the pub filled with smoke every time the door was opened. Thought it was odd that this was permitted until the landlord was pointed out doing the same with them.

Went here for food more than anything else and that was AWFUL. Oddly it had been recommended, but I guess they must have liked inedible veg and a truely dreadful vegetarian dish.

We won't be back.

1 Sep 2009 18:23

The Shakespeare Inn, Kendal

Very nice beer, but empty on a Bank Holiday afternoon. Strangely seemed stuck in the 70s decor wise :-)

31 Aug 2009 18:17

The Rainbow Tavern, Kendal

Nice Hobgoblin, but thats about all you can say about this place. Characterless, but seemed typical of the area!

31 Aug 2009 18:14

The Royal Oak, Bookham

Lovely lovely beer :-) Can't tell you what a nice suprise it was to find a quiet bar without a fruit machine (that was the other side) and 8 real ales, 7 of which were on.

How nice. Will be back to try the rest!

10 Aug 2009 20:35

The Crown and Cushion, Blackwater

Went here on a Friday night with friends and had a couple of stunning pints of Bishops Finger and Caterbury Jack.

Lovely pub with friendly staff.

Only drawback was the lack of seating. All of it was reserved for diners, but then its actually quite a small pub and quite different during the week. There is plenty of seating outside.

Will try the food next time.

19 Jul 2009 08:28

The Squirrel, North Camp

Can't they move the smokers away from the windows? On those blazing hot summer days the smoke came straight into the bar!

Huge rating reduction from us - although lovely beer, foul cigarette smoke make me heave.

Guess its just a winter pub from now on.

17 Jul 2009 14:09

Stradey Arms, Llanelli

This pub looked quite nice and seemed quite busy when we went in

Shame about the beer. Buckleys Best was disgusting. Stagnant and vile.

Please clean your pipes.

25 Jun 2009 16:24

Imperial Standard, Aldershot

Absolutely amazed that this pub has been revamped by the brewery considering the number of pubs that have closed down! They've done quite a nice job with a new bar, pool table and sofa area. Even the floor is new.

The loud wide screens and slightly rowdy, but really, really friendly crowd makes this ideal if you like footie on the telly!

They only had Courage Best on pump when I went in there, but its very local and that will do.

You can get a Chinese or Fish and Chips from accross the road and eat it with your pint too!

The landlady is lovely and I really wish her all the best for the pub.

The best toilets I've seen anywhere for AGES. . . . Well worth a look :-)

15 Jun 2009 18:02

The Crown Hotel, Tarporley

We stayed here and although the accommodation was dire, the beer was quite good! They only had one on while we were there and that was Deuchars IPA. Very drinkable if you got them to take that dreadful attachment off the end of the pipe that rips all the bubbles out of it.

If you like original seventies decor this is the place for you!

24 May 2009 14:26

The Kingswood Arms, Kingswood

On first impression this pub was ok. Until we tried our drinks. . . . My Courage Directors and my partner's Wells Bombardier were both revolting - flat and very very warm. Horrible! Had to resort to lager although my partner tried the London Pride and said it was ok. Wonder when those pipes were last cleaned???

Apart from that there were so many dogs growling and snapping at each other all around us that it was impossible to relax.

Dreadful place - avoid!

16 May 2009 11:30

The Thames Court, Shepperton

The beer was nice, the service was polite, the vegetarian option was disgusting although the meat dishes were ok, if rather harvester-like.

I like food with my beer and will continue to comment on it!! Helps me choose where to go to eat and drink if I can see other's comments :-)

7 May 2009 15:48

The Barley Mow, Tilford

Came in here after a walk on a Sunday and to be fair no-one commented on our slightly muddy walking boots, but . . . .

The tables were dirty and sticky, we had to wait to be served and then had to ask for our pints to be topped up. The landlord was far too busy chatting with his mates to help behind the bar.

Nice beer though.

4 Mar 2009 12:59

The Shepherd and Flock, Farnham

The beer here is lovely. Always an excellent selection and always in tip top condition.

To join the food debate I would suggest that the vegetarian food selection is very poor so we won't dine here although the pricing appears reasonable. My other half would love to eat his way through the menu . . . .

25 Feb 2009 17:55

The Ball and Wicket, Heath End

Went here with a mate as we both liked the idea of some different, locally brewed real ale.

The beer was fab. Being groped by the locals wasn't. What a bunch of rowdy drunks. Completely spoiled the visit!

Don't go there ladies . . . .

20 Feb 2009 16:39

The White Hart, Aldershot

I always feel safe in this pub and go in here on my own when I feel like a cold beer and a quiet read of my book! Or just a chat with whoever is at the bar. Its an incredible bonus (as a female) to be able to go out somewhere on your own even if you're not a shrinking violet. . . . .

There is a nice quiet end with tables and not too much football which is good for a gossip with mates too :-)

Can be a bit child-infested on Sunday lunchtimes, but evenings are for grown ups.

4 Feb 2009 20:56

The Garden Gate, Aldershot

I really thought this pub was going to close as it seemed to be badly hit by the smoking ban.

Still lovely beer and friendly staff!

4 Feb 2009 20:40

The Shoulder of Mutton, Hartley Wintney

Lovely, Lovely pub. Fantastic open fire and well kept Adnams.

Really nice food and good service.

Have been here several times recently and it has been consistently good for food and beer. Fab :-)

26 Jan 2009 22:45

The Bat and Ball, Boundstone

We've been here before, but unfortunately ate here the other night. Over-ambitious menu which looked really good, but was not nice when it arrived on the plate. My vegi saus had a tough skin on them and the venison was aparently tough too.

Beer ok-ish and nice atmosphere. Probably wouldn't bother again as the Sandrock is up the road!

11 Jan 2009 22:02

The Britannia, Guildford

Glad I'm not the only one who is finding the Kiddie Friendly concept of pubs utterly irritating and confusing. And no, I don't find ANY kids cute.

Is there no comment from the management on this?

11 Jan 2009 21:47

Berlon, Farnborough

Went here with a mate and was pleasantly suprised. Something a bit different for North Camp!

Wouldn't normally drink lager (but on the grounds that its somewhere that you can go that you can go with a bunch of girfriends that is respectable in this area) for Berlon I'll make the exception.

No real ale :-(

1 Jan 2009 20:57

New Leathern Bottle, Jealotts Hill

Went here again with friends for Sunday lunch. Horrified to find that the same dodgy nut roast was the vegi option as it was last year. That was accompanied by almost solid vegi gravy . . . . Will have a liquid lunch next time.

Fab beer, rubbish food if you don't eat meat, but my partner says the traditional sunday lunch was fine.

Toilets have been refurbished and were very nice!!

1 Jan 2009 20:50

The Swan, Ash Vale

Pepperharrow - its not like that now. Rubbish. Sorry.

1 Jan 2009 20:13

The Britannia, Guildford

Had a very nice pint of London Pride here this afternoon, but unfortunately accompanied by many children . . . . some of whom were a bit loud.

The barman was priming the Hobgoblin and Theakstons pumps when we arrived.

Its a nicely done place, the barman was friendly and the bar snacks were good. I expect the ambience is completely different at night when I guess there are no under 5's present!

Not sure where grown-ups are supposed to go now and not expect to be inundated by other people's kids . . . . .

1 Jan 2009 17:04

The Boar's Head, Horsham

We went here for Sunday lunch as a group and can't say it was the experience we were expecting!
Beer was fantastic, but that was the only good point.
Waited ages for service, food and drinks - it wasn't worth it. The veggie option is one of the most awful dishes anyone has had the cheek to dish up to me to date and the meat apparently wasn't much better.
If you only want to drink I suppose this place would be ok, but we wouldn't bother again.

7 Dec 2008 21:33

The Three Horseshoes, Thursley

We have been going to this pub for a while for quiet evenings out.

The barmaid is friendly and the beers are nice, even if they don't change much, but . . . .

. . . . If you want to be glared at by the bloke who works in the restaurant all night its the place to be. He has put us off with his rude manner and obtrusive presence. Wierd, but we've now stopped going there as he makes us feel so uncomfortable!

10 Oct 2008 14:38

Tumbledown Dick, Farnborough

Closed. Boarded up. Gone. Another pub dies in Farnborough. . . .

2 Jul 2008 17:04

The Elephant and Castle, North Camp

Oh dear. Tried this pub again and really wished I hadn't bothered. Its worse than ever.

Full of smoke where it gently whafts through the open door where the smokers lurk the other side. And a punch bag machine where the punters can test their strength.

Dreadful and with the violent punching sound going off constantly not a place I will ever go again.

5 Jun 2008 09:42

Foresters, Hampton Wick

Fantastic, vibrant pub run by a landlord who is very enthusiastic - especially about the food, which is excellent. He also appears to know the provenance and preparation of all the ingredients!!

If you want fast food go somewhere else as this is cuisine food, beautifully cooked and presented as a work of art. Yes it takes time, but well worth it. . . .

Only one real ale, but lots of lagers and cider.

We thought it was fab and will be back for more live music and food soon :-)

3 Feb 2008 22:27

The Sun Inn, Dunsfold

This has to be the most expensive pub we've been to ever for real ale at 3 a pint! And its not like they spend the money on the place either.

This pub was grubby and shabby, but with someone's creativity and enthusiasm could be a lovely pub.

The loud tv did nothing for the atmosphere either. . .

28 Jan 2008 22:48

The Edmund Tylney, Leatherhead

Just don't go there!

Was presented with a pint of Pedigree that you could have floated things on top of - when I complained the manager dipped a straw in it and tasted it and said it was alright. . . I asked for it to be replaced and he went to give me another of the same! After obtaining a pint of Abbot when I declined another Pedigree he didn't take the Pedigree off, but was obviously happy to give it to other people. He also said he didn't have any change and would have to owe me the pennies.
My mate's red wine was so cold it was undrinkable and she had to argue to have it replaced from a bottle rather than the draft stuff they had given me initially.

I spoke to the manager and said that his pub was awful and the recent reviews that I had seen on this site were accurate and he just laughed as if it were really funny.

Never again. It was dreadful.

30 Nov 2007 09:50

New Leathern Bottle, Jealotts Hill

Not sure what to say about this pub apart from "don't go in the Gents" which is a comment from my partner.

The food was nice, and the real ale was great, but the tables were sticky and I usually think the toilets are a reflection of the state of the kitchen.

I'll go back in a bit and see if its changed at all . . . .

4 Nov 2007 22:44

The Thatched Cottage, Farnborough

We went here for a quiet drink and it was really nice. There were 4 real ales on hand pump and a really nice non-smoking bar (although this will cease to be relevant soon)

There could have been more atmosphere, but on a Tuesday night there weren't that many people in the pub!

It was a nice suprise to find something this nice in Farnborough.

14 Jun 2007 11:38

The Waunwyllt Inn, Five Roads

We stayed here while racing at Pembury Circuit last weekend having chosen it at random. It turned out to have fantastic local welsh real ales which change on a regular basis as well as two very nice English ones (while we were there, anyway).

The beer is well kept and the landlord and landlady take a real interest in their customers and were extremely friendly as were the locals.

The accommodation is very good and the food excellent (if you are not vegetarian) as they specialise in meat and fish with veggi options somewhat of an afterthought. But I didn't starve . . .

We would thoroughly recommend both the pub and the hotel and for those of you who are interested they also have 5 caravan pitches registered with the caravan club.

Mind the winding road though!!

16 Apr 2007 08:47

The Golden Fleece, Elstead

I love this pub! Been coming here for years for outstanding Thai food and fantastic real ales.
Highly recommend it on both fronts :-)

12 Apr 2007 12:15

Queen Adelaide, Ewell

This pub is currently closed. Bulldozers and no sign of life. . . .

7 Apr 2007 20:31

Ely, Blackwater

Not a bad place if you don't mind having what appears to be an inevitable IPA if you live around Surrey / Hampshire borders.

Saying that, having our drinks left at the other end of the bar while the barmaid served someone else - who was presumably far more important than us put us off.

Food was good, but the music got louder and louder in the restaurant. Probably wouldn't bother again!

23 Feb 2007 11:29

Canterbury's, Blackwater

I think this must have changed slightly since the last review in 2004!

Looks nice from outside and inside has modern decor - that which I could see through the fog of cigarette smoke. No area for no smokers.

I wouldn't even try to eat here since it was impossible to breathe despite there being adverts for food outside.

Nasty. Perhaps worth another go when smoking is banned but definately not before.

23 Feb 2007 11:25

The Elephant and Castle, North Camp

Oh dear. Empty-ish on a Friday night. Grubby and depressing comes to mind.

Nothing much to recommend this place apart from perhaps a nice pint of Red Stripe.

17 Feb 2007 12:24

The North Camp, North Camp

Was pleasantly suprised by the change to this pub since the last time I bravely ventured in!

Nice decor, decent toilets, nice beer. They have revamped this place and still managed to leave some of the victorian features which is really nice.

Can't wait for the no smoking to start :-)

Some of the locals are a bit scary though.. . . . but a nice start to have a decent pub in north camp.

17 Feb 2007 12:22

Tumbledown Dick, Farnborough

Good music venue - lousy lunch! It has been cleaned up a bit and actually has one side of the room (split down the middle!) as no-smoking.

The staff are always friendly and are fascinatingly decorated :-)

22 Jan 2007 15:38

The Pride of the Valley, Churt

TV has now gone!!! Fantastic!

Its back to how it used to be which is a great relief.

Still good and well kept beer although the bar staff didn't seem particularly interested in serving us.

Can't have it all I suppose. . . .

12 Jan 2007 13:52

The Wheatsheaf, Aldershot

Went in here only because a quiz was starting in the next pub down the road . . .

New management and a bit of a refit underway. They had four new pumps installed yesterday, but no real ale yet. Very friendly staff.

Might be worth a look at in a while when its settled down.

12 Jan 2007 13:44

The Red Lion, Bletchingley

What a nice place! Found it by accident after escaping a smoke filled pub and really enjoyed a lovely pint and the ability to breathe clean air at the same time. We liked the lack of smoking areas.

It could be improved by the lighting being a bit more subtle as it was rather bright.

Really good. Menu looked nice as well and the toilets were AMAZING :-)

6 Jan 2007 11:48

Woodies, New Malden

What an unusual place! Fascinating to look around all the memorabilia from sporting days past. . . And 7 real ales although I only tried 2 and they were both excellent :-)

The food is basic but very cheap. The staff were incredibly friendly and were real characters.

Will be returning here for a proper session so I can try all of the beers!

18 Dec 2006 13:04

Queen Adelaide, Ewell

Having read the review by CathyN from 20th Sept we decided to try this pub again since it is the closest one within walking distance.

I would not take my family to this place - full of smoke! Admittedly more people in it this time than before.

The non-smoking area was a complete mess with one small table that we were all supposed to cluster around with lots of chairs on their own. We actually got caught sitting at the edge of the restaurant section to escape the smoke - only to be told it was "totally" closed! When we asked for another table for the non-smoking area since one was missing it was reluctantly provided.

Although they had a nice guest beer I will NOT be going back to this pub and have not revised my original opinion of it.

29 Nov 2006 09:51

The Cricketers Inn, Badshot Lea

Used to be a nice pub! Really smoky and only one real ale - not even any of the local hogsback brewery ones!

Very disappointing.

24 Nov 2006 10:44

The Woodcock, Beacon Hill

I am confused by Mightyhawk - having been in this pub on a Thursday night to find it completely empty!

Despite being almost empty we left stinking of smoke and quite cold.

Nice pint of HSB, but that is all that can be said of the place in my opinion.

17 Nov 2006 13:04

The Falcon, Rotherwick

Really nice pint of Adnams Broadside . . .They are not doing food any more on Sunday evenings after 29th October.

Shame. There is also a quiz on Sunday evenings. Shame!

23 Oct 2006 12:10

The Sandrock, Boundstone

Went here for a meal as it has now been refurbished and it was excellent. Only 6 out of the normal 8 real ales were on, but hey, you can't have everything!

They were all fab and the food was excellent. We really enjoyed both the restaurant, the non-smoking bar and the friendly staff.

We'll be back . . . .its still our favourite!

12 Oct 2006 16:07

The Squirrel, North Camp

Seems that the trainee chef has still not got it right. Don't eat there it is quite awful - cold or over-microwaved food that takes ages to arrive.

What a disappointment as it used to be alright-ish.

Still has a guest beer though and that was nice.

12 Oct 2006 15:59

The Waterwitch, Odiham

Nice pub! Completely non-smoking and a couple of nice real ales.

Perhaps not the most exciting pub in the world, but we will go back there whenever we don't want to smell like ashtrays :-)

Really good.

10 Oct 2006 10:08

The Dog and Pheasant, Brook

Have been back here on a Saturday night to try the food and it was really excellent. I would say that it was well worth the money and within what I would expect to pay for the type of food that was served . . . No sign of "Fish and Chips" or "burger" on the menu however so I am confused as to the comments by "anonymous" from 6th Sept . . . .

And the beer was still as good as last time :-)

4 Oct 2006 13:43

Queen Adelaide, Ewell

This has to be the worst pub I have ever been into.

From the choking smoke due to lack of any ventilation, to the absence of any atmosphere or people! How a pub this large can be almost completely empty on a Saturday night just shows how truely awful it is.

Would have to be truely desperate to go there again, despite my partner living withing a quick stagger of the place.

10 Sep 2006 12:20

The Dog and Pheasant, Brook

Went to this pub during the week and had a very pleasant couple of pints of Bombardier and Adnams. (Ringwoods and Abbott also on offer.)

There is no television, no quiz night and no juke box - fantastic! But did have the loudest cat ever . . .

The food on the menu is expensive, but then again its more like restaurant food than pub grub and its what I would expect for that type of menu. The staff were helpful and friendly when I asked about vegetarian food - and even gave me a menu to take away to show to my partner. I didn't eat there this time, but I will certainly be giving it a try in the future.

8 Sep 2006 09:39

The Crossways Inn, Churt

What a lovely rural pub! Very quiet music, 6 real ales from the barrel as well as 4 real ciders . . .

Its a really good quiet place to meet friends as you can hear yourself speak and the atmosphere is great. I've been there twice now and enjoyed it greatly both times.

Will try the food next time!

28 Aug 2006 07:27

The Bear, Oxshott

Nice atmosphere, and a lot of thought has been put into the decor and layout, but where is the real ale? Two standard Young's beers is not an exciting choice, with one pump empty.

It was also quite smoky which for us is rather offputting.

Not an unpleasant place to meet friends though.

19 Aug 2006 11:24

The Falcon, Rotherwick

This is a really lovely pub / restaurant. We went to eat there on a Friday night and was glad we had booked as they were turning people away.

Although the only real ale was London Pride it is definately worth a visit for the fabulous food, friendly waitresses and excellent atmosphere. . .

14 Aug 2006 13:52

The Star, Malden Rushett

Nice pint of Abbott Ale, but that is just about all I can say about this pub! There was very little atmosphere and the prices of the food on the board seemed excessive - and sadly lacking in anything vegetarian . . . .

14 Aug 2006 13:33

The Pride of the Valley, Churt

I take it all back. There is now a wide screen tv installed which completely ruins the atmosphere with the barmaids playing their favourite music channels.

This may only be for the football world cup that is on at the moment, but if it stays beyojnd that I won't be going back.

21 May 2006 18:22

The Cricketers, Wrecclesham

This is now closed.

3 Apr 2006 15:38

The Pride of the Valley, Churt

A really excellent pub/hotel with some unusual decor in the form of metal sculptures on the theme of dragons.

The food is excellent, the locals friendly and the atmosphere conducive to a quiet few pints with friends. No loud music and a couple of real ales kind of tops this off nicely!

30 Mar 2006 12:30

The Duke of Cambridge, Tilford

This has now changed hands. Still a nice pub with a couple of nicely kept real ales and lovely atmosphere.

The food however has gone up in price and down in quality and quantity. I was fairly shocked when I took a friend there a week ago.

My meal was small, unexciting and expensive!

20 Mar 2006 16:39

The Goose, Aldershot

Went here on Saturday as there is so little choice in Aldershot - and really wished I hadn't!
Full of very young and rowdy drinkers. Non-smoking area was full of people smoking!

I don't think its a place worth going for a second visit. . . .

20 Mar 2006 16:13

The Swan, Ash Vale

I used to really like this pub, but I've had two disappointing meals there recently.
One the cutlery did not turn up until well after our food and the other half the food turned up 20 minutes before the rest of it.
They seem to be too busy for the staff to keep up.
The beer is good though.

7 Mar 2006 16:18

The Sandrock, Boundstone

With brilliant food and lots of well kept real ales its becoming a bit of a regular haunt for us.
There is a regularly changing menu of seriously good home-cooked but still unusual food with at least 2 veggie options.

The very recent ban on pipe smoking is really welcome.

26 Feb 2006 19:40

The Funky End, Aldershot

The food at lunchtime is really good and worth a go although it is not exactly a full menu. Home-cooked and delicious.
Bit too loud for me in the evening though its got a great atmosphere.

14 Jan 2006 18:00

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