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The Rack and Tenter, Moorgate

Back in the days when I used to enjoy drinking, I'd often use this as a city landing beacon... packed full of essex's finest on a thurs/fri night.... whack in a dancefloor and you could host a Hit Man and Her revival night in here.... probably the first place I ever saw tanderson7 fall asleep in

23 Jun 2006 16:02

The Wilton Arms, Belgravia

a lot of singing in here on saturday night - but pleasant enough nevertheless.

12 Dec 2005 10:56

The Nags Head, Belgravia

a prince amongst paupers this one.... almost unique in it's appeal. was there again this saturday and enjoyed every minute. can't recommend highly enough.... although don't all go at once, it's tiny. kieran lasted 1 hour befoore bolting for the Wilton Arms' fruit machine.

12 Dec 2005 10:55

The Bear and Staff, Leicester Square

any pub with Bear in the name should serve Hofmeister

good boozer, my pick in the area

21 Nov 2005 16:08

The Vale Bar, Dulwich

case of the emperor's new clothes here... the naked truth is that it's got little to offer as a local pub. food sh1te, had a badly underdressed salad after work on thursday.

21 Nov 2005 11:32

The Salusbury, Kilburn

getting served in here is a task akin to herding cats. give it a miss.

17 Nov 2005 14:50

Jack Beards at the Plough, Camberwell

is Jack Beard's the smallest pub chain in the world? there's this, the one up on Crystal Palace Parade, apparently one in Tooting and that's it. i don't imagine they're mentioned too often at Wetherspoons board meetings..... "and after the short presentation on the new soul-evaporation air-conditioning equipment we'll be looking at Jack Beards quartery figures - a cause of great concern gentlemen"

this place is an utter tip btw, yeah it's in a sh1t location but so is Holland and they've done a good job there. utter chaos behind the bar when i went in, the barman appeared to actually be a postman on his lunch break (had the sweater on, no lie) and the barmaid was wearing roller-blading kneepads.

bought luke his birthday pint here - classy place for a classy geezer

16 Nov 2005 14:24

The Belgravia, Belgravia

pretty small but i haven't got a problem with this gaff. in particular i love the juxtaposition of the name (i.e. one of the poshest bits of real estate in london, nay the world) with the location (i.e. bottom of an estate). good that, one st4ep close to a classless society.

haven't been in for while, i'm assuming the jukey went with the refurb

16 Nov 2005 13:41

The Ebury Wine Bar, Belgravia

not remotely a pub

16 Nov 2005 13:38

Rileys IQ, Belgravia

not a pub

16 Nov 2005 13:38

The Duke of York, Victoria

if i were to collapse and die in one of the 'toria pubs i'd probably choose the york... got a bit of everything this one, and can get lively - doormen friday and saturday which takes some doing if you consider victoria is predominantly government and plc company workers

16 Nov 2005 13:25

Britannia, Euston Station

yea not too bad - sit on the terrace and you've got a nice view of the departures board so, if you've stumped up for an open return, you can blow out train after train to manchester. they're on the half hour and virgin ensure it's pot luck as to when you arrive anyway so go on - have that 4th pint

16 Nov 2005 13:13

The Globe, Baker Street

the stellar was flat in here last week. not worth tavelling half way round the world for

15 Nov 2005 10:51

The Bridge Bar, London Bridge Station

i've been in worse. nice barmaids.

15 Nov 2005 10:47

The Admiral Duncan, Soho

Yeah, you boys have got it right -- Cinders was a national treasure; we miss you, darling. Never had a bad time here. Wonderful, delicious nights.

8 Nov 2005 15:52

The Lyric, Soho

nice little boozer this - good fixtures and fittings. got some old american boy half-p1ssed in here once and listened to how much he rates britain, tremendous stuff. yea the landlord does have but the bar staff are nice and make up for it.

ideal place for a few pints while working up the gumption to dissapear into the Windmill "cabaret" club opposite.... or so i imagine

31 Oct 2005 17:36

The Midas Touch, Soho

A gold mine this one

21 Oct 2005 10:55

The George Canning, Denmark Hill

On the bus the other day I overhead the Canning's resident drunk woman sympathising with the vicitms of hurricane Katrina...... "yea i remember when I went to Los Angeles...". Tremendous stuff!

Good little boozer this blighted for a period by London's surliest bar crew but now under new management

17 Oct 2005 15:52

The Grove, Camberwell Grove

The Pizzas are indeed very good but not sure about the punters. Pizzas - yes, Punters - no.

Prefer the smaller side... the main side table layout makes you think you're drinking on a cruise boat. Also there's babyfoot over there - always a no-no.

Apparently it's no good for watching the "footy" - I don't know what this is so cannot comment.

17 Oct 2005 15:47

Funky Munky, Camberwell

Poor Steve Roper (see below) - one can only assume he's moved out of Camberwell. If they ever do up the Hermit's Cave he'll have to! He's stuffed really, every pub in Dulwich has been ponced up by now.... it's Peckham or bust!!

Good little place this IMO

17 Oct 2005 15:41

The Cube, Camberwell

Is this place a front for some Russian gang or something? Never see any activity here.... just wondering

17 Oct 2005 15:37

The Tiger, Denmark Hill

Chr1st I've taken my chances in this one over the years... They haven't even let me on the karaoke yet and I already have visions of being knifed here.

Good laugh though. Of course it can be rough: this is Camberwell not Clerkenwell for gawd's sakes!

17 Oct 2005 15:36

The Hermits Cave, Camberwell

Bigger than it looks from outside. Didn't see any hermits in here.

17 Oct 2005 15:25

The London Stone, Cannon Street

Yeah, drinking in here and not using the bogs is akin to going to Paris and not doing the Eiffel Tower.... gasp in amazemenet as your mates dissapear through the bookcase... shriek in excitement as they return refreshed minutes later.

They also do 1 test tubes - perfect for the depressed man struggling to enjoy a thursday night out.

17 Oct 2005 15:22

The Sun and 13 Cantons, Soho

I had a drink in here once and they were playing The Clash which was nice. Good sheperds pie as well. Just ignore the mullets.

16 Oct 2005 17:52

The Elgin, Maida Vale

used to be really good now a byword in banality, they should just take the next step and turn it into a coffee shop. note of caution - they are really heavy with bog traffic. new owners look like they have just left boarding school.

16 Oct 2005 17:47

De Hems, Soho

pint of Oranje boom boom shake the room and two cheeseboards please. pretty good gaff this, gets too packed though.

16 Oct 2005 16:44

The Stage Door, Victoria

boozing at its best, nice film of piss permanently on bog floor. Marvelous.

16 Oct 2005 16:37

The Leigham Arms, Streatham

This is a quality boozer, its got a real country feel to it and the young lads behind the bar are good geezers.

16 Oct 2005 15:56

The Bedford Park, Streatham

This place is a dump, but I like it. There's always room for tatty flea bitten boozers. Saw a hilarious fight here involving a bunch of blokes all over 50, stools flying cowboy style. As with most pubs in Streatham there is usually some drunken strumpet propping up the bar, singing with ladders in her tights. As I say - I like the place.

16 Oct 2005 15:54

Baroque, Streatham

I loathe this place. Its trying very hard to be cool and is so wide of the mark. Unpleasant cold feeling due to crap wannabe decor, ordered some satay chicken once and it smelt of poo. This is the sort of place that should only be open in Croydon and is a classic example of the permanent malaise that this High Road is in.

16 Oct 2005 15:29

Atlantic 66, Brixton

great place to eat and check out all the georgous Jamaican guys walking up and down

16 Oct 2005 15:05

The Kings Arms, Billingshurst

Normal boozer by day - full of kids at the weekend - Like Arthurs on Happy Days

16 Oct 2005 15:02

The Blue Posts, Fitzrovia

yeah... i gota say... the sam adams stoutvariety in this gaff was somethng else... put me in mind of that moment in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy...when Arthur Dent is forced to realise that......... oh fvck 10seconds worlds gonna go.....emegrendwehoh;alhf

1 Sep 2005 23:22

The East Hill, Wandsworth

See the Alma

23 Aug 2005 10:36

The Alma Tavern, Wandsworth Town

Definitely a pub for lovers of the oval ball this one. "Trousers down man.... you must skull an anal pint!!! RAAAHHHHH!!!!"

23 Aug 2005 10:35

The Six Bells, Billingshurst

yea I remember an idyllic bank holiday sesh in here with ed... had a fight with him on the walk back to the railway

20 Aug 2005 15:01

The Railway Inn, Billingshurst

The guvnor in here was the inspiration for Harry Enfield's dopey pub landlord - no lie. Go in there and enjoy him...."here Stella, have you seen my pills, it's driving me NUTS!!!"

20 Aug 2005 14:59

The Crown And Two Chairmen, Soho

yea not bad but a lot of people sleeping in here.

good service but no matches behind the bar.

18 Apr 2005 09:53

The Bag O' Nails, Victoria

sorry to torpedo your dreams harlequin but that bag o nails was a 60s club in soho. i don't think you'd see mccartney in this gaff... ringo maybe

i've always quite liked the nails, decent place for ale in particular. wish they'd turn back time and get the jukey back...

dunno if they've moved on but when i went there more regularly it was always the pub of choice of the London Bus Company boys and girls which gave it some je ne sais quoi. love boozers that are frequented by a particular strand or worker - bricklayers arms in noho is another one, it's all posties there.

15 Apr 2005 16:52

Molly O'Grady's, Victoria Place

got thrown out of this dump before the wimbledon v chelsea '96 Cup quarter-final. haven't been back since.

shocking stuff about the deaf people don't you think?

15 Apr 2005 16:27

The Shakespeare, Victoria

yea it's all of the below and more - grade 1 listed sh1thole.

go back 10 years and it was alright. they had 2 decent pool tables in there and a jukey with all the right moves. remember usng it as a staging post for the journey to and from stamford bridge and caning preedy at pool.

that was 10 years ago. today it's just w ank.

shakespeare - in terms of 'toria sh1tholes, you are best in breed

15 Apr 2005 15:59

The Page, Pimlico

yea i'm bang into the page at the moment. big screen for the football which is rare in 'toria. half decent atmos in here for the chelsea v bayern game the other night.

think i got barred from here years ago, not sure.

oh yeah the food ain't all it's cracked up to be; why are people still losing their minds about thai pub grub?

15 Apr 2005 15:45

The Vale Bar, Dulwich

stepped through the looking glass and went to the vale on a friday night - totally different place.. some fit birds, good tunes, it was genuinely half-decent. got thrown out.

9 Apr 2005 14:44

Wetherspoons, Victoria Station

Use the toilets here when you're drinking on the concourse at Reef - closer than Reef's own toilets, no pass-code required and you get an escalator up there so easier on the old legs.

9 Apr 2005 14:43

The Iron Duke, Victoria station

Used to know this place as Coopers and had a few in there but that was in pre-Reef days. Now there's simply no point going in here.. do yourself a favour and nip over to the other concourse and join the Reef party

30 Mar 2005 09:41

The Sloe Bar, Victoria Station

Why go in here when the magnificent Reef bar is just 100metres away?

29 Mar 2005 16:50

The Reef Bar, Victoria Station

Simply the best bar in London

29 Mar 2005 16:48

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