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Bar 170, Old Street

Love this place - rough n ready but perfect antidote to the majority of pretentious Shoreditch watering holes...

Terrific jukebox and pool tables at the back

9 Sep 2005 16:30

Medicine Bar, Shoreditch

Pricey drinks and surly service.

Wall to wall Essex boys and girls last weekend - won't be going back

9 Sep 2005 16:24

The Grapes, Wandsworth

Good, well-run Young's pub. Waggledance and Ramrod were in good form when I last went in

9 Sep 2005 16:19

The Brockley Barge, Brockley

Agree with the other comments...this place is a bit of a dump, dirty tables overflowing with dirty plates/glasses etc. Sometimes takes on the atmosphere of a wild west saloon, especially at the weekend. Otherwise cheap beer, but avoid the food - standard Wetherspoon microwaved fare (had a curry in there the other night and the popadoms were soggy in the middle!

20 Aug 2005 18:53

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