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The Three Wishes, North Harrow

a quality pub.
the complaint that it is "a local pub for local people" is bizarre, given that such things are rapidly becoming relics of a bygone age and should in fact be treasured.
renton musta got lost on his way to the trinity again !!!

the clientele, staff and management are extremely friendly and welcoming...
Why, only last week, I went in when I was gay and they all hugged me and showed me where the tolets were...
and the month previous when I decided i was black, they still made me feel at home, gimme rum an' called me gangsta an' ting, ya get me bro.
top place, top people.

16 Nov 2009 14:13

The Railway, Radlett

it was OK, though you could never use the bogs cos' of all the local druggies in there.

11 Sep 2008 14:55

O'Flaherty's, North Harrow

its a big toilet....but certainly more room than there used to be now that no f***er goes in there anymore.

maybe there'll be less flies in your beer though, now that the staff go commando.

10 Sep 2008 18:11

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