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The Sun Inn, Llangollen

The staff were most pleasant and the landlord was there milling about the customers, most jovial. There were six beers on, the four I had were in excellent condition, I stuck on the phoenix white tornado, super! it was vibrant but friendly. I was surprised at the quality of the band. Exclusive, most good quality place I've been to on my visit. Only pies served for hot food. It is an absolute must see for llangollen. Kind of traditional, nice out door space, very well done.

10 Jul 2012 15:36

Corn Mill, Llangollen

Superb setting, very much a food establishment, nice food, we waited a bit and were bombarded with families of screaming kids, but the river drowned out the noise mostly. I wondered would the wheel jam up with a child or two? All in all good place for sitting, though a bit on the expensive side. Couldnt believe flint facers beer on at 3.50? Beer in good form.

10 Jul 2012 15:29

The Bridge End, Ruabon

Good pub in a convenient location off the train, though not deserving of poty imho, i have been to many, far superior pubs in GB. The beer was very nice and I enjoied a pie. The bar fella took lots of time to talk to us about beer, a lot. No music, very much a quiet afternoon place, personally I'd only want to stay for two. Well done for turning this closure into a nice little pub, keep up the good work!

10 Jul 2012 15:19

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