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Ink Rooms, Battersea

I think it is a little harsh of "lebigham" to blame all the bad reviews on the locals ... the one thing the microbar did so well was create a local welcoming atmosphere - although the staff at the inkrooms remain mostly friendly the vibe has undoubtely changed - surely this can not be disputed. What was to be a refurb of a local has turned out to be a full revamp/ sell-out and it surely cant be suprising that the local people are worried about how the bar can recoup the money spent on this revamp without having to ram it ful of idiots.

9 Jul 2009 16:48

The Microbar, Battersea

The link to the new Ink Rooms is tenuous to say the least. The microbar was an institution in itself and will be missed. Dont let them fool you that the aim is the same. Just think how much money they need to make in order to pay for the slightly deranged refurb!

8 Jul 2009 15:32

Ink Rooms, Battersea

As a new bar it certainly is a unique new drinking spot - although i agree with the loud music and the need for sanctury in the garden.

However anyone who loved the vibe of the microbar would be very dissapointed. In addition the new management keeps saying that there has been no change in ownership or that it has been bought by a local - neither of which is true. They may have currently maintained some of the old bar staff but i doubt they will last.

8 Jul 2009 15:11

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