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Comments by skippy13

The Bacon Arms, Newbury

if you can look past the decor (which is bad and need of serious re-decorating) the beer and food are very good and the staff very pleasant and friendly.

8 Apr 2013 16:58

The Lock Stock and Barrel, Newbury

a great location when the weather is right however it is faIrly overpriced and very 'manufactured'. if you want to go for overpriced beer in newbury, try the Newbury on Bartholemhew Street. nicer ambience and better food.

25 Mar 2013 15:13

The King Charles Tavern, Newbury

in this pub fairly recently, seems to have been decorated (badly) since i was here last. gone is the cold blue and in with a very dark red, probably supposed to be warming but made the place feel a bit oppressive. staff seemed very interested in their phone rather than customers and the chef/landlord seemed to have lost his ability to smile and be welcoming. decent pint was had though and the majority of the clientele seemed happy and friendly. used to be a really good pub but seems to have lost some of the friendliness that it used to be known for. a shame!

25 Mar 2013 15:10

Snooty Fox, Newbury

not very pleasant place but serves a purpose... that purpose is that it stays open till around 5 and gives people somewhere to go if they want a fight or drink until their liver gives up and goes home on it's own!!

7 Mar 2013 16:51

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